Aruba Petroleum Bankruptcy???

Why do you suppose Halliburton would be doing Google searches for “Aruba Petroleum Bankruptcy?”

I guess they’ve done about all the environmental devastation they can under that company so they’ll just declare bankruptcy, get out of any responsibility, form another company and start over.

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  1. Tim Ruggiero says

    Aruba Petroleum is Gilbow Tanker Services' largest customer. If Aruba goes under, Gilbow could very liekly follow. Gilbow is the company that routinely illegally dumps produced water in ditches and on roadsides, cannot control valves from leaking, forgets to close valves and treats their employees no better than…produced water. If Abooba goes nder, we'll just follow them to the next place they go-which really should be that hard to figure out. When you don't know what you're doing, you have a tendency to stick out from the rest.

  2. Anonymous says

    Aruba isn't going bankrupt. I would like to let you in on the secret but it's more fun when you find out on your own.

  3. Anonymous says

    How cryptic Anonymous. I am anonymous too and WE may be far more ahead of the game than you might think. So, not bankrupt. More fun to let us figure it out.

    Selling before bankruptcy perhaps? Hmm. Shall I guess in random order my favorites are Chesapeake, Conoco, Devin? Or maybe someone outside of the U.S. more accustomed to Aruba’s disregard for human health. Selling before the debt collector’s close in, good idea, but I hope that the “buyer” has done their due diligence in determining the potential risk.

    This information is readily available for anyone remotely looking for it, which they should be in a transaction such as this. Underwriters have a way of finding this information quite easily if they even half-heartedly look for it. Who will be the insurer buying into this transaction? Or will there be no insurance? That would be a mistake on the buyer’s part.

    YOU UNDERWRITERS – BETTER PAY ATTENTION. Whatever Aruba’s name becomes, their legacy will follow them, along with their well established behavior, and along with the risk. Rate your rates accordingly and be ready.

  4. Anonymous, too says

    Over two years later. Still not bankrupt. Still called Aruba. Still in the same place. Still producing energy so you can charge your iFone. You’re so smart.

    • Shale Drillin says

      I wouldn’t want them to go bankrupt, myself. There’s still at least two outstanding lawsuits against them that they have yet to answer for, not including the lawsuit against them by the state.

      You guys and the natural gas is the only answer responses crack me up. Gotta run, heading out to enjoy the ‘spill’ from my solar panel.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment. I guess Aruba is preparing for the upcoming lawsuits. We will see where they are with finances after that.

      You’ve got some nerve, really, considering the amount of damage your company has done. You shouldn’t be bragging here. You should hang your head in shame unless you are some kind of psychopath who enjoys inflicting suffering on others. Is that it? Because I thought you liked children.

      P.S. Gas is not the only way to charge an iPhone. I have contracted for 100% wind generated energy so I don’t contribute to creating sacrifice zones where people suffer from irresponsible corporations like Aruba.