UPDATE: 2 Earthquakes in North Texas, Sunday, 2-24-13

UPDATE: It seems we’ve had 2 quakes in N. TX today.

2.5 M 32.545°N 96.863°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi), Event ID us c000fch3

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Just west of the epicenter there is quite a bit of fracking activity.

2.4 M 32.440°N 96.868°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi), Event ID us c000fcgj

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UPDATE: At 6:00 PM North Texas had another earthquake, 2.7M. That’s the third one today.

Please check your foundations people! Document the condition of your foundation and walls on a regular basis.

Does natural gas drilling cause earthquakes?

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  1. says

    “..Document the condition of your foundation and walls on a regular basis.” I rephrase that to say ”hey frackers..Document the condition of your foundation and wells (casings) on a regular basis.”

    • Flo B says

      Hon, unless I’m mistaken, the point of this blog post is “Earthquakes” that occurred early this morning south of Dallas, TX! It’s not like we had them that much when I was growing up, so I would like to discuss that if you don’t mind. Thanks a bunch.

        • Flo B says

          Thank you for asking, Miss Sharon. I am so ready to enjoy my retirement in Midlothian. Can’t wait. But now, today (the Lord’s Day) there’s been another three of those earthshakes. I was really enjoyin thinking about my retirement until they blew up that frackin factory not far down the road from here. Now these shakes…I may just have to stop this darn frack attack. Thank you, darlin’.