Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado?

flood in Weld County yesterday Sept 13


Please sign this PETITION to enact an immediate moratorium on fracking in Colorado. 


LOOK —> Please go see this new, post with shocking photos, video and a message for residents in the middle of the fracking flood zone. 

I will update this post as residents send me pictures and video.

We need the national news stations to go cover the environmental disaster that’s happening in Colorado right now.

This picture taken by a resident is from yesterday.

flood in Weld County yesterday Sept 13


From an email.

I see you’ve noticed the underwater wells in Weld County, Colorado. Amazing; we’ve emailed the Denver TV stations, other media, and state and local politicians. We’ve sent pictures that our members have taken. It’s like the media and politicians have been TOLD not to say anything about it. There has been no mention of the gas wells on the Denver newscasts either last night or this evening although all stations have had extensive and extended flood coverage. You can see underwater wells in the background of some of the newscast videos, and yet the reporters say absolutely nothing.

Here’s a picture one of our members took yesterday in Weld County, Colorado. We’ve got tons more on our website. Check it out. The tanks are tipping and, in some cases, have fallen over. They have to be leaking toxins into the flood waters. There have to be hundreds if not thousands of underwater well pads in Weld County as a result of the flooding.

Please publicize this in Texas since our media people and politicians have gone silent!

East Boulder County United

Lafayette, Colorado

Post from yesterday shows leaking tank floating down the river.



UPDATE: The locals are very busy right now taking calls from the media. So far no calls from the local media though. Last I heard it is continuing to rain.

They reported to EPA emergency under report number 1060249.

UPDATE: You can see more photos HERE. Another tank overturned and a fracking chemical warehouse that was flooded. I did not take the photos.

UPDATE: From the Daily Camera:

Regulators say they agree these well sites could pose a contamination risk, and they will get out to assess the damage as soon as it’s feasible.


Lafayette-based anti-fracking activist Cliff Willmeng said he spent two days “zig-zagging” across Weld and Boulder counties documenting flooded drilling sites, mostly along the drainageway of the St. Vrain River. He observed “hundreds” of wells that were inundated. He also saw many condensate tanks that hold waste material from fracking at odd angles or even overturned.

“It’s clear that the density of the oil and gas activity there did not respect where the water would go,” Willmeng said. “What we immediately need to know is what is leaking and we need a full detailed report of what that is. This is washing across agricultural land and into the waterways. Now we have to discuss what type of exposure the human population is going to have to suffer through.”

A spokesman for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said the agency is aware of the potential for contamination from flooded drilling sites, but there simply is no way to get to those sites while flooding is ongoing and while resources are concentrated on saving lives.

Apparently all sides agree that there is a contamination risk. So I hope the industry apologists will, at least, stop using my bandwidth trying to convince us otherwise.

UPDATE REGARDING COMMENTS: From here on out, if your comment doesn’t add something to the conversation, it won’t be posted. There are plenty of comments already saying the same ignorant things so we don’t need any more repeats.

Edit: I couldn’t do it. As far as I know I have allowed all the comments even those calling me names but they are coming in very fast and I do have other things to do. Please keep your comment clean because there are children who read this blog. I don’t think the industry is doing itself any favors here in the comments.

  • We already know that some people love the oil and gas industry, cancer and all, because the jobs pay well and you need to put “food on your families.”
  • We already know that some people see no other way to power their lives than to use oil and gas.
  • We already know that many of you think I am
    • misguided
    • need educating by the oil & gas industry
    • meddling (despite the fact I was asked to post this)
    • don’t know what a question mark means

But here’s the deal, people: I pay for this bandwidth and I spent most of my day yesterday allowing your crazy comments. Enough is enough. I’m not wasting my bandwidth for you to place, essentially the same comments over and over.


UPDATE: From an email:

There are several members of the Vermont Governor’s administration flying to Colorado as we speak to help in the rebuilding of infrasturcture after flooding as we had to do after Irene.  Being a mountainous state as Colorado is and being a victim of severe and isolating flooding as Colorado is, the Colorado Governor requested our help.  If the Colorado people ask for their help in ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, perhaps they might have better luck with people from one of the most ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE STATES in the country.  Hopefully, they will not shy away also from the issue because of money, politics and fear

UPDATE:  An email from Weld County residents:

Hi Sharon,

To circle back, activists here have been contacted by Bloomberg, the Weather Channel, NPR, the BBC and Al Jazeera….so far.  Thanks so much for your help.  The pictures are all over the web and getting picked up by all sorts of media, and we’re being contacted by more and more people.

I think the local CBS affiliate in Denver finally did some filming this morning with one of our members—very late to the party.  Others have totally avoided the issue like they’ve been told not to report on it.  Meanwhile, more and more pictures are coming in of damaged well pads and floating tanks

About Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. Andy Olsen says

    I suggest people get on Facebook and post on the pages for these news sites. Demand that they cover this news. Swarm those pages. It can get results.

  2. Ura Dumbass says

    Give it a rest. Those are water tanks in this pic.

    People are dying – but to you it is more important to push your “agenda”. Thanks for being so caring.

      • Cam O Henry says

        Actually you are a dumbass! This is a NATURAL DISASTER!!! You obviously have NO CLUE as to what else gets carried away in floodwaters.. You want to see a real environmental nightmare caused by a natural disasters affct on industrial plant? Google Fukushima DUMBASS!

        • brendan says

          Well said! Stay out of our business TexasSharon. The more you try to make a big deal out of nothing the more damage you do in blocking real events and dangers.

          • Brice Mossholder says

            Your a dumb ass Brendan, When was the last time you seen a water tank with a NFPA Sticker on the side of it . and its people like yourself that let politicians fuck everyone else. Wake the fuck up douche!!!

          • Claire says

            Thanks for advertising that you know nothing about the threat of fracking by saying “make a big deal out of nothing”. Nothing? People across the country are losing homes, property, running water in their homes, their health. So Sharon is distracting/blockin from real dangers? In California and other states they are already having water wars between frackers and farmers. Poisonous water from fracking is leaking and destroying farms and water suppllies with it’s toxic, carcinogenic chemicals and radiation (documented- do a little research- I promise it won’t hurt). And under eminent domain, they have begun fracking in the middle of huge ag farms in CA. But that’s okay, CA is just considered the nation’s biggest bread basket. You two dumbasses should sit your asses down in a fracking waste pond, breathe deep and bring a straw and sip up that I.Q. raising harmless cocktail. Cheers!

          • Claire says

            DENVER POST – “To have something this inland, this level of flooding in an area with high oil and gas development, it’s new territory,” Fortune said.
            Gary Wockner, executive director of Save Our Colorado, said, “Every flooded well needs to get inspected.”
            “The COGCC needs to pass new regulations for drilling in floodplains to better protect people and the environment,” Wockner said.
            “There are more than 20,000 wells in th e DJ-Basin and surrounding areas and 3,200 permits for open pits in Weld County, according to state data.” –
            Hmmm~~~ seems some people are concerned even if they’re playing it down.

        • Claire says

          Yes it is a natural disaster. And Fukushima is “REAL” because it’s a radiological disaster? So is fracking a radiological disaster happening across the U.S. It’s just slower and more insidious as it gets dumped, or leaks into our water supply. Radiation in addition to 630 toxic chemicals can be spread with flooding from fracking. Fracking is happening in 32+ states and destroying our water when the U.S. is in an unprecedented drought, except maybe during the dust bowl period. TX has about 30 towns about to run out of water from frackikng. One already has. Before you call someone names, know what you’re talking about.

        • Greener says

          Putting a nuclear plant on a tsunami prone coast or a fracking well on a floodplain and having such structures get destroyed and leak massive amounts of toxins into the environment is not a natural disaster. It is an act of negligence. It is akin to balancing a sword above a baby’s crib in an earthquake zone. You cannot blame the earthquake when the sword falls. You blame the nut that put it there.

          And you punish that nut – hard.

          • PoorButterfly says

            Yeah, it’s CRIMINAL negligence at that. But they probably do it on purpose. Aren’t these things deliberately planned out well in advance?

          • Brendan says

            You cannot blame anyone for building a nuclear power plant on a ‘tsunami prone coast’ that’s the stupidest comment ever. How would anyone ever know where a tsunami will directly hit. Your right it is pretty stupid to start drilling wells on a flood plain, but of course they’re going to do it if it means they get money from the ground quicker. That’s business and i hope they pay for it. but it is most certainly not akin to dangling a sword above a crib in an ‘Earthquake zone’ they’re is no gain from that, that is just blatant stupidity. The people who plan these drilling wells know way before hand the problems that can arise and pick the best option between the most money to be made and the least damage that could be caused.

        • sandcanyongal says

          Thanks. The fracking and oil well contamination should be covered too. Good job on coverage.

          Ura Dumbass, you are a dumb ass. Bbbbbbbrendan. Shut up.

          • Norm Wilson says


            Regarding Fukushima and New York City, both were known to have the risk of high water. Meteorologists noted that a storm such as Sandy could happen many years ago. Nothing was done. For 400 years the Japanese have known of the dangers of tsunamis at Fukushima. For centutries, nothing was build near the water. Gradually, false hope overcame all sense and buildings were put closer to the shore. You cannot extend your lack of expertise to others who have done more study and have greater knowledge. Finally, cursing hardly advances anyone’s argument or thinking. Norm

      • Joe says

        Watertank? Then why is there a hazardous chemical sign on the tank? This is clearly visible in the photo. You must work for an oil or gas company.

      • says

        Hey Ura Dumbass,

        You’re the dumbass! Before you post something get your facts straight! TXSharon has the best interest of Colorado citizens at heart here and is reporting on a very troubling issue where it appears that the press has been intimidated into not reporting on what’s really happening in Colorado. This disaster is already worse in magnitude than the BP spill in the gulf because of the contamination of the aquifers supplying drinking water to those affected by the flooding. Not reporting on a major event like this is not only irresponsible on the part of the media but with the energy companies involved as well. The effects of what’s happening in Colorado will most likely last into the next century because of the chemical and oil contamination of the soil. Agriculture will be affected, drinking water, and hazardous chemical exposure to humans and animals will also have very long term negative effects.

        Those “water tanks” must have some really bad tasting water in them to leave oil slicks on the river and flood waters – it’s pretty obvious or are you really the dumbass?

        • I'm here in Colorado says

          Um apparently she does not. All the Denver TV stations have reported the issue for the past 2 Days. She hasn’t acknowledged it.

          • says

            Well, good that they are finally getting on it. Maybe if you go to my most recent post, as it suggests above, you will find some links to media reports.

      • Dmbmtbr says

        Correct. Plus, the ventilation system is not of a water tank. Further, the NFPA label with “red” looks like it has a “4”, which is the most flammable.

      • alan says

        I under stand the process and for your information a gas well doesn’t produce oil a lot if water and a small about of condesante. You dont even know what NFPA is and what sticker means

        • jimingrapevine says

          Obviously either do you: “The National Fire Prevention Association was established in 1896, is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education” -NFPA
          It would be very unusual to find an NFPA compliance sticker on a water tank… Maybe Alex Jones will a conspiracy theory about this that you can post a little later…moron.

          • Jackpine says

            Maybe somebody snuck in there at night after the flood & put the NFPA stickers on the tanks just to make the poor energy companies Look Bad. Somebody call Drudge, notify Alex Jones, get Hannity & Rush on the line!

          • says

            Not sure but I think the condensate tanks that have TRACE oil or gas in the water have to be placard. Again not sure just have been told that by oil field workers. But they could have been wrong or misinformed as so many are about a lot of things.

            But seriously guys and gals it really does no good to use vulgarity or snide/back handed comments to get your point across just gives the other side bullets………Ooops another hot topic sorry wrong forum LOL.

      • says

        Ura Dumbass is a genuine dumbass – don’t listen to that jerk! The person obviously has nothing better to do with their time – perhaps an out of work oil exec.

    • Jay Swaggon says

      People are dying…from the frack fluids polluting the ground water and improperly cased wells leaking gas causing houses to explode.

    • NorthWoodzAngel says

      Water Tanks??? Ura Dumbass is the perfect name for YOU if you think that is a water tank ! You really should try getting some education if you think water leaves the trail behind it that this tanker is leaving! Sorry but anyone with eyes can see that is NOT a water tanker!

      • alan says

        Dumbass I have working in oil field for 33 years and our history of pollution is better then any other industry in this country. When flood happen house old chemicals do more damage to environment then any thing else.

        • alan says

          It funny how you people get despert and call people names and make personal attack ks on people who prove you wrong. I could call you a name and get personal but im not stooping to your nazi tatics

          • Ken says

            Love the quote: ” I could call you a name and get personal but im not stooping to your nazi tatics (sic).

          • Rabbitnexus says

            Starting with an insult you then say you won’t insult and add an insult at the same time as playing the Nazi/Hitler card? You almost have a full hand there, and couldn’t have done much more than call anti-Semitism and perhaps ended with ‘pwned’

          • TD says

            The industry is regulated. You wouldnt believe it if you read posts like yours all day. When you are ready to do some research look up all the regs and regulatory agencies in the industry.

          • Claire says

            And what’s your agenda, “I’m here in Colorado?” Of course she has an agenda! She has a brain. Her agenda is for our country not to run out of water during our 2nd worst historic drought, and not have our soil contaminated for more than decades or our air having plumes of hydorflouric acid and more. Do you understand more than 32 states are fracking and accidents are happening all of the time? Do you have a plan to get the radiation out the water and all of the other toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, or do you have an agenda?

          • TOM says

            Her agenda is to work full time reporting on things trying to demonize the industry as a whole. She twists words and facts to fit this agenda. I would probably do the same thing if I was paid for it. If you see her comments from 2007 you will notice she was not so opposed to exploration or fracking as long as it was in a responsible way. She does not have that same tone now and she sure never talks about companies doing a good job. Some people are too far gone and no matter what fact is put in their face they will try to point to something else. its not even worth arguing

          • says

            I tried so hard, Tom, but unfortunately my direct experience of living with shale extraction has shown me no responsible operators. That is a myth.

          • TOM says

            Let me get this straight, you are saying that there is not a SINGLE responsible operator in the United States. I know for a FACT that you have NOT researched every operator or beter yet “lived” by every operator in the US. You may have “lived” near one or two or a couple BUT that doesnt translate into ALL opeators. Your reporting demonizes ALL operators and since you dont have proper knowledge of ALL operators your reporting is therefore false/skewed and a myth.

            Do some legitimate research of ALL operators, not just the ones you USED to live by, before you demonize them ALL.

            But hey Im sure you wont ever do that because you get PAID full time to hate ALL operators and you wouldnt be able to do that with proper knowledge.

          • ffee122 says


            She knows some people that have been ‘affected’ by a few operators (I put ‘affected’ in quotes because people that get cancer or contract a rash are obviously victims of a toxic industry out of control), so this has to mean that all operators are bad. Don’t you get it? Geez Tom.

          • says

            Really? You are going to come on here using a new identity? Is that sandpaper still working for you? You guys need to learn how the internet works.

