Water well goes bad in Booger County

September 9, 2014

A landowner in Robertson County, which is also known as Booger County, woke up Sunday morning to find the water from his well cloudy. This followed an event on Saturday where one of the many nearby sour gas wells was venting very loudly. One interesting thing is that the sediment in the water does not […]

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Earthquake in Arlington coincides with water main break

September 8, 2014

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, there was a M 2.4 earthquake in Arlington. There was also a water main break and sinkhole. You can see a video of the water main break on Facebook. Looking on the Texas Railroad Commission GIS map, I did not find any injection disposal wells in the immediate […]

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Range Resources hopes to kill free speech in Texas

September 5, 2014

Range Resources’ case against Lipsky is the “poster child for what SLAPP is.” And what did Lipsky do to deserve the wrath of Range? He called the EPA. But, he only called the EPA after the Texas Railroad Commission failed to take action for months (see timeline). After the Texas Railroad Commission declared that Range […]

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Conference speakers to highlight earthquakes and fracking

September 5, 2014

I blogged earlier about the Earth, Wind and Fire Energy Summit coming to Dallas and you can read the entire brochure at that link. One of the featured speakers is Dr. Nicholas van der Elst who will talk about frackquakes. A featured Sunday speaker at the Earth, Wind, & Fire Energy Summit in Dallas Oct.4-5 […]

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Oil and gas at blowout in Tyler, Texas flows into stream

September 3, 2014

This is a huge mess. Workers are wading in almost knee deep gunk that has breached the earthen berms built in an effort to contain it. The gunk is flowing into a stream and will take about a year to clean up. Why do they let the industry frack near streams, creaks, rivers and lakes? […]

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Video: Puppets for the Planet tell story of Frack Free Denton

September 1, 2014

A not so fictional tale of fracking in the neighborhood.

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Earth, Wind and Fire Energy Summit coming to Dallas

August 29, 2014

Register now during early registration to attend this first ever, one of a kind, 2-day educational energy summit. Earth, Wind and Fire Energy Summit

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We were illegally detained by the fracking industry in Smiley

August 28, 2014

Longtime no post. Here are my excuses: busy broken computer But this post should make up for my absence. Today Alan Septoff, Earthworks Communication Director, our driver and I were illegally detained by Mr. John W. Bones, President, Black Marlin Energy Services in Smiley, TX and his wife. We were on a road marked with […]

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Proof fracking has contaminated water with diesel.

August 14, 2014

Let me remind you once again: Please see the pre fracking water test that shows Tim and Christine Ruggiero’s water was clean and safe. Please see the post fracking water test that shows Tim and Christine Ruggiero’s water was contaminated with high levels of MTBE. MTBE is an additive used in diesel fuel.  

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Flash water fire burns four people

August 6, 2014

It was a flash fire of water that came suddenly gushing from a water well and sent four people to the hospital one of whom is a 4-year-old. Flash fire burns four people; methane contamination in water source possible cause Mineral Wells Index, August 5, 2014 By TODD GLASSCOCK The fire’s cause was not known, […]

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Why Denton fracking ban is not a taking and not illegal

August 4, 2014

Despite the really crazy rhetoric coming from industry, based on established Texas law and federal law, the Denton fracking ban is not illegal and is not a taking. Earthworks commissioned a legal opinion from Jordan Yeager the attorney who successfully defended Pennsylvania’s cities’ right to regulate fracking. You can read that legal opinion below. My […]

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