Another fracking earthquake in heavily drilled North Texas


2.7M Earthquake in North Texas this morning.

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In this map you can see the extent of development in the area. For those who insist these quakes are only caused by injection wells, I have marked the nearest injection well using a 1/2 mile circle. The epicenter is marked with a black arrow.

For more information about earthquakes caused by fracking click HERE and scroll down. To track the fracking earthquakes in the past few years, click HERE.

UPDATE: The map above was made using the Texas Railroad Commission GIS map. I put in the coordinates of the epicenter and, of course, it’s a little bit off the mark. Sometimes using coordinates on their map will take you WAY off the mark.

Thank you to a reader for these more accurate maps.


Injection wells from Google:




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  1. says

    Some when Texas Representative Dumbshit propose H.B. ILUVDRILLING to keep people from taking pictures of drilling sites will they place tin foil hats over the drlling and injections well sites so Google can’t peek?

  2. GhostBlogger says

    Now, Oklahoma has one right near fracking wells:

    3/17/2013 — Oklahoma 2.8M earthquake — 1,600 feet from Fracking operation
    March 17, 2013 by sincedutch

    Literally right on top of the Earthquake epicenter — we have multiple injection / frack wells within less than 1/4 of a mile:

  3. Cory Thompson says

    Okay, so the injection well is way west while the epicenter is way east so, you presume it’s because of the injection wells that caused the earthquakes? You sure you don’t want to blame the dog having heartburn slightly due south-southeast on the injection wells…too?