Experts say vibrations from fracking cause of home damage

Just another crack in the fracking wall…

This is why I tell people to document often the condition of your foundation and walls. The people who keep good documentation win.

Portage County: Drilling blamed for home damage
6:58 PM, Dec 5, 2012
Written by Dick Russ

“We’ve had two contractors, two structural engineers come in, and they both said it is defintely vibration cracks and they ruled out every other source of vibration except for the drilling rig,” Dean told WKYC.

UPDATE: I just wanted to add this part. I’ve heard these words about being stuck so many times.

Beckie Dean says her homeowner’s insurance will not cover repairing the damage to her walls and ceilings. The drilling company has not admitted responsibility and she admits it may be hard to prove.

“We are stuck. We are stuck. We’re absolutely stuck,” she said. “There’s 14 wells going in across the road. It’ll be ten years before they’re done.”

PHOTO from Arlington home.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Oil & Gas companies and insurance companies RULE the state of Tx. They are very much in kohoots together. They do what they want to, when ever they want to do it, and the peasants suffer!

  2. says

    Someone is now working on using smartphones with accelerometers as seismic detectors. They are actually trying to filter out the “human noise” (e.g. vibrations due to walking, sitting, fidgeting), leaving just the “seismic noise.”