Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman has a Facebook page


Not only does Smitherman have a Facebook page, but he will put anything on there that panders to his base regardless of accuracy.

Today I saw a poster on his page that said “This person thinks we should stop importing oil from Egypt.” Huh? But when I clicked on the poster it disappeared. I did find this interesting piece of news from Mr. Smitherman:

You might remember that I’m the curious type. I went looking to see exactly how much Egyptian oil we import.

I found this:

I have my glasses on but I can’t see the U.S. on that chart anywhere. Do you?

At the U.S. Energy Information Administration website I found this:

The U.S. has traditionally imported small volumes of crude oil and petroleum products from Egypt, although according to EIA estimates, volumes were reduced last year. In 2011, the U.S. imported 4,000 bbl/d of crude oil from Egypt, down from the previous year’s imports of 7,000 bbl/d. In addition, last year was the first time in over a decade that the U.S. did not import any petroleum products from Egypt.

I didn’t find anything about “this year.” It’s not over yet so I’m pretty sure this year’s information is not available. If it were available, I’m pretty sure it would say zero Egyptian oil imports. Why would we start importing Egyptian oil again with all the domestic oil production and all the craziness in Egypt right now?

Smitherman posts things like this–much worse even–on his Facebook wall all the time. You should click over there and take a look sometime. Don’t miss his photo op at Chic-Fil-A. Way to promote hate there Barry.


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  1. says

    We never see much about the work of the Railroad Commission there. It seems to be a constant stream of hate towards the Middle East. Is there a law against this kind of stupid?

  2. Anonymous says

    OMG…I went over and checked out his page and saw we share SEVEN mutual friends…only two of which are “fractivists”. Sigh….

  3. Jana says

    I can’t say that I’m surprised. I haven’t gone there yet, but please tell me someone has called him out on this.

  4. Tim Ruggiero says

    Barry blocked me a month or so back because I asked him a question he apparently didn’t like.

    That said, even if Barry posted factual information about crude oil imports and where those imports came from, along with all of his other rants…what does any of that have to do with do with the TRRC and/or his job as a regulator? Or is he actually running for some other job cleverly disguised as the Chairman of the TRRC?

    • says

      Today a friend called the RRC and said since the RRC doesn’t have a Facebook page it’s not fair for Smitherman to block people from his. She is no longer blocked.

  5. Anonymous says

    I wouldn’t waste any of my ear time on what Smitherman says. He lies. He learned how to lie from the GasHoles!

  6. Anonymous says

    So nice to see that the intellectual capacity of our leadership in Texas remains consistent…consistently in the gutter.

  7. Anonanon says

    Smitherman has to dance with the ones that brung him. His dance card is filled up with Perry and industry. They pull the strings to make him dance. They tell him when and how fast.

  8. GhostBlogger says

    Next time the Railroad Commission gets sued over an LGBT issue, expect the Chick-fil-A trip photo to get used against them.

  9. Anonymous says

    My first introduction to that FB page revealed two side-by-side photos: one of a gas drilling rig; the other of people burning an American flag. Very alarming. Can the RRC please redefine what the word regulator means? I am confused.

  10. dick says

    smitherman is promoting hate. like this country needs more of that. it seems like he is itching for more wars.

    • says

      It just goes to show how strangely bizarre Texas politics is in 2012…and what passes for decent and ethical behavior from a politician heading up a statewide regulatory agency. There is truly something wrong here.

      • dick says

        I used to vote for douches like smitherman but i’ve been rehabilitated. he is using this office as a springboard to a higher office but texas is changing and his kind of politician is stuck. he won’t make it.