Fracking headed to Lee and Bastrop Counties

by TXsharon on December 5, 2013

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Heads up for all water drinkers and air breathers in Bastrop and Lee Counties. Fracking is headed your way.

Texas-Gulf Coast: Serbin field horizontal drilling planned
HOUSTON, Nov. 27
By OGJ editors

FieldPoint Petroleum Corp., Austin, and Riley Exploration Group, Blanchard, Okla., signed a joint exploration agreement to horizontally drill new wells and rework existing vertical wells in Serbin field in Lee and Bastrop counties, Tex.

The companies will pool lease interests in the field and drill as many as 12 horizontal wells in 2014 and an undetermined number over the 5-year agreement span, sharing expenses and revenue pro rata as determined by the acreage contributed by each. This will result in Riley owning 75% working interest and FieldPoint 25%.

FieldPoint has working interests in 72 producing oil and gas wells in Serbin field, 50 miles east of Austin. Cretaceous Taylor sand produces 46° gravity oil from 5,300-5,600 ft true vertical depth.

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Laughingthroughtears December 6, 2013 at 7:16 am

They truly have my sympathy.

There seems to be no escaping it. My dream has always been to own acreage in Texas, but the risk is too great. Only O & G can own (take) land here, no matter whose name is on the deed. The Texas of the future will be an ugly, unsafe landscape of toxic industry. A barren wasteland.


Alberta Neighbor December 6, 2013 at 12:02 pm

I agree, the risk is huge. If you want to see your investments in real estate and your family’s health go up in smoke, buy into a toxic industrialized frac zone. Some families near Calgary are abandoning their homes in the formerly multi-million dollar Lochend/Bearspaw area.

“… The Hawkwoods have contacted the Alberta Energy Board and have written to politicians, but nothing has happened. They said most of their neighbours are trying to sell their properties.

‘They’re frightened and they want to leave, or they’ve been affected,’ Nielle said. ‘There’s a neighbour to the south of us – he has prostate cancer, his wife lost her hair, their two teenage daughters lost their hair; they’ve abandoned the house and told the real estate agent to get what you can for it.’”

It’s just one play on top of another, non-stop. And it looks like there’s more wells headed your way.

“The Marble Falls was chosen because of its location overlying the Texas Barnett Shale and fitting the profile of a highly prospective property. The prospect consists of 12,000 acres of oil-rich Pennsylvanian Age Limestone resource play. There is potential for 100+ locations of multi-zone targets utilizing both, vertical and horizontal drilling techniques.

… Additionally, there is opportunity to explore known fields that have potential for multi-zone completions in all of the wells, including the building of reserves through drilling while taking advantage of the growing sophistication of new frac technologies.”

Who knew they could make Texas look like Alberta and vice-versa … barren wastelands coming-up.


Jana DeGrand (@janadegrand) December 6, 2013 at 9:45 am This is a very useful tool. You can change the filter and side legend settings to achieve the desired items. Also use the pull down menu as well. Research your water sources, go to your county courthouses if you can not pull up your desired information online. This is another very useful tool, in many ways. If all else fails. Sell the property and move on.


Fracking Crazy December 10, 2013 at 6:26 pm

Damn, that’s one of the places I like to ride my bike!

Let me know if it’s rolling by February.


Get Educated December 19, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Get educated on the true issues before making wild accusations. Any piece of information or story can be skewed one way or another. The truth is, oil companies improve peoples lives by giving them a lot of money to produce the oil under their lands. And in this day and age, it is minimally invaisive and leaves a small enviromental foot print. Stop drinking this woman’s kool-aid.


TXsharon December 19, 2013 at 4:58 pm

I know an awful lot of people whose lives have not been improved, mine included.


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