          • says

            What about the toxic fumes created by other industries and your daily routine as well as every other person on this planet? Or the environmental impact by the above mentioned?

          • I'm here in Colorado says

            Really Claire? Hydrofluoric acid? Hydrogen and fluoride? It’s already in your water, it keeps your teeth from rotting. Google it. Maybe you meant hydrochloric acid, that stuff we all used in high school chemistry class.

          • says

            They do and state officials monitor there sites often as they did when construction was booming in Colorado. Also I believe from the “plan reviews” I have seen when the Oil companies wanted to drill close to my house they had already received comments from the EPA before they ever set the rig about what they had to do to comply with the “bald faced lie.”

        • Jack says

          Alan your statement is absolutely correct. The history of pollution by the oil field is better than any other other industry. Who could top the BP Deep Water Horizon blow out for pollution? Or the Exxon Valdez? Or the Amaco Cadez? Or the Torrey Canyon? Way to go! Your number one!

        • jimingrapevine says

          Actually your industry is second from the worst! The EPA has reported that the oil and gas sector ranked second in emissions to power plants, releasing 225 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. More than a third of that came from methane, the main constituent of natural gas, and a far more potent global warming gas than carbon dioxide.
          The oil and gas sector was responsible for 40 percent of total U.S. methane emissions.
          Emissions from petroleum and natural gas systems come from a range of activities from drilling oil and gas wells both onshore and offshore, and the processing, transmission, storage and distribution of natural gas.

    • NoOne says

      You’re right, people are dieing. Here is a secret though… you reading? People are always dieing. It’s called the life cycle. people are born, people die. sometimes naturally, other times by natural reactions due to physics and what the human body can’t handle.

      Let me guess, are you one of those people who are “omg, there is a fighting going on in Egypt, we should help!!” Ya well, there will always be fighting. It’s part of humanity. No, the US needs to start ignoring the outside world, and pay attention to what is going on within our own boarders. Fix the problems that are actually there. You know they still haven’t fixed all the areas in Louisiana that they had planned to fix? You know large parts of Boston look like ruins? and there are other huge problems in various cities, not to mention our own government. So yes, if the news could actually point out something that is actually going on in our own country instead of worrying about how the US is going to police the world… that would be great.

      • Ryan says

        and re: egypt, it is our moral obligation as humans to use any authority or power to protect each other and prevent or limit suffering wherever possible. it’s strange that you think urban decay is as relevant as genocide. but that’s nationalism for you.

        • Meagan says

          Ryan, I agree that its our moral obligation to care for one another as humans. But if we can’t even do that within our own borders, how can we be expected to truly help another nation of people? Investing in our own cities will provide jobs, income, and homes for so many American citizens who don’t have these things.

          • Miki says

            I agree. We have to help ourselves first. Let’s be honest, most of the times that the US gets involved elsewhere, there is some selfish gain to be had. Fracking is going to destroy this country, it makes me sick that we aren’t taking a proactive approach towards renewable energy. Its pure greed, arrogance and entitlement that fuels this problem.

        • eadndel says

          Depleted uranium -Countries around the world have called for the ban of depleted uranium, but unfortunately this demand has fallen on deaf ears. When asked in 2003 about Iraq’s complaints about depleted uranium shells, Colonel James Naughton of U.S. Army Material Command stated in a Pentagon briefing that “They want it to go away because we kicked the crap out of the them.”

          Last week, UK foreign secretary William Hague, said that the use of chemical weapons in Syria is “not something that a humane or civilized world can ignore.” Ironically, Western countries such as the USA, UK and their allies have appeared to ignore the use of weapons that are equally vicious.

          When “non-Westerners” make use of weapons of mass destruction, there is outrage and calls for military intervention from “the West,” but when “Westerners” themselves use them ie depleted uranium and whit phosphorus, it is totally permissible, and the world can hardly react.

    • Sarah says

      Uhhhhh….I don’t believe I have ever seen ‘water tanks’ with hazard signs on them. And I sure as hell haven’t ever seen a ‘water barrel’ leaking what is clearly oil or chemical as it floats down a river. Where are you getting your information, DumbAss?

    • eadndel says

      Clearly that is not water – it is a chemical trail – sadly this has made the disaster far worse for every one – contaminated areas will need to be monitored Restrictions must be put in place for those grazing or cropping on those areas found to be contaminated – The Oil companies will need to compensate for the loss of income – Good luck with securing that ! The real caring needs to begin by protecting the public from the contaminants and assisting those in flooded and polluted areas!

      • says

        How do you know its an oil/gas tank from the oil companies in the area. Doesn’t look like any of the other ones I have seen. Could it be a propane tank from a home or a fuel tank from a farmer? Just a thought

  3. alan says

    That thank is empty causing it to float. The rear disaster her is all those chemicals you two face people keep in your house. You want to take good jobs away from good people. D

      • alan says

        You are right my job is more import then your age da it feeds my family and provides us with a comfortable life style. I dont have the luxury of a trustfund from rich parents who made their millions off if the environment

        • JPierre says

          Yes, well that shows very little imagination – create your own job. I concur with the following statement: “Any job beats freeloading off the taxpayers.” A job that is not in the best interests of your country is, in effect, freeloading off the taxpayers. Because they are going to have to pay to fix whatever problems your job causes your country.” Alison Irvin. Your actions and fear at not having the ability to feed your family otherwise is shortsighted. Your kids will be asking what you were when others were fighting to preserve their well- being.

        • NoOne says

          No, your job isn’t more important then clean drinking water. Ask any employer in the world. If it came down to a choice of keeping you hired, but having unclean drinking water, or firing you and having clean drinking water. They wouldn’t even think twice about firing you. Why? because what do you do? What civil job do you do that actually helps more then then a few people at a time. Clean water doesn’t just effect you, but everyone. And how is anyone “taking” good jobs away from good people? When good people are replaced it’s because they either moved on to something else, or someone who was better qualified for the position was hired. And just because the new guy replaced the older, more inexperienced guy doesn’t mean the new guy is a bad person. And if you sit there pissed off because you lost your job to someone who was more qualified, bitching and complaining that someone took a good job (yours) from a good person (you). Hate to break this to ya, but you’re not that good of a person. You are bitter, resentful, jealous, and if given the chance might actually do something for revenge whether it be something small, or something big. To be honest, anyone who works hard to support his family is a good person, and any job that pays the bills is a good job. Maybe not a great, or ideal one, but one that pays the bills is still a good job, and better then nothing.

        • Andrew Jones says

          Your job is parasitic and destructive and if anyone in power knows what’s good for them, it’s a temporary lazy measure to exploit the Earth before we bite the bullet and stop burning old rotting sludge and gas from billions of years ago like ogre cavemen for energy.

          People in your field are willfully ignorant about this because your ability to feed your family depends on it. You almost seem insincere in that you literally said your job was more important than clean water (it’s not) but I believe that you are who you say you are and are just lashing out because you have a “sense of entitlement” to have the sort of job that is a net detriment to society.

          You could get another job if this job didn’t exist, right? You righteous conservative types are all about saying “just get another job if you don’t like their morals / your boss / what it does to your dignity / etc.” Well, just get another job if the world at large finally realizes that you’re “following orders” like a little Nazi who doesn’t realize how much of a historical doofus he’s going to look like, and taking a paycheck for ruining large swaths of the globe for years for future generations. Meanwhile I’m in the healthcare field actually contributing to helping people. Check it out, good field, meaningful work. You’re just in the business of perpetuating the burning old old methane in 2013. How pathetic.

          • dmoore says

            So you are a male nurse like Gaylord Focker???? Do you drive your male nurse self to the hospital. Do your shower with hot water, do you have electricity, do you heat or cool your home? Where do you think that comes from? Wind? Saline solution? Get over yourself

          • says

            Andrew Jones what is your profession? How is it 100% eco friendly? Are they hiring at a rate anyone can live on if so please post an applications or email for resume.

          • says

            Andrew Jones what is your 100% environmentally friendly profession. How does your company function without any of the destructive oil and gas? Also if you do have this great Nazi free oil free company please spread the word and post the hr department email I could send a resume to.

        • says

          No job that is a health hazard to yourself, your fellow human beings or the environment is worth compromising your soul, and your children’s (all children’s) livable future, for.

          • Barry says

            Become an environmental lawyer. They make a lot off blocking newer, safer refineries and such from being built. Check out the last time a new refinery was built in the US.

      • TD says

        The tank with the oil slick is not from an oil and gas well site, becuase the oil and gas tanks in the area are tan in color. The tank in the picture is most likely a farmers tank for gasoline or something similar. But yes before you verify anything just blame it on the oil companies.

    • Eric says

      Oh I just love when people complain of taking good jobs away from those who endanger the lives of all mankind. I’m sure the Brownshirts said the same thing once America came over to stop the German occupations in the 40’s

      How many jobs are worth destroying the lives of others? One? 10? 100? 1000?

      Did you know that there are these things called jobs going up in the sustainable fuel industry? In fact, as of last year, hiring of labor in the Solar industry increased 13% to the tune of 119,016 workers, i.e. job growth which easily outpaced that of the overall U.S. economy.

      It’s time to wake up. Fraking up the world and it’s population because you think it’s the only way to get a job just shows us your ability to sell out and your inability at creative thought. Maybe that’s why no one else wants to give you a job?

    • Linda says

      Oil is also lighter than water as evidenced by the slick…and, if there is some air in the tank, it will float, even higher as it empties. But by all means, your short-term job is more important than water to drink for everyone else…of course you can only live 3 days without water…how long can you live without that job?

    • Scott says

      Just FYI that “oil tank” is probably exactly that, an oil tank. Many people have such oil tanks on their property. It is used for heating their homes. In many areas (like farms) it’s the ONLY form of heat available. They are not commercial tanks they are meant for home owners. My guess is it washed away from someones home in the flood. You all need to stop blaming to fuel your own agenda.

  4. alan says

    If you get your way I will be on unemployment line. I do I fracking fir a living. . Yourbtrath causes more damange to environment. You people don’t want fracking to suceed because it will lower fuel cost for americans. We all don’t live on rich parent trust fund

    • Rita Colvin says

      Excuse me… Get an education, its almost free for mental midgets who won’t learn all sides of the issues!

    • says

      Your rebuttal of rich parent trust funds isn’t addressing any issue other then your own individual greed and jealousy. People are dying from your work, that doesn’t mean your a bad man alan, it means the people you work for are bad men. Also fracking has absolutely nothing to do with oil prices, if ya havent noticed the saudi’s, the russians, damn near everyone with an oil well has more oil, they simply choose to keep the prices high because they know we have no choice but to pay it. Do you like getting rapped alan? Cause it sounds like your a receiver…

    • Steve says

      Your argument is purely about money and protecting yourself. You are no better than the politicians and theives behind the destruction of our country and this world. Please argue your case further. Then YOUR agenda becomes even more clear. Blaming people for having safely stored chemicals under their sinks but the fracking companies who pump millions of gallons of undisclosed fracking chemicals, lubricants, and detergents deep into the ground are free from scrutiny? You got it twisted man. If you made an honest living by means other than robbing the earth of natural resources, you may actually have a perspective worthy of sharing. Instead your blurt out and defend one that intimates a disregard of the human races actual needs. A perspective purely of your own self benefit and your well lived lifestyle. Live it up. Cheers. You make me sick. It was about a media blackout to cover their asses….and this is how you clarify it? At least, unlike your bosses, you made YOUR agenda crystal clear.

    • NoOne says

      Learn to spell… seriously. Only reason I can somewhat understand what you’re trying to say is because I spend allot of time on the net reading posts by people who are to lazy to even make an attempt at correct spelling. Then again, with how you’re spelling. I’m pretty confident in betting that you’re some know it all kid fresh out of highschool who didn’t cover his shit and has to put up with child support, and now when ever anything comes up about economy, or money you default to “Ya, well we aren’t all rich”. ya, no shit… remember the 99% protests? Doubt it, you were probably to busy slacking off and acting like a wanna be thug dipshit in highschool at the time.

      Start acting like an adult and take responsibility for your own short comings. Stop blaming your lack of success on other people.

    • Sarah says

      Actually, alan, the vast majority of us do not live on ‘rich parent trust funds’. I certainly don’t. I work hard every day to pay my bills and provide for my family. I also try to see beyond the immediate needs of my children, and give some thought as to how what I do right now, right here will affect them in the future. Will the children of the future curse our selfishness and shortsightedness if we do what is expedient and easy, and leave them nothing unpoisoned, nothing healthy, and no safe clean water to drink? Think about it before you go flapping your mouth about how your job is so important, more important than clean water for future generations.

      • Annika says

        I already curse the previous generation for their shortsightedness. Because of their inability to live within their means my generation and every generation after me will pay the price, that’s like getting a credit card in your grandchild’s name and then maxing it out!

    • says

      fracking cannot succeed because it is, by definition, a self-destructive action . any single person making a single dollar from the poisoning of our groundwater and soil is as despicable as their bosses who make billions from poisoning the planet . just like a soldier, we each have not only the right, but the responsibility to refuse to do what we’re told when what we’re told to do (or choose to do to ‘make a living’) destroys life
      wiseoldsnail recently posted..$11.6 billion dollarsMy Profile

      • Donna says

        So well said wiseoldsnail..and my thoughts as well. It is and must be about the next 7 generations coming along. alan..’just because it’s your job doesn’t my friend doesn’t make it right’.

    • Angela says

      You actually think these people don’t want fracking because it will lower fuel costs and they have rich parents? Then you sir are a total moron. I don’t want fracking because of the dangers to our planet, like everyone here, and I became disabled and had to stop working and live off the tiniest of disability benefits. Income makes no difference in saving our planet and you should be ashamed of what you do for a living, as someone already mentioned, when your kids grow up and find out you helped the fracking industry destroy The United States, what do you think they will say? Do you think they will be glad you helped in this destruction and could therefore a great car to drive them round in? Or, do you think they would prefer you drive a beat up old car and worked somewhere else for less money? Money will not give your children this planet back.

    • Robert says

      Ok,, we now know you can’t spell and your uneducated… go watch your favorite honey boo boo episode!

  5. Mike says

    Well dang. That’s it. Lets just raze the forests, cut the tops of the Rockies, and drill a fracking pad for every man woman and child. I just couldn’t bare it if Alan had to find a different job, or if we couldn’t ignorantly burn our dead ancestors and atmosphere for cheap energy.

    • Chris says

      Whatever your agenda, you should back it with actual facts, not just made-up scare tactics. The tank is floating, not tipping. And it’s an oil tank, not a gas well. The fracking fluid is only used during the actual drilling of the well. It isn’t stored at the pumping station afterwards.

      Also, the “tank” leaking “oil” is a five gallon drum, at biggest. Look at it. Look at in relation to the leaves on the tree. It’s not even floating. It’s sitting in so little water that it is on the ground. If it were floating, it would be moving right down the “river” more or less right with its slick. Yes, it’s leaking something that is leaving a slick, but there’s no way to know what it is.

      I’m not arguing either way, just pointing this out.

