USGS slow to post most recent Azle earthquake

Yesterday at about 11:00 AM I started receiving reports of several frackquakes in the Azle area. At 1:24 AM today, the USGS finally sent the information out. They say it was a M2.3. This earthquake was revised to a M3.0.

Update: Residents are telling me there were several tremors around 11:00 AM then a big jolt and more tremors and jolts around 5:00 PM.

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What’s taking so long to get this information? The delay is causing fear and paranoia. People believe there is a government conspiracy to cover up the earthquakes and who can blame them after the lack of response from Austin.

What’s taking so long?

That’s why I made calls until I finally found someone who could help me with my request to get the data from the new seismic sensors online. The data is available and updated every two hours HERE.

Azle, TX – M2.3 induced earthquakd

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    So, just looked at the USGS web site. They are looking for donations to host these seismographs? And a story about North TX posted there is to the Oil and Gas Journal?

    Donations needed to host a monitor

    […]Sign Up

    Currently, we are unable to purchase additional instruments, so we don’t anticipate performing many new installations. However, if you’d like to host a seismograph, we will continue collecting names and addresses so that if more become available, we will be able to place them in the most effective locations.

    The NetQuakes seismographs access the internet via a wireless router connected to your existing broadband internet connection. The seismograph transmits data only after earthquakes greater than magnitude 3 and otherwise does not consume significant bandwidth.

    Good Luck to Us. :=(