3.4 MG earthquake in Irving area of Barnett Shale


For comments on the M3.3 frackquake in Irving 11/22/14 click HERE.

According to the preliminary report, the quake area is marked with a gray circle on the map below.

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Industry will say fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes but that’s bull. See the FAQ section for more information on drilling induced earthquakes and note the Schlumberger study: Seismicity in the Oil Field.

I’m in Port Aransas and will drive home tomorrow through the Eagle Ford Shale Hell on earth.

Update: 2 Quakes tonight. One was 3.4M and one 3.1M

From my FAQ section on Earthquakes.

Does natural gas drilling cause earthquakes?

If you want to read more about drilling, fracking and earthquakes I have lots of posts under the Earthquake category.

You should take pictures of your foundation and walls and document the condition on a regular basis.

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  1. says

    Liveblogging the Saturday Night North TX earthquake:

    Texas Stormchasers Liveblog

    One Account:

    Felt it at MacArthur and 161. Sounded like a big boom and the whole apartment shook. I ran outside and lots of neighbors were running out their front doors. I thought it was an explosion at the airport because of the sound! Freaked me out. We had a small aftershock a few minutes later.

  2. Alberta Neighbor says

    US, Canada, UK, fracking doesn’t seem to discriminate, and to think they’re only just getting started.

    In Canada, British Columbia officials recently reported 272 earthquakes from fracking since 2009. “The report said no quakes were recorded in the area prior to April 2009. It said all of the events began after fracking took place. The quakes happened within five kilometres of fracking operations and within 300 metres of the depth at which the rock was being fractured.” 38 of them registered between 2.2 and 3.8 on the Richter scale. I wonder what that does to well integrity, and an inch of cement?

    In the UK “… In April last year, around Cuadrilla’s main Blackpool site, there was a tremor measuring magnitude 2.3 and in May one measuring magnitude 1.5. These tremors are enough to be felt but do not in themselves cause serious damage.

    The report, titled Preese Hall Shale Gas Fracturing: Review and Recommendations for Induced Seismic Mitigation, concluded that both earthquakes were related to the drilling. The report also revealed another concern – instruments showed the second tremor had caused ‘deformation’ to the structure of the well.

    This is of concern because if the integrity of a well is compromised, it could cause future problems with leakage and contamination, and raises longer term concerns about the design and viability of such wells, according to Mike Hill, an industry expert. He is worried that the monitoring of the cement casings for the fracking wells is inadequate, as officials have been unable to provide detailed information on their monitoring.”

    I haven’t seen any publicly available info on any monitoring of the cement casings for all the BC quakes, if they’re even monitoring. Do you guys get public info on that in the US? Do you think anyone’s even monitoring?



    • says

      People all over the different gas patches mention tremors. Today in the Eagle Ford Shale I spoke with a family who feels their home shake when they are fracking anywhere in the area. Now they have sinkholes forming all over their yard.

  3. says

    We live a couple of hours’ drive away from Cuadrilla’s drilling activities in Lancashire, UK. The April quake that was caused by Cuadrilla’s drilling was felt & heard here, a weird unnatural shudder it was too. Subsequent reports confirmed that the drilling caused it. It’s ludicrous for one country to claim one thing whilst another states the opposite! What an unholy global mess.

  4. Anonymous says

    In Tx homeowner’s insurance doesn’t pay for damages caused by “earth movements”. Tis true!