  6. Jo Jo says

    Flood waters take cars, trucks, the contents of garages, sewage treatment plants, gas station tanks ( like the one leaking int he photo) out of the ground. ) ALL flood waters are extremely toxic; but not from fracking wells. Those wells are full of sand and salt water … Only trace amounts of chemicals. Any drilling needs lubricants ( even in your house, your school,) anywhere a drill is used; be it on metal, wood or the earth; there are lubricants used. But in fracking they but make up only a tiny ten thousandths of a percentage of “fracking fluids”( salt water and sand are what is used) That tank is leaking gasoline. But a million homes are leaking raw sewage. A million cars are leaking oils and all kinds of other petro chemicals into the flood waters. fracking is not the problem. The flooding and the release of toxins from vehicles, homes, sewage plants, farms, holding tanks for chemical companies ( like the other tanks in your photos) are the problems.

    • Eric says

      And it only takes the space of a needle’s point for VX to kill someone. What consists of trace amounts? I mean, you are pumping 1-8 million gallons of water through there. What is trace amounts? 40,000 gallons? Yup… that would be trace with that amount of water.

      Let’s see… around half a million wells in the US, up to 8 million gallons of water for each fracking, 18 times to do it per well… That’s up to 360 Billion gallons of Trace amounts you are talking about :)

      But then again what do you expect from an industry who makes sure to line the well to protect the environment…. before blowing it it up to create cracks :) Yeah… they actually went there.

      • says

        heh . that’s similar to how toxic waste drums are or at least were disposed of ::: fill ’em to full, carefully seal the barrels to prevent leakage, carry ’em by boat out to the sea, then dump ’em and shoot holes in ’em to make ’em sink …
        wiseoldsnail recently posted..$11.6 billion dollarsMy Profile

        • Jordan woltz says

          Actually I am a frack supervisor. Wells are drilled 7000ft or more vertically and cased with multiple layers of steel and cement. The deepest water aquifers are only a few hundred feet deep so it is next to impossible for the frack fluids to migrate into water tables. This is the problem people like you who are very out spoken with no education. If you are this concerned about the environment do yourself a favor and educate yourself about the facts before you go spouting your mouth off about something you know nothing about.

          • Tim Ruggiero says

            You must be referring to the type of metal that doesn’t rust, corrode, split or crack and the type of cement that also doesn’t degrade, crack, split or erode. Especially under high heat and pressure and in constantly shifting mantle. I feel so much safer with fracking in flood zones.

          • Geologist says

            Gee Jordan, we all know exactly what is under the earth 100% before we poke a hole through it, and, of course, bentonite or cement or whatever we use to grout up the interstitial space between the casing and the bedrock never has any air space or leaks in it, because building a well thousands and thousands of fee under ground is just a simple fool proof thing to do that NO ONE, least of all, anyone in the oil and gas industry takes shortcuts on.

            I mean, the BP well that blew up, we all know that the circulation of the mud during the standardized check for methanol followed exactly the regulated requirements, and when the experienced crew on deck told management there was a problem with a potential blowout, there was an emergency shutdown that saved lives and prevented it from happening.

            Well, at least in your pro drilling fantasy world all that would be true. So, yeah, quit playing the industry card that you are superior and know more than everyone else. I stood behind a drill rig for ten years and believe me, if it could go wrong it did go wrong.

            AS LONG AS you have bankers calling the shots this sh#t is still going to happen.

    • TJC says

      @Jo Jo Finally someone with a brain speaks up! Everybody else on here are idiots driven by a selfish agenda! Thanks for providing facts Jo Jo!

    • Claire says

      Jo Jo – Another misleading comment– Just sand and salt water and trace amounts of chemicals? Trace amounts of chemicals as you call them, add up to extremely unsafe quantities for humans when illegally dumped, spilled, or when it migrates to a water supply.

      “When millions of gallons of water are being used, however, the amount of chemicals per fracking operation is very large. For example, a four million gallon fracturing operation would use from 80 to 330 tons of chemicals.”

      These chemicals are much more serious than sewage water, or oil that leaks from cars. Click on the article and take a look at these chemicals and add hydrofluoric acid to the list. That one will blind you immediately you if a plume blows your way, or if you inhale it once, it will cause heart failure in minutes… a little different than sewage or oil that has leaked from a car.

      Hazen and Sawyer, December 22, 2009. Impact Assessment of Natural Gas Production in the New York City Water Supply Watershed

  7. Bruce says

    I wish that corporate greed and irresponsible pollution did not hide behind jobs and cheap fuel. Cheap gas is not worth tainted water and secret fracking chemicals. The money spent buying congressional law should have been protecting our water and land.

  8. Kathy Partridge says

    OK, I live in Longmont, and we were the first city in Colorado to ban fracking as you probably know. Look at the flood pictures of our town – there couldn’ve been fracked wells amongst us! Things are bad enough – I am so grateful to the organizers who worked hard to keep these toxins out of our town, and deeply concerned for our Weld County neighbors and all downstream.

    • says

      Yay Longmont! May many follow your example.

      The best thing we can do for the people in Weld County is get media coverage. That will bring more help their way.

  9. Eric says

    I would like to remind everyone, that Natural Gas is about to become a net export, just like it’s petroleum big brother. That means we are gonna export the majority of it! I would like to ask Alan how that helps any else but him and the people that employ them out here at home. The home they are destroying?

  10. says

    @Alan are you kidding me? Your job is more important than our- YOUR environment??? Your children will not be thankful for your “comfortable lifestyle” a decade or less from now when they won’t be able to drink their own tap water or know that the soil is contaminated as well.

  11. Rita Colvin says


    • says

      LOL! But, in reality, it’s very sad that Alan has been so manipulated by his employer. I think everyone should have a good job doing work that doesn’t harm others or the environment.

  12. Dru says

    Alan, I am unclear how shedding light on a flaw in industry safety standards is going to put you out of a job. Don’t you want the companies you work for to do something to make these tanks less vulnerable to future floods. I can appreciate you want to feed your family, but wouldn’t it also be nice for the world to be habitable for you kids and grand kids?

    And as for lowering fuel costs…corporations know we will pay higher prices already, they’re not going back. Raw prices might lower for them, but they will NOT be passing the savings on to the consumer.

  13. Pamm says

    Maybe they aren’t covering it because they have a more immediate concern for the people who have lost everything except the clothes on their backs, or the homes where a wall of water came through taking everything, or the people who are in shelter because there is nowhere else to go.

    • says

      Of course that is the main story but this is part of the story and the coverage I’ve seen is downplaying the risk to human health and safety from the leaking wells.

  14. truth says

    To the supporters of fracking and workers of the industry. If your rationale for supporting this harmful practice is “it’s your job” and “how you put food on the table”, and you have made the decision to ignore the facts – then that’s your own fault. You need to find a new career. You are morally corrupt, and clearly have no care for the environment or your fellow citizens. The oil industry has force fed you propaganda and money – enough money that you are willing to “look the other way”. You’ve been bought, plain and simple. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a fracking pad in Weld County Colorado. There will be a mess to clean up – and it will be brought to light.

  15. Todd says

    Do any of you besides Jo Jo actually know what fracking is?? It doesnt seem like it.
    All hydrualic fracturing occurs thousands of feet below the ground water. But if its all to much for you… winter is coming, please by all means turn off your heater, park your car and get a blanket and a horse….

    • JPierre says

      OK, for some I guess the ‘lights’ are still off and no one is ‘home’ – that’s understandable. You see some people have ‘vision’ and some just don’t. Those who have some degree of vision understand that we cannot just flick the switch off. Those with no ‘vision’ whatsoever always present the argument as you have – going from day to night at the flick of a switch. We must put pressure on the fossil fuel industry and governments to invest more in energy alternatives, and minimize extraction of fuels that most severely impact our environment. It’s those with some element of vision that are challenging the status quo maintained by those with no vision and sustained only by their greed and aspiration to personal profit. And in regard the notion that jobs are sooooo important such as you might say, then here’s a thought from Alison: “Any job beats freeloading off the taxpayers.” A job that is not in the best interests of your country is, in effect, freeloading off the taxpayers. Because they are going to have to pay to fix whatever problems your job causes your country.” Alison Irvin

    • SueTx says

      I just left my job a week ago, at an oil field subsidiary. It was a crisis of conscience every time I went to work because I know first hand how much damage fracking is doing to my beloved Texas.
      There are *many* toxic substances being pumped into the earth, not just ‘sand’! There is H2S being released into the air….a gas so toxic that one whiff of it is deadly. We’re moving out of Texas because pipeline spills are happening almost on a daily basis, 2 in south Austin last week.
      This is a deadly, damaging industry that has seduced the participants with fast cash….and long term consequences.

      • geo says

        I gave up my car in 2000 and switched to an electric bike.
        Being raised in a society of greed for money teaches you to want more. It takes years of research to learn the truth about corporations and how they are destroying our world. It’s only natural that it will also take time to learn to live without oil but believe me when I say, it would be a much better world had our governments never so.d themselves out to big business.

    • TD says

      Finally Todd! Lets go over a few facts real quick:
      Fracing has been taking place since the 1940’s
      Since then over 1 million wells have been fraced
      Fracing taking place roughly 6000 ft away from groundwater
      There has never been a single case where Fracturing fluid has migrated upwards through impermeable rock (thats why the oil and gas is down there) and contaiminated groundwater
      The only possible way for groundwater to be contaminated from oil or gas inside a wellbore is if the wellbore is not constructed properly. It does not matter if the well was fraced or not it is simply wellbore construction. But yes twist the facts however you might like or in whatever way that fits your agenda. As for me I will stick to the cold hard facts. And I dont mean for this to be rude but TXsharon obviously you dont know what fracing is and you dont live with it because your actual knowledge of it is small. I would gladly publicly debate you anytime.

      • says

        FACT: Per Congressional (that means you have to swear to tell the truth) the current form of fracking resulted from a “marriage” of two technologies: horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Here’s the video:

        If your industry has such a great track record, then lets unseal all the non-disclosure agreements and see the documented contamination cases hidden behind those.

        I bought 42 acres in Wise County were (watch the video above) Mitchell Energy, which was purchased by Devon, experimented until they figured out how to frack oil & gas from the shale. This happened all around me and I lived there for 16 years. I have hundreds of photos and videos of what I witnessed.

        You want to publicly debate me but you sure did scream when you accidentally make a comment using your real name. And I kindly obliged and removed the comment.

        • TD says

          Wanting to debate and wanting to keep my name hidden are two different things. I am a kind person as I am sure you are as well, wanting to have a discussion with you doesnt make me hateful. And I do appreciate you showing me respect and doing so. However I dont agree with your “facts”. I see where your coming from with that video. Hydro Fracing has been done since the 1940s on vertical wells. Horizontal drilling has just recently emerged because of technology and commodity prices. Horizontal drilling takes place in shale (very tight) formations that do not flow oil or gas without fracturing. So yes Fracturing horizontal wells is fairly new but whether the well is horizontal or vertical it does not have any different effect on the fracturing process. It is still taking place roughly 6000 ft below groundwater zones. A study was done with very sensitive monitors to see just how far the fractures extended below ground. The majority of the fractures were within 200 ft of the wellbore with the farthest reaching 500 ft but very few (Probably 5 between 400-500). With that being said that was about 5500 ft between the farthest fracture and groundwater. Since Oil or gas cant travel upwards through impermeable rock the only way for it to escape into groundwater is either A. Surface spills or B. Improper wellbore construction. NOT fracing. I am not saying the industry doesnt make mistakes because last time I checked that happens to all industries. I am all for trying to limit spills and produce this resource in the best more environmentally way possible. I think all companies should be held to a higher standard. Not all companies are big and bad just look for the ones (yes they are out there) that go above and beyond regulations and are actively trying to produce the resources in a more environmentally friendly way.

          • TD says

            How does my name or my employer have anything to do with a discussion about facts. I am not a company spokesperson. I am an informed individual and that’s all that matters. Do you want to have an educational informed discussion or would you rather focus on facts totally irrelevant from the issue at hand?

          • says

            You need some investment here. What are you afraid of? You know my name and my employer. Your industry has revealed my children’s names and ages, my address, my salary, my taxes and all manner of personal information about me.

            If you can’t even invest enough to say your name and employer then you are way to big a coward to debate me.

          • Publius Valerius says

            Yes, there were studies done on fracking (See Dr. Anthony Ingraffea’s work- Cornell University). What was found was they really couldn’t predict what the fracks might do. They try to sound map what happened, but don’t always succeed. As far as being, 6000 feet deep, that is a myth. They range from tapping coal mines to starting in any gas rich formation from hundreds of feet to over 10,000 feet.
            “But industry data disproves this dubious claim says Cornell University engineer Anthony Ingraffea, the main source for this series, who has studied the non-linear science of rock fractures for three decades.
            Moreover industry studies clearly show that five to seven per cent of all new oil and gas wells leak. As wells age, the percentage of leakers can increase to a startling 30 or 50 per cent. But the worst leakers remain “deviated” or horizontal wells commonly used for hydraulic fracturing.
            In fact leaking wellbores has been a persistent and chronic problem for decades. Even a 2003 article in Oil Field Review, a publication of Schlumberger, reported that, “Since the earliest gas wells, uncontrolled migration of hydrocarbons to the surface has challenged the oil and gas industry.”
            Then there is the problem of Divide Creek where the seal plug slumped and failed and they fracked anyway. Methane and BETXs bubbled up in the creek and nearby wells, they remediated the seal, and ~1/2 the flow was stopped. Today, 5 years later, there is still gas bubbling up. Their cement slump went into an angular fault and their pipe annulus and the fault was filled with high pressure gas. The bad part, the continuing seep shows the fracking also reached the fault. This is an area where the beds they were fracking actually turn up on end and surface about 5 miles away and a trust block of the formations is a surface mesa part of the area. This is all part of the Laramide Orogeny that uplifted the Rockies from seabed to 14,000 foot mountains.
            As far as those tanks, they hold produced water and condensate from the wells. Contents range from the light hydrocarbons to heavy, propane to gasoline with BETXs, brine water, acid, heavy metals, and radioactive materials along with fracking fluids. They transfer this toxic mess to process out the hydrocarbons, recycle some of the water (still briny for frack reuse, and deep inject a lot of the rest, except for what truckers sometimes dump on the roadways or spill). And, of course, rock above is not always “impermeable”

          • Claire says

            TD – Another thing to be addressed is reinjection of waste water? But that’s not the wellbore. Tell that to people in CO who get sick from it, and have no idea what fracking is or the process or why they are sick. Additionally, how do you know people aren’t sick from the fracking of 60 years ago? Or that it didn’t cause problems such as the collapse of the Baldwin Hills Dam that wiped out about 50 houses? They are just starting to frack in recent years in Baldwin Hills, but since the drilling began to happen there decades ago, people began getting sick, as well as their chidren and animals. What did you say? Not a single instance of groundwater contamination? There are all kinds of contamination. Illegal dumping of waste fluid is one, and it’s happening all over the U.S. on people’s land, and in their water, and they don’t know it. But let’s stick to wellbores and say fracking which is the whole truth but different from wellbores. That’s like saying, the gas tank is the whole car. Very misleading.

