RIP Barnett Shale – part two

Last November I posted RIP Barnett Shale about the decline in Barnett Shale production. Energy In Depth aka Fracking Joe Camel hates these posts because they want to keep people all hyped up about the Saudia Arabia of gas and the billions in royalties because that’s how they keep getting a paycheck.

The shale slide complete with graphs showing royalty declines and production declines will send them into spin overdrive.

Energy In Depth sent out an email this week that said:

Health Rally opposing HFWICZ 40. The activists criticized Cuomo for what they call a secret health review. But according to Energy In Depth, health stats from communities surrounding the Barnett Shale in Texas show rates of cancer, heart and respiratory disease decreased from 2000-2008, possibly due in part to revenue from drilling giving more people access to health care.

First, as you can see from the graphs based on tax records in The shale slide , the Barnett Shale royalties won’t buy much in the way of health care.

Second, United Way of Denton found that the leading cause of death in Denton County is cancer. The leading cause of death nationwide is heart disease but in Denton they die of cancer. The United Way also found that nearly 20% of Denton County adults  and over 10% of children are without healthcare.

In 2012, a UNT Health Science Center report on Parker County found:

Parker County had a greater incidence rate of breast, lung/bronchus, and colorectal cancer in 2009 than either Texas or the nation. The top three areas of cancer mortality were lung/bronchus, colorectal, and breast cancer. Cancer mortality due to lung/bronchus cancer was higher than state or national rates and was the leading cause of cancer mortality across all regions.

Cancer was also the leading cause of death in Johnson County in 2009.

This is all very interesting.


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    I met a guy downwind from the Cowboy Stadium Chesapeake drill site who claims last Thursday’s (1/31-that the media did not cover) emission event when he was at work made him sick.