My Weekend: Fracking, H2S gas, the beach, friends & food, wind energy & Hell on Earth

Laughing horse

Friday I drove through the Eagle Ford Shale on the way to Corpus Christi for a viewing of the documentary, Split Estate. Although Corpus residents are no strangers to the petroleum industry, the crowd was shocked to learn the truth about fracking.  They asked some great questions.

Corpus is home of the first liquified natural gas (LNG) export facility. Cheniere Energy Inc. has 20 year contracts to sell our domestic fracked gas to foreign countries.  Good Morning Americans! You are getting fracked so the fracking mafia can sell to other countries what was supposed to be our national security.

To learn more about how wrong this idea to export our natural gas is, read Rep. Markey’s letter to Energy Secretary Chu expressing his concerns about the authorization of LNG exports.

It’s not like Corpus doesn’t already have enough problems without Cheniere. As we were leaving Corpus to drive to Port Aransas where we stayed at A Laughing Horse Lodge (Facebook page), there was a release of H2S gas from one of the refineries. My son, who lived in the gas patch in Wise County 16 of his 17 years, thought we woud surely perish. We didn’t; but we had burning nostrils and sore throats.

Saturday we met with some interesting, like-minded people, including a wind energy executive and several former petroleum industry employees/executives/mineral owners.  We enjoyed great conversation, a fabulous, healthy dinner and some good wine.

Today we drove back through the Eagle Ford Shale…more about Hell on Earth in an upcoming post.

Here is a photo of our cabin at A Laughing Horse Lodge (website) in Port Aransas. I am totally in love with this place. It has everything you need and is more like home than a hotel.

Before we arrived at Hell on Earth, we passed through these windmills. These things are hypnotic to me. I could sit on the porch and watch them turn and turn while the cattle graze nearby safe from toxic exposure, and find it entirely relaxing.

Oops! This next three pictures look a bit schizophrenic.

P.S. A video for your enjoyment:

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  1. Fracking Crazy says

    That’s funny, Sharon,

    That’s because the truth is told, renewable energy is the bridge to the future.

    Your pictures capture the irony.