Texas Legislature forms subcommittee to investigate earthquakes

Rep Keffer the Energy Resources Committee chairman has formed a new subcommittee to investigate seismicity in Texas.

I’m encouraged that Representative Keffer has responded to the public outcry but the members he chose for this committee, save for Rep. Terry Canales, have consistently voted with industry.

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          I like and respect Keffer. He has done way more than the other Republicans and he is, at least, open to listening. He did file a couple of good bills last session. I perceive him as a reasonable man who can be swayed with the right evidence. I stood before the committee last session many times. He has always treated me with the utmost respect and he asked intelligent questions which is a big contrast in how Crownover, Dale and King acted. And Craddick was rude and harassed me and a couple of other women who testified.

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            Some had a very different experience just over a year ago when Rep. Keffer came to Arlington, TX (to listen to citizen concerns about the Railroad Commission) prior to the 2013 legislative session. Singing praises to oil and gas development in the Eagle Ford Shale (just after listening to issues with all of it in North TX) was not exactly a great way to end the evening.

  1. Tim Ruggiero says

    I wonder if super genius Ed Ireland will be tapped to be part of this. He has the answers to everything.

  2. Anymous says

    If the RRC is involved in a situation, our tax money is being wasted. The outcome will ALWAYS side with O&G.