Another family flees their home from natural gas toxics.


It is the same story in every area where natural gas extraction occurs. I have seen this same rash on several people in the Barnett Shale including Lisa Parr who had to leave her home. …same nosebleeds. …same headaches. …same, same, same!

Another family had to evacuate their home on their doctor’s orders because of natural gas extraction.

Beth Strudley, her husband, Bill, and their two sons have been house shopping for weeks, after one of the sons reportedly began suffering from severe rashes, nose bleeds and blackouts.

But it was not until Dec. 28 that she got confirmation of her fears from a Grand Junction physician, Dr. Joseph Wezensky of Kokopelli Health & Wellness, said Beth Strudley.

“He said, ‘Get out of that house, now!’” Strudley reported.

“Our water’s screwed, the air is screwed, we have to leave our house,” she said on Monday, during a break in the meeting of the Garfield County commissioners. “We have to get out of Silt Mesa.” MORE…

It doesn’t matter where you live, the story is always the same if you live in the gas patch. Someone, somewhere has decided who suffers. Our elected officials, our council members, mayors, county commissioners, representatives, governor, attorney general, regulatory agencies, mineral owners, the Big Gas Mafia and even our president have all decided. We live in a defacto industrial sacrifice zone.

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