          • TD says

            I am not a company spokesperson and therefore cannot speak on behalf of my company or the industry. I am sorry the industry has revealed things about you however not every single person in the industry is bad. You cant place th blame on “the industry” unless you know for a fact that evey company is out to get people and just worried about money not the environment. It would be wise on your part to report on the companies who are really trying to do a better job than others and going above and beyond to better peoples lives in order to show that its possible and push other companies to do the same. You can call me a coward all you want however I think its funny that you are resorting to name calling. I am just trying to have an informed discussion on the subject which Publius Valerius has taken the high road as well and I appreciate that.
            Yes, you are right above fractures being unpredictable. However being unpredictable does not mean the length of the fractures it means where along the, lets say 300 ft on either side of, wellbore. And being 6000 ft is a myth? Logs and tests must be run showing the actual total depth of the well. If there is any company out there fracturing wells that are a couple hundred ft then I would like to know which ones. The Divide Creek sounds like an issue and if a company was negligent like that they should be shut down. I am all for putting the companies that dont care out of business because they give the rest of the companies a bad name. That is the problem many companies do things the right way and the few that do something wrong have the blame put on the whole industry. Produced water is stored in tanks yes. Good companies try to recycle much of the water they produce but cant recycle all of it. The left over is usually injected into approved water injection wells. Companies cant just inject water into any well they would like. These injection wells are such so that water doesnt migrate upwards. And yes your right all formations above the producing formation arent impermeable rock however it is natural for oil and gas to want to move upwards, because of less pressure but it has been kept down thousands of ft for so long because of impermeable rock.
            Yes Claire I did say there hasnt been a single case of groundwater contamination from fracturing fluid migrating upwards thrugh thousands of ft of rock. You might be reffering to surface spills or some othe type of contamination but if the issue is fracing then that is a fact about fracing. No my words are not deceiving. Obviously I cant have a grown up discussion about issues or concerns without being called names or a liar. I have not lied or attempted to deceive anyone on here. I will bow out with one last thing, and you all will probably say something like I took this out of context or paid for it to be said but I can assure you I found these myself with doing just a little bit of nuetral research. I am a good person with concerns too and I dont worship oil and gas, but doing nuetral research really allowed me to get abetter picture of things. That is also why i visited this site, I didnt come here to bad mouth or be one sided I just wanted to learn and share what I know. But I will leave you with this quote from the U.S. Department of Energy and Ground Water Protection Council (2009): “Hydraulic fracturing has been a key technology in making shale gas an affordable addition to the nations energy supply, and the technology has proven to be a safe and effective stimulation technique.” This quote is from President Obama’s top energy and climate advisor Heather Zichal (2012): “We know that natural gas can be safely developed, and to the credit of the industry there are many companies that are leaning into ths challenge and promoting best practices for safer and more efficient production. Thats not always widely noticed or appreciated, but its a fact.” And these groups/people have extensive knowledge, more than you and I, but they must be wrong or paid or mistaken.. yeah thats probably it. Thank you to the commentors that were civil, I enjoy the discussions.

          • Alberta Neighbor says


            “I did say there hasnt been a single case of groundwater contamination from fracturing fluid migrating upwards thrugh thousands of ft of rock. … I have not lied or attempted to deceive anyone on here.”

            It appears your whole purpose is to lie and deceive, and then you follow it up with more lying about not lying and deceiving.


            New York Times: “This is a 1987 report to Congress by the Environmental Protection Agency that deals with waste from the exploration, development and production of oil, natural gas and geothermal energy. It states that hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking, can cause groundwater contamination.

            It cites as an example a case in which hydraulic fracturing fluids contaminated a water well in West Virginia.

            The report also describes the difficulties that sealed court settlements created for investigators.”

            EPA: “During the fracturing process, fractures can be produced, allowing migration of native brine, fracturing fluid, and hydrocarbons from the oil or gas well to a nearby water well.

            When this happens, the water well can be permanently damaged and a new well must be drilled or an alternative source of drinking water found.

            In 1982, Kaiser Gas Co. drilled a gas well on the property of Mr. James Parsons. The well was fractured using a typical fracturing fluid or gel.

            The residual fracturing fluid migrated into Mr. Parson’s water well (which was drilled to a depth of 416 feet).

            according to an analysis by the West Virginia Environmental Health Services Lab of well water samples taken from the property. Dark and light gelatinous material (fracturing fluid) was found, along with white fibers. (The gas well is located less than 1,000 feet from the water well.)

            … When fracturing the Kaiser gas well on Mr. James Parson’s property, fractures were created allowing migration of fracture fluid from the gas well to Mr. Parson’s water well. This fracture fluid, along with natural gas was present in Mr. Parson’s water rendering it unusable.”



            “… in 1982, Kaiser perforated the gas well pipe’s casing, a step which allows natural gas from the target formation to travel into the well bore and allows fracking fluid to travel out into the surrounding rock to create fractures.

            It also says that Kaiser fracked the well on August 31, 1982. It shows the depth at which the company fracked the well, which was 4,216 to 4,364 feet deep. The hydraulic fracturing was conducted a little above the deepest point that the well was drilled to, which was roughly 4,500 feet.

            This shows that the fracking itself took place somewhat less than 4,000 feet below the depth of the water well.

            This is important because some within the industry have argued that it would be impossible for contaminants to travel thousands of feet upwards to the water table. “

      • Claire says

        Actually TD, horizontal fracking has been going on for about 60 years. But the fracking of 60 years ago is quite a different thing from the high volume, high pressure, slickwater fracking of today. That was very deceiving to compare fracking from back then to today’s very dangerous techniques that are unpredictable. What you’re saying about the wellbore is true, but not the entire truth of groundwater contamination. Yes the problem is a lot the drilling of the well, as about 6% of wells fail immediately. Not good. So the drilling of the wells, the casing, and cementing of the wells is a big problem regarding problems with water contamination and methane emissions.
        There is so much going on to limit it to the well. Fluid migration to the water table can occur for different reasons: fault planes, existing fracture systems, abandon, unknown gas and oil wells. There are so many variables.

        The earth is a high pressure system, and when you put oil and gas under that much pressure, it’s coming out and that includes from leaks we’ve created. There are so many cases of this. Do you want to debate exaxtly how the contaminaton occurs or simply acknowledge the truth that there are 1000’s of cases where it has happened?

        The Industry itself has already admitted that currently 40% of all wells are already leaking. And the fact is we know it’s more. The technology creating this 40% hasn’t improved so we can just expect more of the same from more fracked wells, meaning more leaking.

        And this outright deception again, that there has never been a single case where toxic frack fluid has migrated upward through impermeable rock? Your choice of words is once again deceiving.

        I wish you’d stick to the cold, hard facts, instead of what fits your agenda. Fracking is not a one word process in reality for the people in this country or on this planet. Let’s be honest. We can split hairs, but it has a beginning and the end can be 10 or more years later when your new house’s water is contaminated by water that migrated from a well miles away.

        You reek of the Oil industry and it’s regs that don’t work because fracking inherently is UNPREDICTABLE! But just stick with your wellbore story concept separate that from the whole process of inception to end… but there is no end is there– with radioactivity, soil and air contamination. You just keep it about the wellbore. You won’t even put your name on here, yet you say you’d publicly debate with Sharon. The two don’t add up, nor does what you are saying.

    • Tim Ruggiero says

      Oh, the logic of Industry fools; if it weren’t for fracking and that “clean burning natural gas”, we’d all be stuck in the middle 1800’s. clearly, our entire existence revolves around frack gas. There are simply no other jobs, Industry is totally compliant with regulations, there’s not one documented case of ground water contamination and all is perfectly fine in the frack zones. Those who say differently are just jealous of the those who are so blessed to work in such a safe clean environment.

  16. Eric says

    In the end, we are not trying to say that the fracking wells are anymore destructive than all the other crap in this flood’s wake. We are trying to figure out why the frak we are doing it in the first place. Stop making excuses so your corporate overlords can sell this stuff to the world market. You are only making it harder on everyone else who lives here, whom I might add works to support their families as well, that families that you are killing off. You are as selfish as your owners. Grow a pair.

  17. Amanda says

    Why dont all you people actually HELP instead of spending all your time complaining about spills that nobody in this area is even witnessing? People have lost their homes, jobs and lives because of the WATER, so get off your asses, stop complaining, and fracking HELP!

    See that great play on words? Thats how ridiculous this entire article and thread is.

    • Alberta Neighbor says

      “People have lost their homes, jobs and lives because of the WATER, so get off your asses, stop complaining, and fracking HELP!”

      I understand your frustration, and I believe it is echoed by many. Fortunately, natural disasters seem to receive a response from people and governments.

      Unnatural disasters however, are being ignored, “People have lost their homes, jobs and lives because of INDUSTRY CONTAMINATING THEIR WATER, AIR AND SOIL, so get off your asses, stop complaining, and fracking HELP!”

      Please don’t be too hard on people for not scurrying to the rescue, they may be a little tied up right now dealing with their own survival – as governments continue to allow companies to spread the unnatural disaster, from one community to the next.

      “Thats how ridiculous this entire article and thread is.”

      No, it’s just another piece of the big picture.

      • Another Alberta Neighbour says

        Thank you Neighbor,

        Brilliantly said.

        I’ve lost loved ones, career, income, savings and more because of frac’ing and I gave the oil and gas industry 30 years.

        I often wonder when the help will come. How will fix the aquifer that supplies my well and others in my community?

        Will the church bring me water?

        Will anyone bring me water?

        Will my oil patch colleagues?

        Too often, people use what frac’ing did to me and my loved ones for personal gain.

        The betrayals by people I trusted, continue to brutally haunt.

        “fracking HELP!” indeed.

  18. AS says

    Drilling in the floodplain was not the best idea but this kind of crap irritates me. The waste from this is no different than the several waste water treatment plants that have been flooded, the countless homes containing cleaning chemicals and many other hazardous items, the dead animals, the cars, the train that was derailed and I’m sure somewhere there is a landfill or two that were flooded. The point is we are one big hazardous waste pile over here and will be for a while. Crap like this will be focused on to stop drilling and because of it people will loose jobs, families will be adversely effected either by separation because the breadwinner has to go elsewhere for work or worse yet they could loose their home and all of this in an already difficult time for this area.

  19. Lee says

    When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, we will realize that we cannot eat money.

    Money is just paper, it holds no real value. But our beautiful planet does.

    Alan, be a part of the solution. Noone judges you for wanting to take care of your family. But you have to realize that it is your children’s future that is in jeapordy. It is our children’s future that is at risk because of our generation’s lack of forethought.

  20. Anonymous says

    FYI, local news stations have NOT in any way been instructed NOT to cover the fracking angle of the floods. It would be wildly inappropriate to do so while the human disaster is still unfolding, and they have their hands full that.

    Coverage of the toxic pollution of floods comes AFTER the active disaster is over and the human rescue/recovery stage has passed, and the first responders have gone home.

    The floodwaters are laden with toxic pollution from farms, homes, gas stations, chemical depots, even deadly soil bacteria — the fracking is important but only one aspect. Help them understand why this angle of the story is more important than the others or present it as an on-ramp to covering the toxic aftermath and solutions; give them a local credentialed expert who can speak to the issue. Elected officials who have been focusing on fracking in general would also help rise above the din of everything else.

    This deadly, multi-million dollar disaster is a massive story to cover but there will be no increase in their budget to do so. In contacting local news people, who live in these communities and were also directly affected by the floods, you’ll get more traction if you don’t attack or accuse; an adversarial approach will result in pushing them away, much as it would in your job. The vast majority are sincere, hard-working folk operating under multiple constraints and intense pressures trying to do the best job they can.

    • says

      Actually, as we learned from Katrina, the toxic pollution coverage does not always come after the active disaster. At the very least, the public needs to know where the leaking pipelines are and how much they are leaking or the disaster could be magnified.

  21. Timothy West says

    Alan, I would suggest a little more education in the arena of GRAMMAR. Bad grammar does not help with getting your points across, especially when you speak about being knowledgable on certain subjects.

    I am certified in hazardous chemical shipping and receiving so I know what the four colored diamonds are and it is true that there are chemicals being leaked from those tanks that are very well harmful for the people and the environment of those areas. Also, that is not a water tank floating downstream. You can see the voa’s, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

  22. Laughable says

    Everyone that complains here about ruining the environment with these types of things, take a look at yourself…if you are going to complain about this, can you live what you speak and give up driving your cars that use gas, or give up grilling with propane? Or heating your house with natural gas? Or using your clothes dryer that uses natural gas? Or stop building your house because it takes trees to get the wood? Or stop watching your TV’s that take precious metals from the ground? Get my point yet? If you lived without these things your wouldn’t have a “comfortable” lifestyle. That’s why natural disasters are just that, disasters. No one means for these things to happen. If you are going to be so for the environment, give up your belongings that take all of these things and go back to living off the earth.

    • Danny Berry NYC says

      How about living off the sun? Seems to be working in Germany and other places….just a thought.

    • Phil Simpson says

      I love the way you trolls assume many of us have lived our entire adult lives “off the grid”. I generate enough electricity for three homes locally, and enough for 175 more back east, using water power. Don’t grill with propane. Have driven cars that got 40+ mpg for decades, and only when I have to. Don’t have a TV, besides this PC, which isn’t the latest model. Shut up with the you’re as guilty as I am tripe – not all of us are, nor do YOU have to remain so.

      • says

        Phil Simpson that old pc, the 40mpg electric or gas car charcoal for grilling, fiber or wireless unit for internet all have oil products in them them so go easy. Pretty cool you are generating that much power for your wood or concrete house and the neighbors.

    • Annika says

      Actually, I gave up most of those things a long time ago, I don’t drive (I even gave up my driver’s license), I don’t heat my house with natural gas, my house was built generations ago, I wash all of my clothes by hand and hang them on a line to dry, I grow my own vegetables (sustainably and without chemicals). I do own a television and a computer, but over all, i have reduced my footprint to well below the average American, and you know what? I am no less “comfortable” than I was when I was mindlessly exploiting our planet. Sir, your argument is flawed.

    • CO Native says

      Oh I’m so tired of this argument. As if poisonous technology or the dark ages are the only two options. There is a world of technology available and in use elsewhere that is totally shut out of the market by investment banks, corporations and politicians so heavily invested in the status quo… that is literally strangling us and poisoning us. So help yourself to a nice big warm cup of shut the fuck up.

  23. says

    Not diminishing any environmental disaster, but I live in Weld County. All the wells and drilling operations around here were shut down earlier this week, before we started to getting flooding.

    • TOM says

      Carrie Ann Lucas, I love how your comment was overlooked. I am glad to see a resident notice precautions taken in advance to limit any negative environmental effects.
      Im sure there are some negative environmental effects from wells being flooded but then again doesnt a flood ruin almost everything?
      Since nobody else wanted to take notice or say thank you for reporting that I will say it, Thank you.

