Picture this Dallas: Half of the Dish, Texas catastrophe in your backyard.


Here is what could be in store for Dallas if the City Planning Commission allows the Luna South Gas Processing Facility (Luna).

In the picture below, you see the Atmos building at the Dish, Texas facility. That building houses two 3500 horsepower compressors.

A slightly larger view of that photo is HERE. And HERE is the entire aerial photo.

The Luna site will have three compressor that are 3200 horsepower each for a total of 9600 horsepower. That’s half the total horsepower that was in Dish, Texas.

But that’s not all.

If you look on the site plans posted HERE, you will see a “pig launcher” and a “pig receiver.” That’s where some really fun stuff happens that will require quite a bit of clean up. You might remember the story about the pipeline pig that crashed through a home in Grand Prairie.

Pipeline pigs are used for cleaning the condensate, impurities and gunk from the natural gas pipeline. All that stuff has to go somewhere. Could that be what the tanks are for? We don’t know the volume of condensate that will be handled at this site but we need to know.

You can learn how pipeline pigs work HERE and see lots of pig photos HERE.

Here is a video of a pipeline pig receiver:

More pipeline pig videos HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. You’ll want to watch them all.

Also on the site is a HEX Incinerator to incinerate the pollutants. That’s a flare but it’s probably inclosed. We need more information about that.

On the site plans, you will also see glycol and  Amine equipment which is used to remove carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur and other pollutants and corrosive gases. This equipment is a major source of benzene emissions.

Results of this test indicated that amine unit vent stream emissions did indeed include significant components of BTEX

BTEX = benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene.

Industry is telling the City that this facility is only a simple line compressor and the city is buying that. Why is it that cities are so ready to believe lies about these facilities?


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