FLIR video shows EagleRidge emissions in Denton, Texas


It’s hard to tell young mothers, retirees, teachers, nurses and workers that they are going to be poisoned. But that’s what I had to do tonight at a packed community meeting in Denton.

Here is a photo I snapped of the EagleRidge rig as I was leaving. Notice the porch lights on the home where a regular family lives on an October night with an industrial process happening in their backyard. They probably have a pumpkin on their porch.


I had some ShaleTest FLIR GasfindIR videos embedded in my presentation but they wouldn’t work in the Firehouse #7 computer so I passed around my laptop and promised to provide them here along with my presentation and handouts.

This first video is of the EagleRidge Paddock Unit. Notice the cattle grazing. The head of Texas A&M toxicology department, E. Murl Bailey, Jr, D.V.M, Ph.D., wrote in a letter that the toxins will magnify up the food chain in meat and milk. Also note that he says the individual pollutants might not be a problem by themselves, “but in combination there is no way to predict what might occur. He also mentions that exhaust fumes (like diesel fumes) can interfere with reproductive processes.

This next video is from EagleRidge’s appropriately named Mayday unit. Notice the pipe sticking up on top of the tank, It’s appropriately named the “vent pipe.” Guess what it does.

I will update this post with more informaton and videos tomorrow. I’m tired now.


  • HERE is the presentation I gave last night.
  • HERE is the handout on who to call and how to document.
  • HERE (LINK FIXED) is the TCEQ odor log. It is important to keep this log filled out because the TCEQ will verify the information provided and use it to issue violations.
  • HERE is the list of chemicals detected in just one of many releases in the Argyle-Bartonville community with the health impacts felt by the community during that release. The health impacts are correlate to the chemicals.

The following is an incomplete list of peer-reviewed health studies.

Intimidation and psyops are favorite tactics of this industry. The following will help you deal with those.

Here is some excellent advice on how to deal with intimidation from WORC:

If you are being intimidated, never forget why it is happening. It means you are doing good work, and that your opponents are desperate. It is a sign that you are taking actions which challenge the existing power relationships in your community, and that those with power want you to back off.

Here are some of the common intimidation tactics:

  1. Threatening individuals – They do this to weaken our groups. I have received threats of job loss, bodily harmcommunity respect and law suits. I still have a job, I haven’t been harmed, no one has sued me and I now get flown places to talk to government officials and advocate for you
  2. Refuse to deal with leaders – They like to call us “tree huggers” and radicals so the other people in the group will loose respect. (Go ask your children the difference between words and sticks and stones.)
  3. Isolate the group – They get others to attack your group and your group’s actions orthey get your YouTube channel taken down in the hopes you will be too busy defending yourself to expose their dirty tricks.
  4. Divide and conquer – They like to buy off one member of the group and have that person work on the others. They do this all the time in neighborhoods.
  5. Group infighting – They try to get different groups to fight with each other. Sometimes this happens with no help from industry. It’s a big time suck.

I concur with this advice from WORC:

Shine a bright light on it.
The meanest and nastiest acts of intimidation, like cockroaches, are usually seen only in the dark. When exposed to public scrutiny, an opponent will usually stop – and may even apologize, or disavow the tactic.

I understand that intimidation can be scary and some of the recent tricks have been despicable. But, don’t give in.


About Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. Fracking Crazy says

    We are still on this?

    I don’t understand why the conversation hasn’t changed…

    Please note sarcasm, and empathy.

    It’s been going on for years, it’s always the same old story.

    Please note in retrospective time, I realized:

    “Why, we need the Keystone Pipeline, how else are we going to repair all the damaged roads from the 900-1200 trucks to drilling well sites, and the 300 daily trucks to Silica Sand Mining??….”

    Koch Brothers own a great asphalt company here in MN outside of the Twin Cities.

    And if we keep ruining the roads with all the trucks, and the trucks are burning all the fuel driving the cost of gasoline up….

    What I can say honestly without ill humor,

    is we can’t do it from behind our computers, and I am so grateful for folks, like you Sharon, out in the trenches, truly making a difference.

    And know I am also doing all that I can from here.

  2. says

    Sharon, the links to you presentation won’t open. Thanks for coming to help the neighborhood last night. Lots of calls today from neighbors who want to get involved

    • Tim Ruggiero says

      Unfortunately, getting people involved is not nearly as difficult as keeping them involved. Those of us who have been in it know first hand how exhausting and time consuming the fight can be, and still is; but no one else is going to fight for us, so we are forced to do this ourselves.

      I appreciate what the City of Denton is doing, but it may be too little too late, and the deck remains stacked against us. Industry has more than one seat at the table and a gas well administrator who is either incompetent or well in the pocket of Industry.

      One short tour of nearby Dish by the mayor and council should have occurred years ago. It is impossible to go through Dish and not see what the impacts are; the destruction of property, the leaking well sites a stone’s throw from homes, the dehydration units that will overwhelm anyone who gets within a few hundred yards of them, and the many, many people who are stuck in their now destroyed homes. Many of these people cannot sell their homes and they can’t afford to walk away from them.

      Real change will not occur in Denton-or anywhere else-until more than just the usual few show up at the council meetings.

      Remember Corinth? When it was standing room only, with hundreds of people filling the entire chamber and the outside halls, demanding change, did change then occur. if it were only a handful of people, I’d bet that XTO would be tearing up that town today.

  3. pbolds says

    Only one of your links didn’t work… looks like you may have linked it incorrectly. Thanks for the awesome work…keep it up.

  4. Dewayne says

    Have several rigs going up around my place in NE Stephens co. in Oklahoma.I have medical problems and 6 children and one of these wells is getting ready to be placed on opposite side of road right up against fence with runoff running down to my stocked pond in backyard that water our livestock from there to city lake that provides drinking water to Duncan .Is three something that can be done!