I was doing a little poll watching in Denton this morning. It was a fine, cool morning unlike the previous days where I felt like I was melting. And the “Responsible Drilling” hired guns where not there misleading voters so things were quite pleasant.

I saw a man wearing a “Responsible Drilling” t-shirt and recognized him immediately from this video in which he goes on and on listing various farm animals but doesn’t seem to know much about fracking other than that he makes money from it. The man was Randy Sorrells a board member for Denton Taxpayers for a Strong Economy, the group opposing the ban in Denton and the group that accuses me of having ties with Russia.

Russian ties

I decided to ask him about that. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Hey, I want to ask you a question. Why do you have on your website that I am affiliated with Russia?

Sorrells: I don’t know.

Me: You don’t know why you accuse me of having ties to Russia? I don’t even know anybody from Russia.

Sorrells: All the studies I’ve read say that fracking is safe and my kids haven’t ever had one nosebleed.

Me: That is not what I’m asking you. I want to know why you say on your website that I am affiliated with Russia.

Sorrells: I don’t know. I didn’t put that up there.

Me: But it’s your website and you are a board member so you are responsible and I want it taken off.

Answer: I’ll look into it.

Like “Responsible Drilling,” saying I have ties to Russia is just something to say. It means nothing and there is nothing behind it. When asked for examples of “Responsible Drilling” the opposition, industry and our law makers do not offer one viable example.

UPDATE: to further illustrate this point.

I asked the nice man handing these pigs out at the polls what “Responsible Drilling” means. He said it means protecting the aquatic live when drilling in the ocean. I asked him what is means in Denton (where there is no ocean). He said he was out of work and this is just a job.



This journalistic service brought to you by me because no “real” journalist–that I know of–has asked this important question.

You are welcome.

It’s irresponsible to lie to the residents of Denton.


This is a very busy time for me with early voting in Denton. The “Responsible Drilling” hired guns at the polls are misleading voters about how to vote so they must be constantly watched. And today has been a busy day for some rather bad news for fracking. I’m popping in there with some random thoughts about today’s news.

First up:

New Report: FRACKING’S TOXIC LOOPHOLE: Thanks to the “Halliburton Loophole,” Hydraulic Fracturing Companies Are Injecting Chemicals More Toxic than Diesel

Using information from FracFocus, the Environmental Integrity Project found that the fracking industry is using chemicals with 10 to 50 times more benzene than diesel. Remember that only 1/4 teaspoon of benzene will contaminate an olympic sized pool of water. One example from Texas:

Between August 22 and 28, 2014, Blackbrush O&G, LLC, injected nearly 150,000 gallons of base fluid containing up to 9% benzene – or 14,300 gallons –into a well in Dimmit County, Texas. That is as much benzene as contained in 14.3 million gallons of diesel fluid with a maximum concentration of 0.1% benzene.

Next, we could have done something earlier but we pretended there was a debate and waited three years:

Energy Department: U.S. must act now on methane emissions

This is the same Energy Department whose leader, Dr. Chu, proclaimed the Howarth/Ingraffea study as not credible. Seems Chu was wrong and Howarth/Ingraffea were right. Too bad we wasted three years and allowed more methane to vent from the wells into the air.


We released some FLIR videos yesterday taken in and around Denton that show the emissions are a chronic problem. Important to note that natural gas is methane. So Denton is doing it’s part to speed up the climate crisis. Think about that then vote FOR the ordinance to prohibit hydraulic fracturing in the city limits of Denton.

Industry likes to claim that FLIR videos only show hot air. Are we supposed to believe that industry, state and federal regulators are spending millions for cameras that show hot air? (rhetorical question) I made a home video that shows no hot air:

Texas received some Doctor’s orders from the top toxicologist in the state:

No running, no gardening and don’t walk your dog because you need to stay inside. No joke, Texas air is that bad.

Texas’ Top Toxicologist: EPA’s New Smog Regulations Unnecessary, Just Stay Indoors

Pièce de résistance

The last bit of news tells us that McCarthyism is alive and well in Denton, Texas. There are two video interviews of councilman Roden who busts some of the misinformation being circulated by all 2 of the “Responsible Drilling” advocates in Denton along with their buddies from industry.

Fracking is scary


If you receive results from water testing and you don’t know what it means, I can help with that.


“Our studies indicate that over time an increasing number of wells is significantly correlated with inpatient rates of hospitalization,” Penning stated.

The study has not been released yet but the results were revealed recently to a Senate Policy Committee meeting.

Ruth McDermott-Levy, associate professor and director of the Center for Global and Public Health at the Villanova University College of Nursing, has been researching health needs in communities in Pennsylvania where fracking is taking place and supports Senate Bill 790.

There is a relationship between certain air pollutants and lung cancer and heart disease, she said. The air pollution doesn’t just come from drilling sites, but from support facilities including compressor stations, dehydration stations and truck transport, she said.

Study: more gas wells in area leads to more hospitalizations link fixed

At a public forum last night, Tom Giovanetti, The not from Denton Master Debater, dissed a recent report from ShaleTest that showed benzene in Denton’s McKenna Park. He claimed that harmful effects of benzene decays in hours and hinted that the benzene could be coming from wood.

Giovanetti ignored some important information. elephantThe ShaleTest report was released with FLIR videos showing emissions of volatile organic compounds coming from the tanks and an explanation that the air sampling was taken as close as possible to the emission plume.

Condensate tanks and produced water tanks all come with a vent. The purpose of the vent is to allow volatile organic compounds to escape into the air. Each pad site is allowed to vent 25 tons of volatile organic compounds per year. But the industry is not required to meter the emissions escaping from the vents so it’s all just guesswork and honor system

The ShaleTest study is not the first time high levels of benzene have been detected in McKenna Park. During fracking and completion of the gas wells across the street benzene was detected on three different occasions.

Benzene was detected on three different days at 4.81 ppbv, 16.2 ppbv, and 55.4 ppbv, all are exceedences of the long-term ESL exposure limit (Center for Disease Control says long-term is one year) and one exceeds the short-term limit (short-term is typically 15 – 30 minutes).  LINK



The fracking industry is covering Denton in layers of slick, deceptive mailers and now they are doing more manipulative polling calls. All this is only serving to anger Denton residents.

shooting-yourself-in-the-footFrom Facebook:

Just received a very interesting survey call. The industry folks must be nervous. The caller invoked Putin and Russia, and Al-qaeda and Al Jazzera in trying to get me to try to change my mind about how I intend to vote on November 4. Misinformation and scare tactics don’t work with this lady, folks. VOTE FOR THE BAN ON THE FOURTH!!!!!!!


She also asked me if I would still vote for the ban if I knew that Obama and the democratic party were giving money to the Denton leaders that supported the ban. As if! Obama is pretty much pro-gas, so far, so that was pretty stupid!

You cannot believe, Dear Readers, the dirty tricks the opposition is pulling out of their sleaze bag. Someday soon, I hope I can share ALL those with you. Until then, carry on. These dirty tricks are a sign of desperation.

UPDATE:  Here is the latest mailer which burns with irony since high levels of benzene were detected in McKenna Park more than once. (Larger version HERE)

OppoMailer OppoMailer

Side 2 (larger version HERE)


 UPDATE 2: Just heard that donations are flowing in at http://frackfreedenton.com/ in response to the latest dirty tricks.


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