Land in Azle with sinkholes condemned today

When the earthquakes in Azle started, several sinkholes formed on Tracey Napier’s land. Eventually the sinkholes all went together and formed one big sinkhole. Today her land was condemned. (See video from the Monday meeting.)

UPDATE: I just spoke with Tracey. The Texas A&M Ag commissioner condemned her 4 acres. The land is almost paid for and she is afraid the bank will demand payment in full if they find out. When the land was paid off by this spring, they planned to build a house. Now they cannot build and cannot sell. They are stuck while the oil and gas industry profits at their expense.

For years I’ve been telling you that sinkholes would form. So, wait for it…

I told you so!

UPDATE: Sinkholes on the news. I talked to Barbara today who said her sinkholes are growing despite no rain. The are is having continued tremors.

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  1. Alberta Neighbor says

    Oh hell, I’m sure someone can find a use for them sinkholes.

    How much toxic sh!t you figure 2 good ol’ boys can “convey” into “one big sinkhole?” And what’s with all the sinkholes … EPA … and fillin’ ’em up with toxics … Homeland?

    … “Stinson and Logsdon Valley Oil Co. Inc., were ordered to pay fines for the continued conspiracy to inject fluids, without a permit, into sinkholes and wells, located in Hart County, from March 13, 2008 through July 18, 2012 …

    … In furtherance of the conspiracy, on May 24, 2010, the defendants improperly conveyed fluids into a sinkhole at the Carter-Cheney (McGee) lease; and on May 24, 2010, they improperly conveyed fluids into sinkholes on Payton #7 East lease, both located in Hart County.

    ‘The defendants ignored orders to stop discharging hazardous waste water into a nearby sinkhole, thereby threatening groundwater quality by allowing harmful materials to enter below-ground aquifers,’ said Maureen O’Mara, Special Agent in Charge of EPA’s criminal enforcement program in Kentucky.”

    Better guard your sinkholes people, seems like no one else is.

    No disrespect to you Ms. Napier, I’m sorry about your land, and I hope you raise some legal hell and that justice is served.