Irving earthquakes originate at fracking site

February 8, 2015

Could these be fracking earthquakes? SMU scientists have released a preliminary report that indicates the recent Irving earthquakes originated near two gas wells. There is an ancient fault in that area that was dormant. Unfortunately for Irving and Dallas, it’s not dormant anymore. Irving only has the two gas wells. They were drilled and fracked […]

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Fracking Air Pollution in Aggie Land

February 6, 2015

College Station and fracking. The January 22nd College Station City Council meeting looked awfully familiar to me. Citizen after citizen spoke during the hearing on the proposed ordinance for drilling. They were well informed. They asked for a more protective setback, air monitoring and many of the same safety measures Denton residents requested for five […]

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Super Bowl Earthquakes in Texas

February 1, 2015

We’ve had three earthquakes in Texas today…so far… There was a M2.6 and M2.8 in the Eagle Ford Shale that followed the M3.0 from yesterday. This evening the Panhandle region, not far from Amarillo, had a M3.1. Hang on neighbors.  

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EPA in Arlington during massive air pollution event in Mansfield, Texas

January 31, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015, the EPA held a hearing in Arlington, Texas, on the proposed ozone standard. Here are my video comments: Wednesday night I heard there was a complaint made to the TCEQ due to a horrible odor in Mansfield’s Woodland Estates neighborhood so I took Earthworks’ FLIR GF 320 camera along with me […]

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Eagle Ford Shale M3.0 earthquake

January 31, 2015

There was a M3.0 earthquake in the Eagle Ford Shale yesterday 14 miles west of Karnes City. This is what the area looks like on Google Maps. Scientists say the geology in the Eagle Ford Shale is complex and seismic activity there is associated with injection and extraction. (See Subsidence) Here is the Event Page […]

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Fracking and Texas earthquakes

January 19, 2015

“The way we describe earthquakes is a bit like an epidemic,” said Ellsworth. “One earthquake has the potential to trigger others.” Source Texas ranked 8th in 2013 in the top ten states for earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or grater. Texas had 16 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater, ranking it eighth for 2013. In 2009, […]

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Updated: FLIR videos show emissions in Flower Mound, Texas

January 16, 2015

Yesterday, Flower Mound residents were reporting burning eyes, headaches, sore throats and bloody noses and, according to hearsay, one medical professional said these recent complaints were in record breaking numbers. So I decided to see what I could see with the FLIR GF 320 camera. It’s no wonder Flower Mound residents are complaining. I started […]

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URGENT: EPA Hearing on New Ozone Standard

January 14, 2015

Sign up! Speak up! Or hold your breath! Our air is too polluted. It is unhealthy for all of us, but especially kids, seniors and people with chronic diseases like asthma. The science clearly shows that the standard must be strengthened to protect Americans’ health, and the Clean Air Act requires the standards be set […]

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Comments to Denton City Council on Gas Well Ordinance

January 13, 2015

The City of Denton is working on updating their drilling ordinance. I’ve sent them comments via email but tonight I made comments at the public meeting. Here’s what I had to say minus the ad lib. Sharon Wilson Allen, TX 75002 Require electric motors on rigs and line compressors to prevent ongoing pollution like this. […]

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Yes, fracking is a dangerous job. Duh.

January 12, 2015

I wish I had time to respond to all the misleading “information” put out by the fracking Joe Camels. But I don’t have that kind of time. I do feel compelled to respond to this question posed on Twitter last week: Is #fracking dangerous? The injury rate for the oil and gas industry is 60% […]

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BREAKING: Texas Railroad Commission to start naming DFW earthquakes

January 7, 2015

The Texas Railroad Commission has just announced they will start naming DFW earthquakes. The Commission will follow the A to Z system used by the National Hurricane Center to name tropical storms. This morning Irving residents experienced Earthquake Anadarko. The tentative list for 2015: Anadarko BP Chesapeake Devon ExxonMobil Frontier Gasprom Halliburton Marathon Occidental Petrochina […]

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