Bedroom Plant: My Sansevieria is blooming – part 2


See part 1 here

Here’s what it looks like tonight

It smells devine! It’s similar to jasmine but not so sweet, more earthy. The blooms like to close up during the day.

UPDATE: 7-18-12 I now have two other plants that are blooming.


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  1. Sandy Wertz says

    How often are the snake plant suppose to bloom? My snake plant is over 20 years old and only bloomed for the first time last summer. Please advise

    Thank you,


  2. Janet C says

    I too have one that is blooming. The plant is as tall as I am and so far the flower stalk is getting that tall too. this plant has been in the family for decades- came from my Great great grandmother. My grandmother did not even know it bloomed..I have had it for 5 years and this is our first bloom. the funny thing is- we were weeks away from repotting because it is growing out of the pot–and wham–flowers!