      … just shows how one sided this page is

      • says

        TOM or TD or Your Real Name,

        You are a coward.
        You come on here and offer to debate me but you refuse to use your real name. Then you try to hide by using another identity.

        • Alberta Neighbor says

          Wow, It’s like whack-a-mole, but he might just be going through a “phase,” an identity crisis, or it could be a hide-and-seek addiction.

          We’ll probably never know, but I think there are blogs for those, or at least an app … either way, I hope he gets the help he needs.

  24. Jane Eagle says

    So much for the illusion of a “free press”. Corporate owned media will not report anything that might endanger profits. Look up “Fukushima”.

  25. Phil Simpson says

    Floods in Colorado – 500 year flooding events – but it’s not due to the 5% more water vapor in the air, that is there due to the burning of a trillion barrels of oil to have “a comfortable lifestyle” compared to the 90% of people on Earth who – don’t burn as much oil? This comment stream is flooded with foolishness.

    • says

      Phil Simpson born and raised in Weld County we have had floods before and still will. Of course I don’t think they have been 500 year floods which could be wrong. From what I understand and saw with my own eyes floods started in counties upwind 90% of the year. These areas have a fracking ban. Estes Park to my knowledge has no fracking anywhere close to it. I think you have to go to Rifle or Gunnison or down the mountain to see any fracking or wells of any kind. We are downstream of these areas. We also have been so lucky to be in a drought the last few years while oil and gas have had this boom so I think the additional water vapor isn’t really the culprit most areas of weld seen on average 6″ of rain. So your saying the other 90% of the earth never have floods or tsunamis?

  26. Daniel Williams says

    you people are f****** retarded this is a flood s*** happens unless you’re here in Colorado and you can see what’s happening you should probably keep your f****** mouth shut cause you don’t know anything

  27. Jennifer says

    They’re busy evacuating people right now. It’s raining so hard on the front range that emergency services can’t get to people who have to be airlifted out. I have friends there who are stuck in their homes and are sheltering people who have lost everything. They can’t do anything about the tanks when there is no access to them because the roads are gone. The highways up there have been washed away along with everything else.

  28. Alexander Addams says

    The guy who keeps misspelling and typing about loosing job makes me laugh, then wonder. Is it this sheer lack of education that keeps causing issues like this in the first place. Do we literally have baffoons and morons in charge of dangerous chemicals. Is this why the sink catches fire? Are we actually fighting an uphill battle against people so un-educated that our words go unheeded because they are literally not understood? Could we have already lost a battle against the stupid, because, hey, they are in charge of things like this? Well, I for one will just stop talking to them completely, (the old adage about barking at a barking dog). Don’t like what your seeing? Don’t like that this is happening? Do something, I would love to see posts from those who have installed solar/wind collection and have their own water collection and greenhouses first, not from those who are living off of this as a byproduct. I would almost have to say that only those who are responsible enough to Now be doing something to individually change their lives and the course of the planet are allowed to speak. If you don’t like this, stop bitching and start your own personal revolution. Written via Linux FOSS software on envior-friendly machine using solar electricity (in the heart of New Orleans). Be the change.


    • Jason Shepard says

      Interesting, Alexander, how you go about criticizing someone for their lack of proper spelling and grammar and then make a multitude of errors yourself. Perhaps you are correct and it is the educational system that failed us – failed YOU.

      loosing = losing
      baffoons = buffoons
      Now = now
      envior-friendly = environmentally-friendly (or enviro-friendly for short)
      Well, I for one will just… = Well, I, for one, will just…

      There, I corrected all those glaring errors for you. I may well have even missed a couple. Don’t quit your day job as you may never find another one.

  29. Yushud Givaschitt says

    How many Gas stations have flooded with water displacing the fuel in the tanks…..? Are any of you concerned about that? Instead, push your agenda….and ignore the seriousness of the situation….6 Dead and over 700 unaccounted for….Yeah…you people really Care….

    • says

      That’s a logical fallacy.

      And a false premise. Just because this blog post is about the underwater, leaking fracking operations and pipelines doesn’t mean we don’t care about the gas stations and people in harms way. If we learn there is a substantial amount of hydrocarbons leaking and if those hydrocarbons catch fire, the situation could become much worse.

      Nice try, though. Please play again.

      • phil says

        Ohhhhh I see Sharon so if they catch fire then you will adjust your priorities. Gotcha. What about the amount of toxic cow crap in the water right now? Do you have any ideas how many cows are in longmont and the entire north denver area? Do you have any idea how toxic that can be also? The point everyone against you is trying to make is that there are hundreds of dangerous contaminates going into our water right now and fracking is a minimal concern frankly. What about machine shops that have been flooded. Many of them use horrific chemicals for stripping metal and cleaning parts. Even the coolants are emulsified-oil based and will dissolve in water. Wanna guess how bad that is? Or how about painters, or autobody shops. Couple hundred gallons of paint thinner might be a bad thing. We have alot and I mean ALOT to deal with so no, nobody is going to make this a number one priority because frankly there is no reason that it should have priority over any other spills right now other than this is your baby and you want to push the story. Environmental concern my ass, get your name out there bitch.

        • says

          Ohhhhh, I see, Phil. So we should worry about all that other toxic material that is going into the water but STFU about the fracking and hydrocarbon chemicals. I guess those chemicals from the machine shop that flooded are way more important than the chemicals from the warehouse full of fracking chemicals shown in the photos at the link above.

          You might want to use this as a reference before making any more comments.

        • Alberta Neighbor says

          “Environmental concern my ass, get your name out there bitch.”

          phil, do up your shirt before your heart falls out.

  30. Natasha says

    Is there any way we might be able to organize some sort of water sampling near the site? I go to school at CU and know a few people in the chemistry department… if there’s a way to get us samples perhaps I can find someone who would be interested in running an MMR to see if there is indeed any contamination, and if there is, what it is. That would catch peoples attention.

    • OhSusannah says

      Let’s see water sampling near the site after thousands of gallons ran past…. hardly scientific. You are seeing empty tanks…..but dont let the facts confuse things.

  31. Michelle says

    Put your mind at ease. There are safety systems and shut-off valves installed as part of the automation of these wells. Automatic shut downs, plus they are all controlled of site by an HMI.

  32. Barbara Chan says

    Don’t the Rothschilds own Reuters, the news agency? They are the ones deciding who gets to know what.

  33. Chris says

    Whatever your agenda, you should back it with actual facts, not just made-up scare tactics. The tank is floating, not tipping. And it’s an oil tank, not a gas well. The fracking fluid is only used during the actual drilling of the well. It isn’t stored at the pumping station afterwards.

    Also, the “tank” leaking “oil” is a five gallon drum, at biggest. Look at it. Look at in relation to the leaves on the tree. It’s not even floating. It’s sitting in so little water that it is on the ground. If it were floating, it would be moving right down the “river” more or less right with its slick. Yes, it’s leaking something that is leaving a slick, but there’s no way to know what it is.

    I’m not arguing either way, just pointing this out.

    (I added this comment earlier, but for some reason, it showed up as a reply, not a post. Anyway…)

    • says

      My agenda, Chris, is to find out the facts by getting the media involved. Residents of Weld County who report that the wells, tanks and pipelies are leaking asked me for help.

      I’ve never seen a five gallon drum with a vent pipe on it.

      • Chris says

        The “tank” in the lower picture? You see a “vent pipe” on that? Seriously?

        The problem is that “find[ing] out the facts by getting the media involved” is scarcely a solid methodology. The media cares little for facts, only stories. The media is not about bringing news to an audience, it’s about bringing an audience to its advertisers. Getting the media involved only stirs up hype and sensationalism. Then the pitchfork-wielding masses get their dander up and demand more sensationalism.

        You really see a “vent pipe” on that “tank?” In the lower picture, I mean.

        • says

          Yes, there appears to be a vent pipe. The original is posted on FB. If you save it to your hard drive you can zoom in and see for yourself.

          Regarding the media: whatever. Some media does an excellent job. But, I’m not going to waste any time arguing with you about any of it.

          • Chris says

            I agree with you that some media does an excellent job, but I bet we would disagree about which ones. (That’s not as casual a statement as it at first seems.)

            Anyway, I’ll look into the picture and leave you to your thing. I don’t wish you luck in these endeavors, though, sorry. I hope the rest of your life is fine and you enjoy good health.

          • Jason Shepard says

            Well, you just lost any support you would have gotten from me and, I’m quite sure, many others via this comment and others you have left. Someone questions your true concern and rather than logically reply and rebutt that concern, you answer with “whatever.” That’s extremely poor support for your side of the issue and you may a mockery of what we try to do to protect the environment.

            Mass media plays a lesser and lesser role each day as blogs, forums, and online organizations take over the news delivery. These venues allow for more accurate, knowledgeable reporting than mass media was ever able to produce as long as they are using reliable, factual sources to support their statements. Involving mass media, as Chris so eloquently put it, serves nothing more than to raise the ire of people without presenting any kind of scientific, indisputable, reliable evidentiary support.

            Your refusal to “waste time” arguing with any of your critics utilizing solid evidence to support your point of view shows the fact that those who asked you for help asked the wrong person. If you aren’t willing to take the heat and respectfully correct inaccurate postings, then don’t start the fire.

  34. says

    The problem with the pictures on the FB page is that they have geographic coordinates or something that locates them with any more specificity than “somewhere east of Boulder” attached to them. No one can take a picture and ask any governmental agency which permitted the tanks to be built what they were filled with or what they were used for. It would make these pictures useful for what I see as implied lawsuits and testimony before legislative bodies.

  35. Isis says

    Wow..Ok first off I’m sure us here in colorado know what is happening in our state. There is always some source to help those who do not always watch TV learn about what is going on. Not to mention the internet alone is a Media source. I understand its not TV but guess what by posting this article online you’ve reached the Media. So there isn’t a media black out its just not the attention you were wanting.

    Secondly, the comment drama. Really I know I’m not that old but I left high school in 2009 and it seems every issue comes with people in the comments being either self centered or simply seeking a fight to be the victor. If you really want to help then why not leave your computer and go out side and help with what you can. I just got home and sat down seeing a friend shared this on face book and thought to look at it.

    Yes its damn cold out there and very wet. But arguments back and forth over what is doing what is not helping any one out in the water. So please lets leave high school for a moment and lets go out side and find some one we can help even if all we do is take them inside to get dry and have a warm meal.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand my points and don’t try to make it all about you, or your belief of people ignoring others or worst about politics. This comment is simply about telling the options are either drama or action and that it is up to you on which you want to do.

    Have a warm night and may the sun shine tomorrow for all of us here in Colorado an every were else.

    • says

      Look Isis, I don’t know to whom you are referring when you say “you.”

      First, apparently, from the comments here, on Daily Kos and Facebook, there are quite a few people in Colorado who do not know anything about this so…
      Second, notice the question mark at the end of my title. When I posted this blog and the one of Daily Kos and on Facebook and Twitter, there was only one news article that mentioned the leaking oil and gas infrastructure and it was downplayed.
      Third, I posted this because I was asked by residents of Colorado.

      So, let’s not make it all about “you” and please stay warm and safe.

    • ray kingsmill says

      thats the best answer i have ever heard. great thought process and wish you all the best in your endeavors

    • ray kingsmill says

      my other post might have answered the person after your reply so ill say it again to reply yo your thoughts. it was awesome i lke your thinking and all the best in your hardships

  36. Connie Brown says

    Good God, send the pics, emails & info pertaining to this to the govt, something on a higher level in the country…this is some serious stuff that’s happening & I can’t believe that it’s being ignored there.,..seriously, wtf!

  37. RobN says

    And this is any different than the thousands and thousands of gallons of gasoline, diesel, ag pesticides, household chemicals, sewage, etc that are ALL mixing into the flood waters??

  38. Iann says

    I’m pretty sure finding the 1,253 people that are unaccounted for and rescuing those that are stranded up the mountains is the biggest priority. Of course there’s environmental damage. Look around!!! There’s nothing that can be done about it right now. Don’t go near flood waters, they are nasty places! Stay focused on what is important! Lives are important right now and people are fighting for them. There is no conspiracy, there is chaos and lives being lost. This is why they say to stay out of flood waters, they are very dangerous for many reasons. Did you write articles like then when New Orleans flooded? Stop with the conspiracy crap.

    • Jason Shepard says

      Even as an environmental activist, I tend to agree with you here, Iann. Forcing this issue down the collective throats of victims and their families in a dire state of emergency and attempting to detract from the lifesaving and devastation is in poor form. The environmentalism aspect of this can wait until after the first responders have finished their job and we start to make the shift towards clean-up. Approaching this issue right now is not going to make a difference – the damage is already done and cannot be contained when access is unavailable. During clean-up, we can examine, in detail, what the damage is and demand that those responsible are held accountable. Thank you for being a voice of reason and I hope most of my comrades in the environmentalist movement see the intelligence behind your point of view…

      • Alberta Neighbor says

        “Forcing this issue down the collective throats of victims and their families in a dire state of emergency and attempting to detract from the lifesaving and devastation is in poor form.”

        No one is “forcing this issue” on victims and their families or anyone else for that matter. And if EMS teams are busy scouring this blog rather than rescuing people, you’d best take it up with them.

        “Approaching this issue right now is not going to make a difference”

        Why do you assume you are the only one looking? I think it’s safe to say the world is paying very close attention to this one, and it may make a huge difference – especially to countries, states, provinces, counties, cities, towns, etc. who are attempting to or have succeeded in keeping the mass frac invasion at bay. They have the luxury of watching governments, regulators and industry, screw it up royally everywhere else – to the everlasting detriment of the citizens.

        “During clean-up, we can examine, in detail, what the damage is and demand that those responsible are held accountable.”

        Good luck with that, but will definitely be a real eye-opener for the rest of the world.

  39. jeremy says

    As usual you far left’s and righter’s are way, way out of line. People are hurting and your trying to get your stupid ass political point through, idiots.

    Fracking is what keeps your house warm, if you don’t like it then burn wood and stop F’N complaining.

    Solar doesn’t cut it, I would know I’m a solar thermal installer. Especially when its raining or cloudy.

    That is not a hydraulic fracking fluid tanks but an oil tank. Goes in cars, you all drive them.

    The other small tank is on a farm, most likely diesel for a tractor that gets your food on the table.

    What happened to some of you? Get a F’N Clue.

  40. Iann says

    Stop the blame game with the media! Write articles yourself! Do your own research! Don’t rely on the stupid media for information and them blame them! The blame stuff has to stop. If there is something you want done do it yourself! There is horrible shit going on here, up to and including shit flowing down stream that shouldn’t be! Colorado has been mined for many years and there are mine tailings washing into the water. Concerned about that? Typical armchair journalism.

  41. Rebecca says

    I just wanted to share some information I thought you might find helpful from someone who is employed in the oil and gas industry:

    1. Fracking is what happens shortly after drilling a well, before it has started producing. These wells are clearly producing properties and have nothing to do with fracking.

