More flammable water near Range Resources’ Parker County fracking well

Please read this post then take this important action.

I know you will be shocked, Dear Readers, but according to a new report by WFAA’s Brett Shipp (see video below), the Texas Railroad Commission did not apply its own Statewide Rule 13 in the Range Resources water contamination case in Parker County. They also ignored in their court hearing a violation they issued to Range.

For some background on this case, see. “…I told you so.” Also, the Court of Appeals recently sent the SLAPP suit Range filed against the Lipskys back for “abatement” but industry trade groups continue to ignore this new ruling linking instead to the district court rulings by the now disgraced Judge Trey Loftin.

I met Shelly Perdue several months ago. She has lived for years in her home near Steve Lipsky and across the street from where Range Resources drilled and fracked two gas wells. She had no problems with her water prior to Range’s activities. Her water drastically changed in 2009 shortly after Range was fracking across the street from her home in 2009. Her water now fizzes so much you can actually hear it like an Alka Seltzer. I saw and heard this myself. The headspace in her water well was tested by Range Resources and found to contain four times the explosive levels of methane (see test results below) yet Range said her water is safe.

Results of Range Resources water testing in Parker County

WFAA news video: Records show drilling operation violated law while water wells contaminated

Industry trade groups say the videos of Lipsky’s water well venting gas are a hoax. FrackNation director even made the outrageous claim that his hose was hooked up to the house gas line. But that was proven false in earlier reporting by Brett Shipp. See WATER ON FIRE IN TEXAS. Of course that doesn’t stop the industry and their minions from repeating that lie, which they did yesterday.

They also continue to claim that I had some involvement in this case. This despite the fact that the Court of Appeals found no evidence to support any conspiracy. From the ruling:

…the trial court abused its discretion by denying relators’ motions to dismiss Range’s civil conspiracy claim,

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  1. Cathy McMullen says

    We asked Denton city council to require cementing from surface to the end of the well bore and we told at is unreasonable and unnecessary.
    This all going to turn out very ugly for your children and your grandchildren.
    Me, I will be dead and gone but I think my tombstone will simply say ” I told you so.”

  2. says

    What the hell does it take to get people to act to save the future for their children and grandchildren? This should have people protesting and demanding change.

  3. Alberta Neighbor says

    Hi Sharon,

    Fabulous post.

    And what an excellent news clip, Mr. Lipsky and Ms. Perdue are fantastic! It’s so encouraging and empowering when people speak out. I thought the reporter did a great job on the graphic of the well, pointing out the intermediate and shallow zone gas migration scenario with an electric finger. Excellent. I would love for them to add another A to their name and pop up and cover this same crap in Alberta. …

    I thought the statement from Range fell a little short though …

    “Natural gas, predominantly methane, is naturally present in the Trinity Aquifer in the area. Numerous state agencies, landowners and businesses have records of naturally occurring methane in the water prior to Range’s activity.”

    And ethane, propane, butane … the industry markers in Ms. Perdue’s test results? Why no mention?

    It’s always interesting how no cement, forgetting about no cement, and guest gases showing up for the party, seem to fall through the cracks (like the ones they get when they actually do cement).

  4. Jerry Lobdill says


    Have analyses of the methane in these water wells been done to determine the % of 13C and compare it with that in the Strawn formation? How about an analysis of the 13C content of the casinghead gas in the Range Resources well?