Happy Friday 13th! How are you adapting to fossil fuel driven climate change?

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Hey all you dumb fracks!  Have you adapted yet?  According to Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobile, you should be adapting just fine. If not, you better get busy because this is the rest of our lives:

Sorry, Nationwide is no longer on your side.

The memo reads: “After months of research and discussion, we have determined that the exposures presented by hydraulic fracturing are too great to ignore. Risks involved with hydraulic fracturing are now prohibited for General Liability, Commercial Auto, Motor Truck Cargo, Auto Physical Damage and Public Auto (insurance) coverage.”

It said “prohibited risks” apply to landowners who lease land for shale gas drilling and contractors involved in fracking operations, including those who haul water to and from drill sites; pipe and lumber haulers; and operators of bulldozers, dump trucks and other vehicles used in drill site preparation.

“We can adapt to that.”

Did your fracking job turn out all wrong?

I, Lacey Bergsing, am the Fiancee and mother of Dustin’s Bergsing’s daughter. There are more than just gases that need to be looked in to when it comes to the safety of the workers in all aspects of the oil fields. Dustin was always telling me things that he had to go through out there on the sites and the majority of them should be considered illegal!!!! …read more about that on Deadly flowback vapors killed 21-year-old Montana man

Was it too dangerous and dirty? (whistleblower video)

Are your loved ones missing you? Family of man who died in ETX gas well accident hires wrongful death law firm.

They tried to evacuate but…

Chevron Corp. left workers pleading to be evacuated from a gas exploration platform off Nigeria which kept drilling while smoke poured from a borehole until an explosion killed two people as the rig became engulfed in flames, according to accounts from four of the platform’s workers.

“We can adapt to that.”

I intended to list out all the many ways the fossil fuel industry wants us to adapt to a third world country status but I’m too busy today. Feel free to help me flesh this out.



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