    2. There is a sheen from the oil tank in the water, which does indicate leaking. However, this is similar to what any vehicles submerged in water are also doing. So it is definitely not “just” an oil and gas issue. Also, a sheen is not indicative of how much oil has leaked… fill your sink with water put a single drop of vegetable oil in it and see how big a sheen one drop of oil makes.

    3. Most prudent oil and gas operators will have “shut in” there wells and hauled as much oil off location as they possibly could drain from the tanks to help minimize pollution. Shutting in a well is the equivalent of laying a coke bottle with a tightened lid on it’s side – nothing is going to get out.

    It’s important to stay educated and realize contamination comes from vehicles and other sources as well. Hopefully you find this information informative and helpful. As someone who works in the industry, I can assure you we do not want to see contamination any more than you do. Thank you.

    • Alberta Neighbor says

      “Drought tends to harden the soil, … When rains do come, less of the water can absorb into the ground, so it quickly runs off the land.

      Similarly, fires can lead to worse flooding, because they remove vegetation that can slow down and trap rainfall,”


      “As someone who works in the industry, I can assure you we do not want to see contamination any more than you do.”

      Well I should hope not.

      “It’s important to stay educated”

      Yes I agree, perhaps you could share with us what your industry (with the cooperation of governments, I would imagine) are doing about the planned construction of millions of well pads and roads that “harden the soil,” “remove vegetation” and “lead to worse flooding,” which of course would probably lead to more contamination.

      Any cumulative impact and mitigation reports you might direct us to?

    • CO Native says

      Why stop at 3?? While you’re at it, maybe in numbers 4, 5, 6, etc… of your educational post you can inform us of the toxic chemicals specifically that are floating in the rivers at this point. That would be real helpful. Thanks.

  42. jeremy says

    Nice response Rebecca, well said.

    I would be more worried about the human wast factor in the water than anything. But that’s kinda like calling your shit don’t stink, and…..

    Fingers crossed for those who are missing. I’m sure they could care less about this right now.

  43. Shannon says

    Here’s the Camera’s story on flooded fracking sites:

    Suggesting that there’s a “media blackout” is insulting and a little stupid. It’s a freaking disaster zone here, the reporters and editors are working around the clock and, OK, their first story wasn’t about the wells; it was about the people who have died, those who are still in the danger area, some who had been rescued and what areas are still bad. Oh, and about the weather. All very freaking important stuff.

    And now, on the third day of the disaster, when major stuff is still happening, they did a fracking story, too. I think that’s pretty damn good. People need to get over their preconceived ideals about “corporate media.” Newspapers and TV news are way different. If you understood now real journalism works, you’d be impressed at the timely coverage.

  44. says

    Hi Sharon,

    Facebook friends shared your story, and I thought I’d post it in a diary on, which is widely read here. I gave full credit to you, and hope that it is OK. Here’s a link to the story.
    It’s a free site, and all writers volunteer, although I think that the owner of pols gets some ad revenue. (I’m mamajama55 on

    Thanks for your reporting and best wishes,


    • says

      I think that’s great, Kim. I hope you don’t get as many crazy, irrational comments as I’ve gotten. I try to be fair and let everyone comment but it’s getting a little much.

  45. says

    whats everyone complaining about radioactive fish for? at least when you catch them, they’re already half way cooked! besides I normally eat 2 rotten eggs and a piece of burnt toast….I gotta tapeworm and that good enuff for him!

  46. Sverre says

    This is so typical you americans, always rambling when its too late. Why dont you try to be preemtive in something else than war for once? Your enviromental Security concerning the oil industry, is the laughing Stock of Northern europe. You have the same Security measures now, that you had when you came over in 66 to help us drill in the North sea. How come you never learn?

  47. Mary Prewitt says

    I haven’t read through all the comments and so I appologize if this question came up earlier. Isn’t fracking about releasing and capturing natural gas and not oil? The tank floating looked like an oil tank leaking oil. Now don’t get me wrong: I am NOT a fan of fracking, but I do think accuracy in reporting is important, and misleading or misinforming folks does our cause more harm than good.

    • says

      90% of all oil & gas wells in the U.s. are fracked. When you produce gas there are most often some liquids produced with it. When you produce oil, there is also gas. Even the produced water will contain hydrocarbon liquids.

  48. Larry says

    Are there any reports of the fracking water ponds/waste water ponds being flooded or washed out by the flood? That would be very toxic to the wild life plus.

  49. Rob says

    People will only realize the dangers of fracking until there water, food, & soil are contaminated. SMH. This is a natural disaster. But it will be more then that if these fracking sites are not secured and contained properly. Fracking alone is already horrible for the environment. You gone learn today!!

  50. tamusana says

    reading some of these comments is telling. the level of education and knowledge of some of the supporters of the oil/gas industry and its questisonable, if not outright dangerous practices, really comes through.

  51. tamusana says

    reading some of these comments is telling. the level of education and knowledge of some of the supporters of the oil/gas industry and its questionable, if not outright dangerous practices, really comes through.

  52. Donna says

    The situation is all over the weather channel, they are trying to get the people out before anything else. They have air lifted out more people since Katrina, over 2000 so far and still going.

  53. ROBERT REID says

    the level of denial in this country is simply astounding. these comments are unreal the number of morons who all they are able to do is attack the messenger. all the messenger is trying to do is start a conversation THAT NEEDS TO BE STARTED. but most of the morons commenting are doing the usual fox news tactics of attacking the messenger, not listening to the message. i am ashamed to be an American citizen some days….

  54. Anymous says

    Here you have it! This is how the “system” operates. A few charactistics are listed below:
    1. Oil & Gas companies are accustomed to doing whatever they want to, whenever they want to do it.
    2. They fear only 2 things—Total chaos and nationalization of assets.
    3. There are usually only a couple of pollution friendly “regulating” agencies present.
    4. O&G companies operate in a high risk environment—when something bad happens, they use the “system” to pack sand up the peasant’s behind and convince them that they(O&G companies) are good folks.

    So what can we do to “fix-it”? I have suggested that we, the peasants, somehow use the elective process to elect politicians that will make the landowners & mineral interest owners responsible for all this O&G pollution. After all, if they had not signed that piece of paper none of this pollution crap would have happened. Until then, good luck to us all!

  55. Bryan T says

    This has to be satire, right? Like The Onion? Comments that disagree with the author’s viewpoint are deemed “ignorant” while she posts a headline that references a “Fracking Flood” — I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around the logic on that one. But go ahead, attempt to exploit a natrual disaster for your agenda.

    Also, arguing that you can control what goes on your site because you pay for the bandwidth within an article complaining about a “media blackout” is the definition of irony, and frankly, comical. News broadcasts control what goes on their “bandwidth” as well, and they’re choosing not to fill it with topics like this that distract from the real news of rescuing citizens and getting them aid. It’s so unfortunate that you can no longer entertain reason because you’re so down the road with an agenda that simply isn’t based in fact.

    • says

      All newspapers retain the discretion to allow comment or delete them. This forum is set up so I have to allow comments from all new commenters. I don’t have time for that especially when the comments say the same damn thing over and over.

      I did decide to allow your comment though because I found it amusing since your IP address says: “EnCana Oil & Gas” and since we all know what a stellar environmental record EnCana has.

      • Bryan T says

        I’m glad you were amused. I’m amused that you singled out oil and gas contaimination within a 500 year flood to help your site get more hits (congrats). I live in the middle of where this is occuring right now, and I can assure you that there are more pressing environmental disaster concerns. Sewage facilities have failed, some citizens forced to be without running water for more than a week. This is a real threat to people — not a huge volume of flood water that will purify itself by running downstream.

        • says

          So we should just ignore the oil & gas pollution because there is already so much pollution? Is that what your are saying? See, I focus on oil & gas issues not sewage, which is probably why the local people who also live where this is occurring asked me to help.

          A lot of leaking oil & gas infrastructure–if that is, indeed, the case–is also a real threat to people.

          It’s hard to get a man to understand something when is paycheck depends on him not understanding ~Upton Sinclair

        • Another Alberta Neighbour says

          Bryan T,

          “some citizens forced to be without running water for more than a week. This is a real threat to people — not a huge volume of flood water that will purify itself by running downstream.”

          Precisely. It’s been 9 years since Encana frac’d my community’s drinking water aquifers and the water is still too dangerous to have connected to my home.

          The Alberta government helps the people here that get flooded, again and again, but refuses to help or even acknowledge those whose lives have been frac’d and ruined.

          Hopefully, you and your loved ones won’t have to wait too long.

          I’m still waiting.

          Jessica Ernst

        • Claire says

          Bryan, you said, “Sewage facilities have failed, some citizens forced to be without running water for more than a week. This is a real threat to people — not a huge volume of flood water that will purify itself by running downstream.” Fracking consumes massives amounts of water. Massive! The water used to frack one well repeatedly can provide 52 families with water for a year! And you’re amused she singled out oil and gas? I’ll bet you live in the middle of it, and I’m sorry about that. But I can also bet where you work. Scientists across the globe have said fracking is the worst environmental threat in 100 years! Imagine that? 100 years? So why do you think people get upset when that radioactive, carcinogenic, toxic fluid gets spread all over the place by flooding?

    • Alberta Neighbor says

      “It’s so unfortunate that you can no longer entertain reason because you’re so down the road with an agenda that simply isn’t based in fact.”

      That’s rich coming from a company who reportedly lies in public legal documents, “Encana states that both Encana wells were stimulated, but neither was hydraulically fractured” – yet their own data provides evidence to the contrary.

      What “reason” is your company “entertaining” with that dream-team response so obviously not “based in fact.”

      I think you’re wayyyyy faaarrrrrrrrrrr down the wrong road with that agenda, but we can help.

      Follow our voices and come on back.

      • Bryan T says

        And here we see the power of misinformation which needs no data or analytic backup. The world where you can just say anything and then it has to be either true or backed up with supporting data. More commenters attempting to make this about “fracking” with arbitrary info… I have no problem admitting where I’m employed. One would think that a decent or respectable “journalist” would want and even appreciate input from someone within the industry who can provide additional context rather than rhetoric, but we see this isn’t the case within this forum. If anyone cares to hear the truth, the fact is that “fracking” has nothing to do with this diaster or these photos, or even issues brought up on this site. What it does involve is a community dealing with a disaster the best way they can (as any other would do). Operators have taken responsible steps of shutting in wells and facilities to reduce the chance of contamination. They have also been in contact with local land owners to keep them apprised of developments with facilities that are on their land.

        Now I realize that this doesn’t line up with your agenda-based propaganda but it’s the truth.

        Thanks for attempting to helps see the “other side,” but I experience it every day and can determine my own judgements outside of those who spend a few hours a month reinforcing their own misguided beliefs.

        • says

          Bryan T:

          We know exactly what fracking is.
          We know when fracking occurs.
          We know what it sounds like.
          We know what it smells like.
          We know what it does to our water.
          We know what it does to our foundations and walls.
          We know what it does to the air.
          We know that you don’t like it when we use fracking broadly.
          We know that you like fracking to be used only in the most narrow sense.
          We know the truth already because we live with it everyday all day long.
          We never punch out and go home, we live here!
          We have heard the “other side” and it’s been filled with lies.
          We don’t like your condescending tone or that you can’t admit mistakes or pay for mistakes.
          It’s your fault we are this way.
          Your reckless operations, arrogance and rude manners created us.

          • NormalHuman says

            Alberta and TXSharon, Well fucking said. (Excuse my French.)

            I value all sides of this argument and so appreciate the vital discussion here, and everywhere, concerning our much abused environment.

            Brian: facts are valuable. Being a Condescending Ass, not so much. I’m referring to you. You’re the ass. Just in-case it wasn’t clear.

        • Alberta Neighbor says

          “And here we see the power of misinformation which needs no data or analytic backup.”

          You sum up your contribution to this comment thread nicely.

          Good for you for being upfront.

  56. says

    This is why heavy industrial mining should not be zoned next to homes. It’s time to stop raping the earth and harming people. There are much safer ways in which to produce energy. Time to get busy transitioning to renewables now before it’s too late.

    • RedEd says

      the wells were there before the homes. shouldn’t build homes next to oil wells and then think you are an expert on fracking. makes no sense.

  57. says

    When it comes to fracking, the experts feel that no news is good news. I am amazed at how the public is kept ignorant on the whole issue. Now that their chemicals are leaking and wreaking havoc with the environment, it is even more hush-hush. There are too many people out there who don’t even know what you’re “frackin” talkin about. I so dislike all of the name calling I see here and elsewhere online. Please, oh please, can’t we all come together as humans to do the responsible thing? and treat each other and the planet with respect??
    Tracer recently posted..Tour, Day 4My Profile

  58. says

    With all these containers of tracking fluids literally floating around, perhaps some activists can get their hands on what’s in them and have it analyzed. Then maybe it’ll be exposed for certain just what hazardous substances are in these fluids.

    • RedEd says

      containers floating do not contain fracking fluids. fracking fluids are made up of water sand and a few other chemicals that remain as trade secrets. you can analyze all you want and you won’t find a smoking gun.

  59. s.h. says

    Who are the residents sending pictures of and/or info about tracking? My relatives in CO say there is NO fracking going on there!

  60. Andy Mead says

    You have leveled a pretty serious charge, that media and politicians are silent because they have been TOLD to be. How did that telling take place? Was it in an email that could be leaked? Did some gangster for the oil and gas industry go around to every journalist and politician and threaten their families?
    Or maybe the traditional media, drained by so many people getting their news for free, have has too busy covering the immediate life and death news.
    I think you should post this because it was irresponsible to speculate that all the media in Colorado are somehow deliberately hiding this information. I’m a retired journalist and I know it doesn’t work like that.

    • Another Alberta Neighbour says

      Not too far fetched Andy.

      I was interviewed by journalists who later reported to me their jobs were threatened for reporting on frac contamination cases. Some journalists were hauled into board rooms of oil and gas companies to receive their threats.

      Jessica Ernst

    • says

      I don’t know how long you have been retired, Andy Mead, but I can assure you that journalists and media outlets get threatened all the damn time.

      Also, some media, like the Star-Telegram, are mineral owners so they don’t much like to rock the fracking boat.

      • RedEd says

        the star telegram a mineral owner. they would risk their journalistic integrity over a small amount of income from oil wells? You need to see a doctor and take some meds to reduce your paranoia! report only facts, not, rehash lies promulgated by the enviro movement! it doesn’t matter what you think anyways, with billions at stake, I think I know who will win this debate.

  61. shelty says

    I understand the outrage you feel, but with over 600 people missing and other in need of encouragement to you all is join a fire ems or some other group and help with the human live here. we can clean up these thing and bring back wild and all … but right now human life in this are needs the help first…….from a ems person and victim to Irene..

  62. G. Thompson says

    Just remenber, all the rescue vehicles being used to save people and clear debris will be powered by those horrible fossil fuels…

  63. Brent Newman says

    I am not sure how extensive your work has been in recent years or whether you look back to past issues. Specifically, I talking about the September 2011 Pennsylvania Flood (I believe it was classified as a 500 year flood) where I personally witnessed about a dozen well pads and numerous gasoline stations inundated. The odor of petroleum in the Loyalsock Muncy Creeks was so strong that it was difficult to breathe and made me nauseous. If you would like more specifics of where the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee’s flooding hit hardest and where the gas industry and gasoline stations flooded, feel free to email me for further details.

