Photo: Pioneer Natural Resources dirty flares in Eagle Ford Shale

by TXsharon on June 28, 2014

in Eagle Ford Shale

This is such a common sight in the Eagle Ford Shale that people are almost immune it. These dirty flares were seen on CR 119 just north of Yorktown.

Pioneer Dirty Flares

And here is the sign that shows they are Pioneer flares.

Pioneer Dirty Flares Sign

Nice cornfield but I’ll pass on eating any.

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WCGasette July 7, 2014 at 12:36 am

Anyone testing the soil? That corn field provides a nice cover for the heavy, industrial drilling activity on this farmland. They better not be harvesting that corn.

Food Supply Dangers…

Contamination of the Soil

Acidity and Methane – Soil acidity increases in the vicinity of oil and gas pipelines where flaring occurs, reducing the amount of usable essential nutrients in the soil such as carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous. The reduction of these nutrients makes it much more difficult for plants to grow and produce healthy vegetables and fruits.


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