Must See Videos

PBS interview with Josh Fox.

Barnett Shale: TCEQ Videos Show Fugitive Emissions and TCEQ videos show VOC emissions in Eagle Ford Shale

Dr. Colborn and TCEQ comment on what you see with the TCEQ infrared technology cameras in videos above.

TXsharon’s YouTube Channel – the YouTube videos industry loves to hate.

EARTHWORKSaction YouTube Channel


Fracking our Future: “Fracking Our Future” gives voice to people in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio impacted by rapid expansion of the shale gas industry, highlighting effects on human health and everyday life. Realizing that scientific assessments take years to complete—time insufficient to avoid unfolding environmental disaster, geomicrobiologist Yuri Gorby returns to his childhood home to shine light on those struggling to survive amidst toxic gases and contaminated fluids within one mile of well pads, compressor stations, cryogenic separators, crystalline silica mines and transport stations. “Fracking Our Future” frames the vulnerability of citizens who are being sacrificed for profits by a globally destructive industry, in this eloquent call for action.

ArubaGreed’s YouTube Channel A stunning collection of videos by Tim and Christine Ruggiero, landowners on top of the Barnett Shale.

Tim and Christine on 60 Minutes

Runner Susan can make plastic with her water.

Rancho los Malulos YouTube Channel A remarkable collection of videos by Mrs. Burns who lives in South Texas where ExxonMobil and Cheveron operate on her family ranch. Sadly Mrs. Burns has removed all her videos.

The Intersection Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Climate Change – Ingraffea

Fracking nightmare: ‘Like living in a very heavy industrial zone’

This has nothing to do with drilling but it’s pretty funny.