Fracking Joe Camel LNG Export version 1.0


We have a new advertising campaign just like fracking’s Joe Camel ad campaign. This one was created to relieve that gas bubble the fracking industry is suffering from by shipping the gas to Asia.

U.S. LNG group to launch campaign for natural gas exports
By Ayesha Rascoe
Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:12am BST
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Backers of liquefied natural gas will launch the first major campaign on Monday to press lawmakers to allow the sale of more U.S. gas abroad, as the industry push for exports intensifies.

The new LNG export Joe Camels comes from Center for LNG.

The Center for LNG is a lobbying group, composed of energy providers and trade associations. It seeks to engage policy makers and the public, and educate these groups about liquefied natural gas (LNG). Of course, with the huge glut of North American gas now available at low prices, the idea of exporting LNG to eager overseas buyers has gained attention.NG.


The head LNG export Joe Camel, Bill Cooper, is another player trade from the tobacco industry to the fracking industry.

Get ready! Smoke is headed your way.


For more about exporting America’s fracking gas see LNG.

UPDATE: To see who is behind the curtain of the latest version of fracking’s Joe Camel click HERE.


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  1. Anonymous says

    We need a HEFTY ‘ole time EXPORT TAX! One of those old fashioned dis-incentive export tax and this fracking gas.