Newlywed video: Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling wed in 2002

by TXsharon on March 13, 2012

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According to Congressional testimony given by Dr. William F. Whitsitt, Executive VP for Devon Energy, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are newlyweds.

Hydraulic fracturing used in conjunction with horizontal drilling is still in the experimental stage.

They have not been fracking horizontal wells for decades and decades and decades like they try to claim. It’s a new technique. It’s experimental.

With technology this new, how can they claim these wells will produce for 40 years?


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Anonymous March 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm

It would be really helpful during Devon’s video display of the drilling and horizontal fracturing process to show its proximity to homes, families, pets, and livestock. I don’t see any people or homes in these videos, yet this is taking place close to homes, schools and hospitals. Where are the videos of the diesel exhaust and fugitive emissions that go along with this new process?

Why do we need animated videos when they should have tons of real life examples that show the filthy process this really is?

We might need animation for their pretty little picture of what goes on underground, but the industry has videos a plenty of what it looks like from on top and it doesn’t look like this sterile video. Show me diesel exhaust, fugitive emissions, and spills going on above ground hundreds of feet from us while we hide in our homes.

Not sterile above ground, probably not sterile below either.



Anonomyous March 13, 2012 at 9:18 pm

Of course there is no way to control a frack job on a horizontal well where the horizontal borehole is deep enough so that the fracture will result in a vertical fracture. The uncontrolled vertical fracture can go to drinking water aquifers via a host of paths, including old abandoned well, old bad wells, etc., etc., etc.
In the old days fracking horizontal borehole for shallow oil bearing formations were done with some degree of success. Todays vertical fracture in deep shale formations—expect bad drinking water.


nick March 17, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Frac jobs are highly controlled. When the pressure changes the pumping parameters change & they can go from max to off in less than a minute. Downhole, shale fracture treatments will follow the path of least resistance, which in shales, is horizontal.

One day, we will understand that it isn’t the frac job that has the POTENTIAL to impact drinking water, it’s the wellbore integrity across from the fresh water interval. ALL land owners or well water users, NEED to push to have their water tested NOW and periodically, tested again as the taste or your mind changes.

Many oil & gas companies are voluntarily paying for an independent water testing company for just such analysis before they begin drilling operations.


Fracking Crazy March 18, 2012 at 1:11 pm

I know in the WSJ article they were saying, “no, it’s not the frac job, it’s the wellbore”…

Just like you.

That’s the most fracking ridiculous thing I have heard in years, okay, recently.

Let me tell you cowboy…

If you weren’t fracking you wouldn’t need no stinking well bore.

Industry spins the truth by saying hydraulic fracturing they have been doing for years. Industry hopes that there aren’t smart people to figure it out.

Ah, duh…but it’s horizontal.

Yup, America, Industry is relying on you to be ignorant. That’s nice, huh?

And the smart people who have figured it out…well, they’re smart so we better put them on the Homeland Security list and FBI watchlist.

So what’s it going to be America…you going to continue to let people think you’re stupid, or you going to stand up and show them how smart you really are!!!


Tad Ghost Hole March 18, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Plus with the recent implimentation of Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness (wheres the #??) the O&G industry will use the military as their muscle to ensure that fracking continues unabated. In order to meet the growing demands of a military gone pyscho killer all over the world(soon to be down the street), for national defense purposes the sacrifice will continue.


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