Random thoughts with updates about the Denton fracking ban.

November 5, 2014

The vote to ban fracking in the city limits of Denton was a landslide. Do not forget that the people of Denton have been struggling for five years to achieve some level of “responsible” from the oil and gas industry. This did not happen because of one bad operator. That suggestion is complete and utter […]

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A Medical Perspective on Oil and Gas Development

November 3, 2014

This is a presentation given in Mansfield, TX by Anne C. Epstein MD, FACP Lubbock TX Board of Health. This presentation clearly shows that fracking is a serious threat to health and should never be in neighborhoods. Health Risks of Oil and Gas- Development

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Denton: Fatal vapors sign could come to your backyard soon

November 2, 2014

This is a sign from a frack site 200′ from a family’s backdoor. Thirty-percent of Denton city limits is permitted to allow fracking 200′ or less from homes. Vote FOR the proposition to prohibit hydraulic fracturing in the city limits of Denton.

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Verified: frackers think status quo is “responsible drilling”

October 31, 2014

Yesterday residents in Denton were treated to yet another mailer from the people who support “Responsible Drilling.” This one, from the wife of one of the two board members, was particularly offensive. See larger version HERE The mailer reminded me of a quote I saw yesterday in a video about the BP spill. “Somebody ought […]

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Fracking emissions bad enough to cause death or severe health impacts

October 29, 2014

The fact that breathing hydrocarbons can be lethal should not surprise anyone. Breathing hydrocarbons kills babies and adult oilfield workers. What you may not realize is that these same hydrocarbons are in the air venting from the oil and gas facilities in your backyards. I’ve blogged about Dustin before. When I have time to blog, […]

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My conversation with Randy Sorrells today at the polls in Denton

October 23, 2014

I was doing a little poll watching in Denton this morning. It was a fine, cool morning unlike the previous days where I felt like I was melting. And the “Responsible Drilling” hired guns where not there misleading voters so things were quite pleasant. I saw a man wearing a “Responsible Drilling” t-shirt and recognized […]

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Today was a bad news day for fracking

October 22, 2014

This is a very busy time for me with early voting in Denton. The “Responsible Drilling” hired guns at the polls are misleading voters about how to vote so they must be constantly watched. And today has been a busy day for some rather bad news for fracking. I’m popping in there with some random […]

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If you need help reading your water test results, contact me

October 21, 2014

If you receive results from water testing and you don’t know what it means, I can help with that.

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Study: Higher concentration of gas wells means more hospital visits for residents

October 12, 2014

“Our studies indicate that over time an increasing number of wells is significantly correlated with inpatient rates of hospitalization,” Penning stated. The study has not been released yet but the results were revealed recently to a Senate Policy Committee meeting. Ruth McDermott-Levy, associate professor and director of the Center for Global and Public Health at […]

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Dirty tricks and deceptive polling anger Denton residents

October 11, 2014

The fracking industry is covering Denton in layers of slick, deceptive mailers and now they are doing more manipulative polling calls. All this is only serving to anger Denton residents. From Facebook: Just received a very interesting survey call. The industry folks must be nervous. The caller invoked Putin and Russia, and Al-qaeda and Al […]

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In the beginning: Fracking in Denton

October 9, 2014

In the beginning… Cathy McMullen evacuated Wise County because she was surrounded by fracking. She moved to Denton where she thought it would be safe. Shortly after Cathy, I evacuated Wise County because we were surrounded by fracking. We moved to Denton where we thought we would be safe. I didn’t know Cathy and she […]

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