Arlington fracking flowback misery day four

Fulson 01122012 16.43 pm

Chesapeake Energy continues to vent the flowback tanks at the Fulsom Fulson site in Arlington. Residents complain of dizziness and strong, foul, pungent, sewer-like odors. Chesapeake seems to be following this recipe.

To see what this Arlington community is being exposed to, see the presentation given at a Physicians Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy public health conference by Wilma Subra, MacArthur Genius Award Winning Chemist and Board member of Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project.

Human Health Impacts Associated with Chemicals and Pathways of Exposure from the Development of Shale Gas Plays.

To read a report detailing impacts of families and communities in the Barnett Shale, read FLOWBACK: How the Texas Natural Gas Boom Affects Health and Safety.

Statement of concern by American Lung Association: Lung Association Expresses Concern Over Air Pollution From Fracking

Photos from today

Here ya go:

V.E. Enterprises is particularly proud of its specialty tanks for oilfield or other applications. These tanks include:

  • Weir Tanks: typically built with up to 13 ‘flip up’ lids and two interior walls, these tanks are designed to settle solids as fluids flow through them. These are sometimes called ‘closed loop’ systems.
  • Flowback Tanks: while there are variety of flowback designs, these tanks are designed to handle the higher velocity fluids (and vent sand) from a frac job and dangerous gases from the fluids as they flow from the well bore. These tanks are sometimes called ‘gas busters’ for the similar reasons.
  • Double Wall Tanks: literally built as a ‘tank within a tank,’ V.E. Enterprises double wall tanks are particularly well suited for environmentally sensitive areas as an alternative to open or lined mud or waste-water pits.

UPDATE: More information from a petroleum engineer:

I don’t know if they always vent the tanks, but I will tell you that physics requires that they do something because gases are building up inside the tank at ambient temp/pressure — so they either vent the gas or compress it. If they vent they should at least burn it.

Video taken by Arlington resident.

About Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. kim Feil says

    I was told that you can smell this at the Quicktrip….wow!
    The same thing was photographed at Cooper and Calif. on Christmas Eve at the Ractrac….going to “gas up” has new meaning in Arlington!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    No need to worry about that foul-smelling white stuff that sometimes turns a pukey brown color wafting off those tanks 24/7 into our community where we live and our children attend school. The city has adamantly explained to us that it is only water vapor and since it is a green completion, nothing is venting into the air. Perhaps if our city would pay a little visit to that site they would discover what we already know to be true. But I suppose they wouldn’t want to go and investigate at this time because they don’t want to be poisoned.

    • says

      These tanks have nothing to do with a green completion. Nothing. These are tanks of flowback fluid that will soon be hauled off to a disposal well.


  3. Jane Lynn says

    When I contacted the city inquiring about the flowback I was told they are doing a ‘green completion’. They have been unable to adequately answer my question about that chemical cloud spewing out of those tanks, so they directed me to the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council. Gee. Thanks, Arlington. I’m sure that will clarify everything and please send my love to Ed.

  4. Anonomous says

    Anybody who thinks that this tank venting is nothing but water vapors should climb up there on a latter and breath in this water vapor. But, you better have your buddy there to carry you to the hospital.

  5. kim Feil says

    Speaking of maps, here is one of the YWCA on campus at UTA. They have 22 gas wells and two structures in this map that look like compressor houses (for sound mitigation)..can someone verify what those two structures are?,+arlington+tx&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x864e7d6ee0b14dc9:0x64b652f27f9a005d,106+W+6th+St,+Arlington,+TX+76010&gl=us&ei=2lcQT4-dO-qssALqyO2MCw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCAQ8gEwAA I just tried to post this link on Facebook “Campus Edge at UTA” but was restricted right away. Who else can post this map for me with a smirk about the daycare center within 300 ft?

  6. SickofFrack says

    it is a strong chemical smell with a sour, sewer smell that makes me sick and dizzy. I was for the drilling but I didn’t know it would be like this.

    thank you for this website.

  7. RandomAction says

    Hit the “pause button” on fracking. VT, Albany, Quebec, Nova Scotia, France and Bulgaria have all banned it or put a moratorium on fracking. Pick one, or SIGN all 3 PETITIONS to ban fracking. Takes 20 seconds – you’ll make a lifetime of difference: To save the most endangered river in the USA, which is in PA – ban fracking here 1.… Ban fracking Nationally 2. http://action.foodandwaterwatc… A broader National ban sign here 3.

  8. says

    Going through a very similar situation in North London, UK at the moment where the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) wants to build an industrial-scale waste processing plant in our community to manage waste from up to seven London boroughs, and other parties.

    Sympathy for all involved with your situation.


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