Updated: The fracking industry accuses Denton residents of consorting with Russia while they consort with Russia

putin-shirtless-on-horse with me

The fracking industry and their supporters have accused the Frack Free Denton grassroots organization that is seeking a ban on fracking in the Denton city limits of receiving money from Russia.

…Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman sent the Denton City Council a letter denouncing the ban. In the four-page letter, Smitherman suggests that Russia may be behind the effort,…

If you heard a woman’s mAnIciAL laughter this morning I confess it was mine. I’ve been too busy with local Texas issues lately to focus deeply on the happenings in Europe. This morning a friend pointed out that any sanctions the U.S. places on Russia will likely have an effect on U.S. oil companies consorting with Russia. Exxon and Shell won’t like it if President Obama messes up their consorting. For more information on U.S. fracking industry consorting in Russia, see the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Update: Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson shares a joke with Russian leader, Putin.

Vladimir Putin meets with Chevron management.

Halliburton, BP and Russian Black Gold – a history BP and Halliburton involvement in Russia.

Picture: Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden Bows to Putin.

Caption: For over a 100 years, Shell has been driven by unscrupulous greed as its sole motivator. Shell funded Hitler and the Nazis party and has subsequently done business with a string of evil regimes, including General Sani Abacha, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and the Mad Mullahs of Iran. Putin is but the latest power mad egomaniac to be treated like royalty by Shell. Bowed to and fawned over on Good Friday by the overpaid bootlicker, Ben van Beurden.

President Vladimir Putin met with ConocoPhillips chief Jim Mulva

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Mr Mulva, I am very pleased to see you again, this time in Russia. As far as I know, your business is developing successfully. You cooperate with many of our major oil and gas companies. I would like to see relations between Russian and American business develop more dynamically, especially in such a strategic sphere, as energy. I have been told that you are involved in investment and have certain plans in this direction. I would like to express my hopes that this area of your work will be as successful as everything that you have done so far.

JIM MULVA: Mr President, allow me to thank you for those very warm words. I would like to say that we are working very energetically to invest considerable sums in the energy dialogue. We have conducted huge work since our last meeting, which I think took place nine months ago. I would like to say that this work is very intense, and we are creating a very good investment climate with your help and support. We hope that this will allow us to make long-term investments in the Russian economy. We will develop our work with major companies representing Russian business.

BP Profits On Sale Of TNK-BP As Production Surpasses 3 Million Barrels A Day

Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Cause they fracking errybody.”

Time for another confession from me:


My name is Sharon Wilson and I enjoy spending a leisurely Sunday riding my horse with shirtless Russian leaders (shirtless version HERE) even when said leaders show poor horsemanship (get off that horse’s mouth fer crine out loud and, OMG, feed him something).

Update 2: Other members of Frack Free Denton also enjoy spending time with Russian leaders.


I wonder what Mr Smitherman and all those industry hacks who made similar accusations when addressing the Denton City Council Tuesday will say about Exxon and Shell et. al. consorting with Russia. It will probably sound something like THIS.

I confess that very little time and effort went into this post.

Update: This post has been updated with additional information sent to me by readers about U.S. frackers and their involvement with Russia.

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Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. meamous says

    Sounds like the crooked and bought-off RRC it operating in “full steam” mode.

  2. Ghostblogger says

    Tillerson is all for fracking. Except when it’s literally next door to him.

  3. Alberta Neighbor says

    “Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson shares a joke with Russian leader, Putin.”

    Oh, I know that one, the punchline is … “and then the cap rock blew up …”


    “Fractures made by CNRL … not only connected to natural fractures in the area, but also cracked their way through several non-targeted formations.

    These industry-induced fractures then penetrated ‘generally impermeable shales’ and passed through groundwater before erupting to surface more than 500 metres from the original targeted zone …

    … ‘Uncontrollable enabling conditions’ for the incident included the tendency for hydraulic fractures to move vertically in one formation and then to connect to natural fractures and faults in the next. The report suggested that neither industry nor the provincial regulator sufficiently understand all the operational risks and geological hazards …

    … the technical review, written by four engineers with more than 120 years of experience in the industry, argues that industry activity can connect to natural fractures, impact groundwater, fracture beyond target zones, and induce uncontrollable reactions underground.

    The review also contradicts industry claims that ‘the risks associated with hydraulic fracturing are very small due to government regulations and advanced technology.'”

  4. meamous says

    Interesting that COP is in cohoots with the Ruskies—after all, COP is one of those big bad operators in Booger County!

  5. Ghostblogger says

    Dig this! 😉 Russian steel is being used in some gas wells?


    ‘The fact that U.S. energy companies are purchasing roughly equal amounts of American-made and imported steel tubing will, in a matter of days, force U.S. Steel to shut down indefinitely a McKeesport plant and another in Belleville, Texas, putting about 260 people out of work…

    …Range Resources spokesman Matt Pitzarella said the company’s Marcellus region wells “are constructed with domestic steel from U.S. Steel Corp.”

    “Our total Marcellus wells are 98 percent domestic steel. … We remain fully committed to U.S. Steel, who is a highly valued partner for Range,” he said.

    U.S. Steel declined comment. So did TMK-Ipsco, the U.S.-based arm of Russian tube producer OAO TMK. TMK-Ipsco, which has operations in Koppel and Ambridge, and U.S. Steel are among the U.S. steel producers that filed a complaint last year over steel pipe imports from nine countries. The U.S. International Trade Commission is supposed to make a final ruling in the case later this month.

    While the drillers are at a loss to explain the discrepancy, Ms. Wagner of the DEP has some ideas.’

    • Ghostblogger says

      Forgot this part:

      “According to the DEP, since the disclosure requirement went into effect two years ago, 77 percent of the unconventional wells drilled in the state were built strictly with foreign steel. Another 11 percent used a mix of domestic and imported steel. Only 12 percent of the wells were all American, the DEP said.”

      PA’s DEP & PUC give different answers! If it’s 77%, how many American jobs are being lost?