  64. John says

    Please stop this senseless polluting of our planet. We can no longer afford to caudle these criminal actions of such a staunch few. I implore you in the name of God our father in heaven. Please cease all fracking activity anywhere on the planet.

    • RedEd says

      senseless pollution is why you drive your car so much, and, then think you are an expert because you filled up your tank with gasoline. usa citizens want cheap gas. England pays $15/gallon and they export a million bbls a day to the usa. exxon, etc. receives $4/gallon for the same gasoline. your demand and your enviro wantabes are driving that demand for cheap gasoline. don’t like then come up with an economical replacement. not solar, wind, etc. because they are subsidize to the tune of 100% of their cost!Don’t have anything to say now do you. all of your infor is wrong.

  65. Amy Vargas says

    I do a lot of disaster recovery work- generally post-Hurricane. Unfortunately contamination form overturned tanks and the like is part of a natural disaster. Most of those areas were probably not in the technical floodplain, and therefore not subject to floodplain regulations. And floodplain regulations will only protect to a forseeable flood level. I would venture to guess that this is unprecidented.

  66. TexasKat says

    Now I’m not an expert on any level, but my father worked for a gas company that made blowout preventers and other equipment for fracking and drilling out in the Gulf. Wouldn’t they put some kind of safety valve or emergency shut off system in case of an accident or disaster to prevent a leak into the environment? I can understand in extreme conditions like this they may fail, but I would hope the gas/fracking companies would be smart enough to put something like that on their tanks. If they didn’t I would imagine they would have some government regulatory agency on their tails.

  67. J says

    So essentially, unless we totally agree with you, we’re not allowed to comment?

    I’d like to see more evidence and facts posted from geologists and scientists who are studying the area. Perhaps politicians and media aren’t getting involved, because most of it’s heresay at this point. There is, so far, no documented evidence of fracking contaminating water supply. The fact is, oil and gas doesn’t just put food on the table for families, it will lead our nation to finally paying off some of its debt and also will keep us from depending on areas of the world that shouldn’t be getting our business. Oil and natural gas are natural resources that should be tapped into, as we have probably enough in our country to make us the leading exporters by the year 2020. That’s important. It’s VERY important that these companies do it responsibly, however. If this is, in fact, happening, it is tragic and needs to be cleaned up. Most companies are keeping a very close watch on what they are doing when fracking. FACT.

  68. RedEd says

    In regards to the post about media blackout in the aftermath of flooding in Colorado. This is a non-event except for a paranoid post by you. let me explain, there are 1,000’s of wells in this part of Colorado. all wells have a dike around the tanks. after a 500 year rain storm you can expect some of the dikes to be over-run will flood water. oil, petroleum is stored in those tanks. oil that is a naturally occurring substances from the earth. oil that has leaked from the tanks that were empty or they would not have floated. oil that is of no harm to the drinking water supply for this region of the country. you even tried to tie this instance to fracking. this only proves that you are not up on the industry. instead you cry chicken. you are being made paranoid by the information (lacking in facts) you follow on your enviro blog you follow.

  69. janet says

    i just copied this to governor cuomo of new york in a facebook message, who is weighing whether NYS should allow fracking or not.

  70. Lydia says

    Any activist groups at UNC in Greeley getting the word out? Just thinking they would be a great resource if they haven’t been hit up already. Went to school there 5 years ago and there were some great environmental groups doing work there.

  71. Peterketels says

    a lot of these posts show the utter stupidity of the pro-frackers. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the consequences of their lazyass lifestyle. Cancer causing chemicals pumped into deep wells is just an amazing feat of engineering! Cancerbegone!!! Let future generations deal with every fucking mess we make cause we’re a free country right?

    • ray kingsmill says

      so you actually think that solar and wind can keep the country rolling? fine no oil no damn jobs it will be worse than the great depression. how will you feed your family

  72. Simla says

    No need to post this. Just wanted to send you more of a personal note, especially since you seem to be getting so many not-so-nice/ignorant/frustrating ones to say the least. Just wanted to say: you rock. Have a great day.

  73. Judy R Overturf says

    I think about all the environmental aspects of the flood. The fracking chemicals, gas, oil, the vehicles with the gas, oil and antifreeze; The houses, with GOD only knows what was stored in them?; the garages with the chemicals?; The Semi trucks, what were they hauling before being swept away? How about the butane or propane containers (for the house or barbecue’s?; Let’s not forget the backed up sewer systems, raw sewage in the water? One more thing, I know unfortunately and I hesitate to say but I am sure their are dead carouse also? The news didn’t hesitate to report about all of this when Katarina HIT New Orleans. So what is the problem now. all of this is being rushed through the state and is seeping into the ground along the way. And continuing on its way into other states as well. this to me is a huge issue as Colorado does grow crops and raise cattle! Not to mention the impact on humans! What exactly is the impact? They won’t tell us will they?

  74. I'm here in Colorado says

    9News TV in Denver just interviewed the Colo. Oil & Gas Assoc. who addressed the pro-activeness of the industry that they “shut-in” the wells (This interview prompted because of all the concern via Facebook about fracking chemicals possibly spilling into the water) upon learning of the possibility of flooding. They are asking that if you have concerns or have seen areas of concern, you need to GIVE LOCATIONS not just photos, and they will address EVERY concern presented to them. COGA can be contacted at . I would like to remind people out there that this is a natural disaster being called by many as the “1,000 year flood,” Lives have been lost, 1500 homes destroyed, 16,000 homes damaged, 200 businesses destroyed, 700 persons still unaccounted for. Also heard from an acquaintance that a (one of hundreds) rancher lost 250 head of cattle that drowned (hmm contamination to the water?). Raw sewage is everywhere leading to more concern of bacterial contamination. People are without water, electricity and other services. The National Guard air rescue efforts have surpassed those of hurricane Katrina. Thirty state highway bridges have been destroyed not including many US highways and main roadways or other bridges. We are looking at a very long recovery and rebuilding stage. So I think we have bigger concerns here to worry about. If you are REALLY concerned about helping, put your money where your mouth/typing fingers are at

  75. says

    Today, I went to the beach front with my kids.
    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said
    “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell
    to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!
    Cinque per mille recently posted..Cinque per milleMy Profile

  76. Shannon Brown says

    Hello Sharon,

    First, I want to say thank you so much for tuning into this disaster in my community. I am worried. I live in Erie, Colorado and I have been aware of what the fracking industry is doing in my town and I worry everyday about the air I breathe and water I drink. Now, it is another awful thing to add to the list. I want Encana gone… not just for me but for those people who have commented horrible things on your page. We are being slowly poisoned here, and poison knows no race, class, gender, political ideology. It will affect everyone the same. Anyone who lives here can SEE these broken and eroded wells. The facts are here, in front of us and if anyone is refusing to recognize that then they are simply falling victim to a confirmation bias. I am so frustrated when people argue it “provides jobs” and “energy independence.” Those lines are directly from the propaganda that is attempting to keep this paradigm afloat. I would ask those people this: At what expense? My life, my family, my friends, my land, my history, my community? Whats the good of energy independence if we are sick or dead? It seems that humans are more empathetic when they have a direct experience with something. This is where a shift in consciousness happens… people are already feeling it and more will after the flood. I can only hope that more people will wake up to outcomes and consequences of this very direct experience.

    • says

      You are not alone. If you don’t have some support, please contact me. There is a path out but it’s not an easy one.

      The opposition to fracking grows in direct proportion to expansion so eventually the opposition will overwhelm them because they refuse to learn from their mistakes. Or maybe they are truly doing the best they can and they know it’s not good enough. Either way they are fracking fast and furiously because they see that the public at large will not tolerate this.

      I personally want to believe that the majority of Americans are better people than this. I want to believe that they would not allow their neighbors to suffer so they can profit.

      EnCana is not the only operator making comments here. They really don’t want this story to get out.

    • says

      It has nothing to do with energy independence and everything to do with profit but your question is a good one. Too many people are being damaged in the process.

  77. Ree says

    Flooding releases a lot of harmful substances onto the land besides hydraulic fracturing chemicals. I’d be more concerned with household chemicals, septic systems, and farming pesticides if I were you. But since hydraulic fracturing seems to be the monster du jour I suppose your worries are popular among people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • LiberalFrackingWife says

      Amen! I love how people are talking about oil spills on an article about fracking. FYI, I don’t think there is any blackout, I saw photos online of flooded frack pads 2 days ago. Being interested in the O&G industry, I spend a lot of time researching and relaying my findings so that was one of my first thoughts upon hearing about the flooding. But people will believe what they want to, and there’s no point in beating the dead horse. But shame! Shame on O&G for not keeping a reputable psychic on the payroll and knowing when and where the floods and nat. disasters will occur so they can keep it safe…

  78. Sharon Knows Me says

    Good grief. Sharon runs a blog ABOUT GAS DRILLING. Of course she’s going to focus on that, and discuss it, ON THIS GAS DRILLING BLOG.


    Buncha unpatriotic assholes, you drllers. You obviously hate America, and your fellow Americans. You’re out to destroy this beautiful country, all because of greed.

    Love all the faux concern for the residents of Colorado, by the pro-drillers commenting here. Hilariously hypocritical. You don’t care who/what fracking and drilling destroys, all of a sudden you have a heart for people suffering? Oh, wait, you only care about the ones who don’t try to stop your assault on America.

    It needs to be said again: HYPOCRITES.

    I guess I have to state the obvious, since some of you are so fucking ignorant: just because this issue is being discussed ON THIS BLOG ABOUT DRILLING doesn’t mean anyone is forgetting the other tragic events with the flooding. Get your heads out of your ass, and go back to what you do best: raping and pillaging the country I love!

  79. Ryan says

    Poorly written, poorly researched. This article is absolute garbage. Are you aware that there’s an incredibly common procedure that shuts in wells precisely for this kind of disaster? there’s far more important issues we should be paying attention to. Colorado oil and gas association and are the two biggest donators to co red cross relief effort. Turns out they’re doing much more for the community than you.

    • Tim Ruggiero says

      Go home, Ryan, you’re drunk. Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s purpose again? I mean, other than to promote gas and oil at all costs, because there just is no other solution, right? And Noble Energy is the one of the frackers that decided that drilling in a flood zone was perfectly fine, but both of these get a pass because they are donating to the Red Cross. God forbid that the people who helped create this problem be responsible in helping to solve it.

      The gas and oil association likes to say that horizontal drilling is due to “New technology” but in the same breath says that it’s been around since the Truman administration.

  80. says

    A few moments ago I returned from a 540 mile round trip drive from my home to Wichita Fall, Texas and back. The area from just south of Fort Worth and all the way north to Wichita Falls looked exactly as depicted in both Gasland I & Gasland II. I was shocked at how numerous and poorly thought out some the NG sites were located. Many of them were next to homes, schools, businesses and major thoroughfares (especially S.H.287).

    Nevertheless, North Texas residents were stunned and skeptical when notified about the rising toxicity of the regions air quality. I now ask myself, “Wow, what if all this region was on a gravitationally sloped plain draining down into an aquifer recharge zone during an unprecedented flood?” Many areas could become “No Pass” zones and “Unfit for residential occupation.” It’s already happening there now with no floods.

    My point is this; The rancor is going to become much meaner and nastier because the scientific community so far has gotten it right. “Safe Fracking” and “Clean Coal” is a Fraud. Concrete casings fail 100% over time. Over time is the operative phrase. Maybe not in 20-30 years. Some in 50-60 years. A lot in 70-80 years and pretty much all concrete well casing fail in 100+ years.

    My father is a civil engineer, conrete and ready-mix company owner that knows for a fact that today’s concrete mixtures are diluted to save in cement costs and are far more porous than Oil & NG industry spokespeople tell us.

    Just for the record. Cement is pulverized limestone. By itself it’s useless. When cement is combined with sand, gravel and fresh water, after it cures for a certain number of hours it becomes extremely hard. This is now called “Concrete”. Concrete and cement are related but not the same.

    Also, people should know that when residents want to have a slab poured for an extension to their house, just because they specify a “five sack mixture” for every Cubic Yard of conrete that’s to be poured, typically they’ll only get 3.5 or even less because the ready mix outfit has to pay so much for cement currently because much of our country’s cement production inventory is desperately short. Why? One word, “China” They buy all you got as well as future complete production runs with cash.

    • ray kingsmill says

      concrete is a pushing strength which needs iron or rebar for an external strength. concrete without rebar will just cumble. 2 different strengths

  81. brian says

    think for a second… boulder is getting themselves off the grid… so the weather manipulators destroy the place… pretty simple… now boulder will be in mountains of debt and they will pull a katrina on them for sticking it to the electricity barons.

  82. Anymous says

    As the old saying in the patch goes: The nicest thing you can say about an oil company is “They are NOT NICE people”.

  83. Claire says

    This is a good article about this situation citing several reputable sources for their info – “The floods have also triggered other problems that have gotten a lot less media attention: Fracking infrastructure has been inundated and its toxic contents have spilled out. Pipelines that transport fossil fuels are sagging and snapping under pressure. Tanks that store chemicals and polluted water are being overwhelmed and toppling over. Oil and gas wells are flooding.”

  84. ©H@®£€$ µ£¥§€$ f€N€¥ says

    Small Potatoes compared with the mess @ Rocky Flats, where all the plutonium waste from all the nuclear triggers ever built lies sitting in…RAIL CARS

    Don’t believe me, check for yourself if R.F. is in the flood damaged area!

  85. ray kingsmill says

    you guys do know that if it rains more than the sewers that are built ou will get floods? man Kitchener had a flood after 2 hours of heavy rain. dont blame everything on the oil and gas industry. ok call me an ass now. starting GO

  86. CO Native says

    These comments are clearly dominated by a lot of pro-drilling, industry employed people, for whom money comes first. EVERYONE I know that lives in the area is either totally against it or they are completely ignorant because they are far away from the issue. Fracking is horribly destructive and these flood waters are a worst case scenario. Anyone who is trying to diminish concern cannot possibly carry credibility. Concern expressed at this time does NOT by any means detract from concern from human lives in harms way. Oh… and you may wanna pick another insult…. “DUMBASS” is just such a dead givaway that I’m dealing with one. Be good, do good.

  87. ElBee says

    Maybe someone could film themselves sampling the floodwater, have it tested, and report on the findings.

    The sheep who are more concerned about their jobs which feed the families they apparently don’t really care about? Let them deny. It will be on their conscience when someone or something they love (if they can love) dies as a result of the pollution. Much livestock has already perished… That is the way of nature: when and if you ever find your heart, the pain from the wrong you have done to others will be a weight that crushes you.

