Thousands of gallons of toxic oilfield waste dumped in Odessa sewers

Roywell Services, a company that services oil wells in six locations in Texas dumped “xylene acid and other chemicals down a manhole cover on its property. The manhole connects to the Odessa city sewer.”

Well, you just have to listen to the news report.

The Odessa sewer system has elevated levels of Xylene.

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  1. Alberta Neighbor says

    Seems when oilfield service companies aren’t buggering up wastewater treatment facilities in the US – they’re blowing up homes in Canada. Never ending.

    “A Medicine Hat oilfield company has been charged in connection with a sewer blast in the city back in June. Sonic Oilfield faces five counts of breaching provincial safety code rules after an Alberta Environment investigation.

    More than 50 litres of a flammable substance was released into the city’s sewer system on June 9th.

    That same day, a southwest hill home exploded into flames and two manhole covers on South Railway Street were blasted into the air.”