Fracked cattle were quarantined, now give birth to dead calves

You might remember the fracked cattle in Pennsylvania that were quarantined because they drank drilling waste. (That would not be the cattle in Louisiana that dropped dead when they drank from a fracking spill.) Well, those other fracked cows, the ones in PA, gave birth to dead calves.

Burning Questions: Quarantined Cows Give Birth to Dead Calves

Dead Calves and Silences: Quarantined Cows Gave Birth to Stillborn Calves

It makes me wonder how many of these contaminated cows slipped through the cracks and made their way onto the dinner table.

This video, the story of Terry Greenwood, which is documented on YouTube has been flagged, so it is now considered an “over 18″ video due to the images of dead calves:

Does anyone remember when all my YouTube videos suddenly disappeared because “someone(s)” had flagged them as inappropriate?

And that’s how the Big Gas Mafia works…

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