Shale Survival

These Shale Survival Tools can come in handy when you live in the Gas Patch.

BEFORE DRILLING STARTS: The one most important piece of advice for anyone who lives near drilling is to get baseline testing (air, water and soil) before drilling starts. Unless you have baseline testing, it is almost impossible to prove your soil, water or air contamination was caused by the drilling. Even if your water tests positive for known drilling chemicals, the operator will say it was contaminated before they drilled. That’s why it is so important to get baseline testing.¬† See ShaleTest for testing resources. Get your own summa canisters from GD Air Testing or one of the recommended labs listed HERE.

Ground Water Baseline Testing

Texas Sample Oil and Gas and Surface Use Agreement 

What to do if you think natural gas operations are making you sick.

Who to call when things go wrong.

How to handle intimidation