Updated: 3.7 Earthquake in Texas

3.7 Earthquake near Snyder, TX.

20 km (12 miles) N (8 degrees) of Snyder, TX
31 km (19 miles) NNW (338 degrees) of Hermleigh, TX
39 km (24 miles) W (276 degrees) of Rotan, TX
117 km (73 miles) WNW (295 degrees) of Abilene, TX
383 km (238 miles) W (273 degrees) of Dallas, TX

Look at Google Maps and the area looks just like the Barnett Shale area on either side of 287. They are covered up with drilling sites.

There have been about a dozen recent earthquakes in this area and they suspect they are caused by oil and gas drilling activities.

Snyder’s increased earthquake activity may be due to oil drilling

“The presumption is that they are related to either the extraction of oil or pumping fluid into wells for secondary oil recovery,” said Dewey.

According to the U.S.G.S., another reason could be simple geology.

“This current activation could represent some activation of a very old fault, or it represents new fracturing of rock due to the change in the stress,” said Dewey.

But the U.S.G.S. said this marked increase in earthquake activity only began in 2008. Before then, researchers reported no earthquakes near Snyder for the previous 20 years.

Here’s a look at the drilling activity in the area:

UPDATE: 9/12/11 – There was a 4.4 earthquake in Snyder yesterday.

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Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. cathy says

    Hey maybe they can do more gas well drilling around Commanche Peak nuclear plant in Glenrose and we could add radiation poisoning to the list of problems with the Texas environment. An earthquake there would make the Houston Ship Channel look like a cruise in the Carribean.
    David Thanks for the link

  2. Anonymous says

    A radiation disaster is about the ONLY thing Texas does not have in the way of horrendous pollution. Maybe Rick Perry and all his Republican protégées would like to add this to their list of so called freedoms we enjoy. The freedom to be poisoned by nuclear waste together with benzene, carbon disulfide, etc. Etc. Etc…..

  3. Anonymous says

    You know, all you people really get under my skin, you want to drive, you want to fly you want this and you want that blah blah blah, you can't do anything that doesnt have some petroleum product in it, why don't you walk to work or ride a bike, do it with no tires, no lube on the chain, no shoes, no sunblock, nothing, and see how long you last,oh your little computers youre using, yeah they are petroleum based also, its made of plastic and you cant get plastic without a source of oils, dont complain about it and still use any product with patroleum base, I've worked in the oilfield for over 10yrs and not a single one of you know what youre talking about, you just speak to hear your own voice, SHUT UP ALREADY, the first recorded quake in Texas was in 1927, was it cause of a rig drilling for oil, no! Thank you and have a blessed day

    Kiss my ass from West Texas

  4. RUth Cook says

    Another earthquake near Snyder today-and this one worse than the last. Date-Sept 12, 2011.
    Nobody needs to be rude when facing unpleasant facts.

  5. FrackingCrazy says

    We don’t need petroleum products. If you’re green, you’ve learned by now plastics can be made from plant products.

    Who is it that is pushing petroleum products?

    Why, that would be the new communist reicht: koch brothers/tea party/million dollar donor club.

    Remember Tea Party founders are rich, Dick Armey, he makes 600,000/year off of Tea Party/Koch Bros/ political propaganda to make the rich richer…and they want to do away with social security.

    Well folks, if you make 600k a year, you don’t need social security.

    I read a blistex label the other day, 5 recognizable sources of petroleum.
    Most folks lotions,
    most folks cleaning products,
    “paper or plastic”…
    most people choose plastic.

    I drive an SUV that gets horrible gas mileage, I dream of the day I can get my big SUV green… I need an SUV for my adventurous lifestyle, most people drive one…

    It’s awful what’s happening to our Nation…

    There’s no saying that what happened several weeks ago on the east coast isn’t because of what’s happening on the Shale’s across America.

    I had to tell my daughter yesterday, “it’s possible in your lifetime, you will see a shortage in water”.


    more change!

    • says

      I have an adventurous lifestyle and I drive a Honda Fit that gets 38 mpg and that is still not great mileage. The seats configure in all sorts of creative ways to make room to haul things. I guarantee you that you can have an adventurous lifestyle without an SUV!!!