    Any psychologist will tell you what lurks in the heart of a name-caller when it comes to intelligent dialogue on serious life impacting issues such as this. Don’t feed the bad wolf, feed the good one 😉 Let the name-callers discredit themselves. It’s funny how they embarrass themselves, it’s sad when good people are drawn into the negative wordplay.

    I read a lot, and I appreciate many of your comments and concern for humanity and the planet.

    Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal is a non-profit environmental and animal rights law firm in Washington, DC. I know many of the people there love Colorado.

    God bless you.

  88. M says

    TxSharon – so basically you were trying to delete all the comments that didn’t agree with yours? Yeah that’s not close minded or arrogant at all.

    • says

      No! So, basically, I was trying to eliminate redundancy like the comment you just made. You can scroll though my blog for many years back and see that I have always allowed comments whether they agree with me or not. But, I’m only one person and this is getting old. I have other things to do beside allow redundant comments.

  89. ellen says

    Pipeline, well safety budget is just $108 million, remaining flat for the past 3 years despite the construction of thousands of miles of new pipelines, wells. Most of that money comes from industry user fees and an oil spill liability trust fund. Taxpayers pay just $1 million a year toward the safety program. Due to this budget shortfall there is a dangerous lapse in oversight for fracking wells, and the mostly unregulated, by the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, pipelines being used to transport gas from these wells, and has allowed drillers to open natural gas wells almost unchecked, with impunity of course. Only 135 federal inspectors oversee 2.6 million miles of pipeline, wells. PHMSA says it has the help of about 300 state inspectors, but not all states have inspection programs, In effect the industry is operating without even basic pipeline safety standards, well construction oversight, or other needed health and safety protections. PHMSA has therefore taken to YouTube channel to persuade the industry to voluntarily improve its safety operations?……good god! Sixty-five percent of people are outraged , what is it going to take to move the others? Massive death, destruction?

  90. Ryan says

    So, The Denver Post did a story this morning on the flood’s effects on the many oil and gas wells in the region. Perhaps they wanted to take the time to gather and analyze information before writing anything. Many of the people posting here should take note.

  91. Jarred says

    You do realize that if there are any spills they will be small, and fracking as been part of the oil industry for over 100 years? Hey the keyboard your typing on, that monitor your using to read this, and that chair your sitting in that has plastic trim….all byproducts of oil. Focus on the real issue at hand, the displacement of thousands of individuals due to massive rain fall causing an unforeseen flood. I’m sorry but ALL of the individuals that are against fracking have NO clue the steps that are taken to prevent any damage to the environment. Your also a simple minded individual that probably doesn’t believe in evolution, and has never taken a chemistry class. Now I’m an IT professional and have no experience with oil industry but I do have a bachelors in Biology and fully understand the science behind it. You probably watched Gas Land and found it very compelling, my suggestion would be to watch Fracknation, a movie made by individuals trying to find the down side of fracking. So drop the O&G bashing and focus the real issue at hand.

    • Alberta Neighbor says

      “You do realize that if there are any spills they will be small”

      Can we get a link to that report.

  92. jpt says

    I just assumed you were using the word “fracking” as a perjorative, rather than in its literal sense. Fracking isn’t the issue, but there are thousands of oil wells that are affected, and no blackout. See link.

  93. Don says

    Condensate tanks contain condensate, which is a petroleum product (think of it as somewhere between oil and gasoline.) It is not a waste material from fracking. Please get your facts straight.

  94. Guest says

    Hey, guys, think about this for a sec. Those flood waters are also taking out sewage plants left and right. I’m sure more than a few gas stations were flooded. And then we have all those cars washing downriver with their leaky gas tanks, not to mention household propane tanks and other detritus. Those rivers are full of God-knows-what. That’s what happens in floods.

    This has also been called a 500- to 1000-year flooding event, meaning that many of these things were NOT in the floodplain, as we understand it.

    What’s really amazing to anyone with any knowledge about drilling, etc. (that is, knowledge that wasn’t gleaned from watching Gasland or reading sensationalist claptrap like this), is that among all the pollutants that always show up in a flood situation, and among the death and destruction and devastation to people’s lives, the anti-fracking crowd is getting excited – nay, ecstatic – that they’ve found something new to promote their view that oil is evil.

    Seriously, y’all — go jump in your gas-guzzling SUVs and take your kids to a soccer game or something. Enjoy the cheap energy that keeps the lights on. Look around your “environmentally sensitive” house and note how many products are either made with oil (plastics), or needed gas to get to you (just about every other consumer item in your possession). Contemplate what it means to support the regimes on the other side of the world with your oil purchases rather than domestic energy at home. Think about how much dirtier the drilling practices of, say, Saudi are than the regulated drilling at home.

    As a Coloradoan, I gotta say…either volunteer or find some other way to help the people here in Colorado that are affected by this thing, or go about your business. As a former Texan, I wonder just how much you bothered to learn about the industry before you decided to make it your crusade. Your direct experience with shale operators? Which ones? Please enlighten us.

  95. L. Lavoie says

  96. says

    All I can say is stop jumping to conclusions wait for facts. The mean old oil and gas companies through out Colorado stopped production before flood waters hit in most area and shut in wells as reported by local, regional and national media as well as government officials. Tanks that are floating are most likely condensate which contains very little oil (from actual facts from COGA). If you see a problem how about reporting it instead of trying to worsening the situation. When I say report it not on facebook or a page like this call the operator or local government. Yes they may find some contamination but what about the gas cans in garages, propane tanks, oil from the local grease monkey/lube shop? If contaimantion is found I would think FEMA and EPA would make it a high priority to work with oil companies to solve issue and bring new ideas to the table to prevent something like this from happening again. Not prevent the flood of course but that would be great! But work to prevent “spills/leaks” in a hopefully once in a lifetime flood event.

  97. joseph c says

    Fracking is a form of war, industrial offshore powers attacking america’s water. The BP oil strike was quite intentional and ordered by the top corporate HQ on that day, despite serious protests from the employees. Dispersant was toxic, coagulant would instead have recovered oil from enviro. it was allowed to leak 90 days, harming the southern coast. $20 billion is small change for BP.
    Fukushima, study the shore just before the Tsunami.. if there had been earthquake animals and people wouldn’t have been at the ocean, all flee water after earthquake.. also, the explosions at that nuclear power plant were misreported, not caused by hydrogen gas. This begs the question can space/energy weapons cause solar flares, as happened that day, then direct the energy at an island? or similar weapons to cause tidal waves upon land?
    Fukushima was 3-11… ours was 9-11… see a resemblance? Japan is 70% less energized since then… accident or act of war? The only journalist reporting this was harassed out of the US by threats.
    Fracking is a was of F#@KING up the earth.. period. the green revolution was to put toxins all over the food, and in the food. Fluoride, the hard to spell word, is in the water, cannot be filtered, must be distilled…
    some anti-life agenda, which is medically profitable treating sick people, is running the show..
    it could just be spiritual evil.. but whomever.. they don’t like humans, nor the oceans. politicians are all being betrayed and the banks are self destructing.
    perhaps the good humans with heart song, can get the world to sing along.. and make a happy tune in the soul and save the day.. and the earth, by the way… starting with love and compassion.. God’s laws supercede evil.. even though evil has centuries of planning in the attempt. lastly vaccines could be safe, but are not. cancer can be cured cheap… but it’s not legal to do it and broadcast it… anyone that gets out of line, study JFK RFK MLK.. prophets and their cohorts are hunted down as fast as they appear. i think the whole history of humankind is distorted.. even though we see love does have some key in truth.. against evil…
    You good people are really the saviors.. by your compassionate hard work to engage and cause truth. Muslims did not do 9-11.. Muslims know strip clubs are non-islamic.. thus that whole thing was false to get us to hate Muslims… then we are dragged to war, and our own troops provided uranium bullets to fire in to Iraq.. making us all hate each other.. and our own troops bring that dusted uranium back in their bodies and contaminate their families.
    Fracking is strategic war against the US living population…
    ever seen the movie Planet of the Apes? is it foreshadowing humans in cages? is it not?

  98. nofreedom says

    love the comment, “You cannot blame anyone for building a nuclear power plant on a ‘tsunami prone coast’ that’s the stupidest comment ever. How would anyone ever know where a tsunami will directly hit.”
    for one ITS A TSUNAMI PRONE FUCKING COASTLINE. it doesn’t matter where it could directly/indirectly hit, its stupid to even think about putting one there. and secondly, THEY BUILT IT ON TOP OF A FAULT LINE. criminal negligence at its finest.. by the way this is disgusting i hope these scumbags get sent to prison.

  99. joseph c says

    all top industry is owned by the top 150 corporations, which infiltrated and corrupted even the top organic food corporations.. monsanton corp clearly is waging a form of war with GMO’s and lawsuits against farmers who’s crops are contaminated innocently by monsanto’s weaponized plant-pollen.. fracking is war against the deep water table – especially when one considers the chemicls pumped into the deep earth and the top-earth impacts.. the fact moonshine cant power your current too-heavy-too-low-mileage auto, cheaper and cleaner than gas.. because fuel-alcohol production is a crime to do in volume.. and hemp is federally suppressed from plastics and diesel fuel markets… America’s entire core productivity has been hijacked fiscalized and stolen.. this is the short list.. add the banking federal reserve giving 85bill per month to drug laundering bank corporations not americans..
    it is cheaper to wage peace than war…
    this ‘war’ machine and it’s expensive ness is the clearest proof…
    witness the indian farmers killing themselves in protest of the green revolution against their farms… clearly.. any sheep that doesn’t see.. is not to be listened to.. but these public forums are unregulated.. and full of stupidity agents waging war on sentient souls…. for an evil that will betray all minions first in the end.. in hopes the silence will get the sheep to enter the pen.. for subsequent betrayals… but the insiders to evil go first, to silence the protests… sheep go too.. evil is not to be followed.. but it owns the world..
    medical science might be the ultimate evil.. cut burn poison focused medicine devoid of any nutritional or natural helpful oils basis.. as as the ancients bathed in essential oils.. we bathe in petroleum-silicone-soap, which is not healthy for skin..
    starvation and suffering is their agenda.. the sheep are for the slaughter… so wild to see the world is so full of evils.. i would never have believed it.. but then upon study, one sees, the emperor wears no clothes.. evil tells you it’s there.. telegraphs every single time.. clearly. corruption does not want to hide… because it’s leading sheep made of truth to close their own gate.. evil has no real power.. powers that be do not act.. they fiscalize the ruling class who are most corrupt.. good ones fired, or killed, bad ones promoted.. for centuries..
    corporations are 60 % owned by the military industrial complex..
    it’s sinister and very subtle.. all science is materialistic based.. any scientist is required to divorce spirit.. which has substance thus influence..
    thus all the world is governed by lies.. of various kinds… it’s so deep
    maybe we can all sing the world awake with joy…

  100. Jessie Jones says

    As a resident of Larimer County (the county right next to Weld) I do think there is cause for concern about the possible leakage. However, a quick google search on the issue leads me to believe that there is no media black-out… I was able to immediately pull up 5 different articles from a variety of sources, both national and local, so……..

    • says

      Jessie, this was posted very early Sunday when there was no coverage about the issue. So, yes, there is coverage now, but, no, there was no coverage when I posted this.

  101. Devon says

    Never ceases to amaze me how absurd people can be in these comments. The relative anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in people. Agree or disagree, why be so blatantly disrespectful? Ignore the trolls instead of degrading yourselves by responding in kind.

    I don’t know the truth of the matter, but am comforted by the fact that someone else is speaking their concerns. If it does turn out to be an issue, we’ll all be glad they did. If not, then I’d probably forget I read this in a month if it weren’t for the unfortunate perspective on other “adults”.

  102. Tomm says

    I live 1/4 mile downstream from the tank battery in your picture. We more concerned about the Feces in the river from Boulder County. This is a tragedy, but without oil we would not even be able to post these comments ,much less drive a car or even ride a bike. Without oil there would be no manufacturing of commercial goods!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Rich from Cali says

    TXsharon You clearly are fighting an uphill battle. I been following this since day 2 and I am thankful to you for keeping us posted as the media was blacking us out. It gave me leads to do further exploration to share will so many on Facebook that had no clue what was going on. I see so many responding that are living in the Matrix. I deal with these people daily and for most that will never change. They are short term thinkers if thinkers at all. It’s not their faults really. They are obedient daily workers without a mind for their selves and you have bumped their beliefs. Reality is ugly and scarey which is too much for the weak. You know all this and you have stood your ground well. The notion some pose here that some operators are good and others are bad is a complete joke to me. With so much protection the shale companies have and given a free for all to destroy America is so disturbing. I help heal people and while doing water studies throughout America is clear there are large payoffs happening everywhere they are. It’s appalling to see city water municipalities testing to chemicals and showing negative results. They are showing negative results because they test for the chemicals not being used in their area. But the puppets are fooled and the daily deaths go unreported to have been caused from these chemicals. My heart goes out to Colorado and the states down flow. The contaminated lands are not going to change in our life time and our great grand kids will be dealing with the birth defects of our ignorance. Again, thank you for your help and sharing. Ignore the trolls, they are programed sheep that will never change until they get ill and ask what happened.

  104. Luke says

    I have been in the O&G industry for 10 years. I’m currently a consultant on a drilling rig in the Texas Panhandle and I have seen a great improvement in the ways O&G industry as a hole views environmental protection. And the steps we take to protect the environment we drill in. Just wondering what is it you all want? Should we just stop drilling and quite making oil and gas? Have any off you thought about what would really happen if we did that? I have and its scary to think about lol. Green Energy can’t provided the energy at this point in time to support the modern world. I’m sure that the O&G companies in Colorado have safety shut offs on all of those wells. Most wellsites and tank batteries are controlled by remote now days. No one was prepared for this flood and yes they need to get in and get these leaks stopped as soon as possible.

    • says

      Yeah, we want you to stop poking holes in the earth and allowing methane to escape into our atmosphere. There are plenty of studies that show renewable energy can power the planet if we only had the political will. The oil and gas industry had fracked our democracy so building that political will is currently impossible but we will keep trying.

      So far, they are tracking 10 spills from these wells and dozens more have been sighted.

      Before they do something stupid like drill in a flood plain, they should be prepared for any emergency imaginable. Rather than that, industry is always trying to figure out how they can cut corners and increase their bottom line.

  105. says

    It’s too bad people can’t discuss situations like this without turning into a mess. Sorry your post received so much negativity. I’d agree though that I’ve seen hardly anything outside the internet about this. Considering all the negativity swarming around fracking recently I’m surprised there isn’t more. However I can’t see there being much that could’ve been done at the time outside of pointing it out.

  106. Rick Wainio says

    Holy cow!! What a bunch of loons!! xD xD xD AHHHHHH Stop the drilling stop the drilling!!!! AND YOU BETTER FIND A WAY TO MAKE ENERGY MAGICALLY APPEAR!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You dems are a bunch of idiots!

    P.S. Golf courses use more water than the frac industry.

  107. Tim says

    CO air quality has plunged in the past 3-4 years since fracking went nuts here. They want to put them right next to schools and homes. Where is the buffer? Greedy industry.