How fracking is turning Texas Republicans away from the GOP

“I used to be a Republican, but I don’t know what I am now,” Leverett said in Gardendale on Thursday, speaking to a group of reporters attending the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual conference. “I’m sympathetic toward those who want to preserve a little bit of our world.”

Watch this video of a flare that threatened the residents of Gardenville in October. It’s not the first time this has happened.

Rather than try to operate in a more reasonable, safe and respectful manner, the oil & gas industry tries to demonize people like Leverett. And the Texas GOP can’t hear Leverett because their ears are stuffed too full of oil & gas money.

Source: As Colorado wrangles over oil drilling distances, Texas towns amid similar controversy
Written by
Bobby Magill
Oct 21, 2012

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Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. Tillotson says

    I too have voted straight ticket Republican for many years, but started splitting up my ticket the last few years. You cna be a fiscal conservative who favors smaller government AND believe in protecting the environment and individual property rights. That’s why I’ll be voting for Wendy Davis in this election.