Proof positive that the fracking industry does not know what the frack they are doing


There is a new industry propaganda site on the web and you, Dear Readers, are going to LYAO when you see the colossal screw up these gasbags have made now.

As the story goes: Chad Dean is just a regular guy who lives in Celina, Texas where “men and women of the energy industry are using hydraulic fracturing, a time-tested technology, coupled with horizontal drilling to unlock the energy reserves right here at home.”

I’ve heard that Chad Dean is also on TV talking about fracking in his hometown of Celina, Texas and how he is protecting the air and the environment. I haven’t seen that yet. If you see it, please, PLEASE tape it and give me a copy. That would be like birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day all rolled into one.

Here’s the thing: When I decided to move off the Barnett Shale, I searched for someplace where my son would not be exposed to drilling toxins and where my investment in a home would not be ruined by having a heavy industry next door. That’s hard to find in Texas. Collin County is one of a tiny handful of Texas Counties that does not receive any tax revenue from oil and gas production. (It just so happens there are a lot of gasbags living here.) So I moved to Allen, Texas in Collin County where there is no drilling or fracking. NONE. ZERO.

So, if Chad Dean really lives in Celina, he is my neighbor, and I can guaran-DAMN-tee you that he is not using hydraulic fracturing in Celina, Texas.

I made a screen shot so they can’t cover up their flagrant attempt to deceive us. It will be here forever on my blog and you can send all your friends and neighbors to see.

Click HERE for a really big picture.


How can we trust them to frack around with our air and water if they don’t even know where the frack they are?

The heartfelt video;

This, I think, is the ad for TV.

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Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. Aneymous says

    SOS–If their lips are moving, they are lying. These gas mafia PR dudes are not worth the gas that comes out of their gasholes.

  2. Tim Ruggiero says

    This is ridiculous. If you were asked to watch the video without the audio, you’d never guess what the chief topic was. According to Chief Gasbag Aubrey “I’ve Fracked more wells than anybody’ McClendon, CHK has only drilled 15% of their intended wells on the Barnett. There is shale out here in off the Barnett, but it’s much , much deeper than the Barnett. Drillers like CHK have much more of Ft Worth to screw up long before heading out this way. People like Chad may live out here, but Chad does not actually work in Celina. Kinda hard to work on a drill rig in Celina when there are no drill rigs in Celina.

    • says

      The video is not all that bad. Mostly they are talking about how doing business with the mafia has helped their town grow. The really telling part is that none of the people in the video live in the gas patch!

  3. Tim Ruggiero says

    “Drilling for natural gas in itself doesn’t pose a threat to air and water quality, if it‘s done properly.” Dr. Charles Groat, University of Texas.

    I sure would like to know what this dude’s idea of ‘proper;y’ is, and how much money he’s received from Industry funding his ‘studies’.

      • Anonymous says

        Right on TXsharon. This dude from the UT is a typical industry mouthpiece from a university in the state of Tx. These universities have ENERMOUS interests in O&G and mineral interests. Just look at how much mineral interest these universities have and how they receive payments from royalties donated by former students, etc. A university person in Tx CANNOT speak ill about O&G–if they do, they will be sidetracked soon and eventually derailed!

      • Anonymous says

        I forgot to mention that one of the reasons for university O&G friendlyness in Tx stems from the days of old–when Tx joined the union, Tx retained all it’s public land (along with the minerals) and then these schools were given land (and minerals) to do their chosen chore to educate.

  4. says

    I watched the video looking and looking for signs of fracking. That is one Frack-free community! nary a well. All the benefits with none of the impacts. Yipper – a nice little community to live in. But not an example of how great fracking is – unless he means to point out how great it is IF you live far away from the actual fracking!

  5. Westchester Neighbor says

    Here’s another one…Chad is so happy with all the drilling activity in Celina.

  6. Tad Ghost Hole says

    Was anyone else creeped out by how sanitized that commercial was? They just needed Jeff Bridges voice to convince me to buy a Hyndai… I mean hydro fracking…

  7. Tim Ruggiero says

    On their website, they have a ‘Ask a Question’ button. So I did. “Where exactly are the natural gas wells that Chad works on in Celina, TX? What are names of the leases so that I can look them up on the TRRC website? The TRRC website shows no wells, not so much as a permit anywhere in Celina.”

  8. SidFinster says

    Could the oil and gas people and their PR flacks be a little more obvious?