From shale gas to sub prime mortgages in a few easy steps

by TXsharon on October 21, 2012

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When I read the New York Times article yesterday,  “After the Boom in Natural Gas” By Clifford Krauss and Eric Lipton, I thought of Deborah Rogers. Was she right or what? She had been saying this for YEARS. I’m glad the big boys finally caught up.

Then I thought of fracking’s Joe Camel and how they messed with the wrong goat farmer.

I was busy yesterday so I waited and, sure enough, Dory has connected some dots for us. First read the Times’ article, “After the Boom in Natural Gas” then read Dory’s, Aubrey and Ralph – BFF through boom and bust?

Note: Dory has been waiting patiently for her well-deserved hit piece by fracking’s Joe Camel so she can earn her badge of honor.

Here is a new case for your iPhone.

Note 2: I totally ripped off this headline from Chip, one of my favorite blogger buddies.

Note 3: Please see important comment below from Chip.

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Chip Northrup October 21, 2012 at 11:09 am

Note that the not-so-missing link is that this over-produced gas gets exported to “solve” the glut . The macroeconomic difference between sub prime vs shale is that you cannot export an overbuilt housing market to China.

The Texas Railroad Commission used to regulate, ie. limit, the amount of oil produced – specifically to prevent such busts . Which, per Rogers et al is strictly a tulip craze financing phenomena. Not due to some recent epiphany in horizontal fracking technology . . .


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