EOG dozes historical building next to frack sand mine

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EOG, aka Enron Oil & Gas Co. strikes again.

The Fort Spunky house is next to the EOG Resources Inc. sand pit. EOG Resources, one of the largest independent oil and natural gas companies in the United States, is a major player in the Barnett Shale. It formerly was Enron Oil & Gas Co. and in 1999 adopted a new name and became independent of Enron Corp.

In 2011 the company reported net income of more than $1 billion. Last year the company expanded its holdings in the Barnett Shale area by about 25,000 acres to 200,000 acres.

They dozed the last remaining Fort Spunky building in Glen Rose, Texas.

The building was there before Glen Rose and was filled with historical items from the mid 1800s and later. It had a green bead ceiling.

Max Rhodes climbed a tall pile of rubble and dried mud and picked through the remains of a bulldozed old house.

The past lay in pieces. Mangled strips of tin, once part of the roof, and splinters of wood with faded green paint stuck out of the mound of earth and debris. The bottom of an old bottle, now broken, glinted in the sunlight.

The article is worth your time to read.

Last remaining original Fort Spunky building razed
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
By Kathryn Jones/Editor

Other news from EOG:

At an EOG silica sand mine in Chippewa Falls, they are building cement cones to heat the silica so it won’t freeze in winger. Heated frack sand mine cones…

Now, I’m sure that someone much smarter than I am has thought all this through so the energy used to heat the frack sand to be used to get energy must, surely, be an efficient use of energy.

Oh wait! There are a number of large natural gas pipelines that run to the plant to supply energy. It’s the create-your-own-demand energy treadmill.

The puzzling thing to me is EOG said these frack sand warming cones are modeled after the ones used in Texas.

Huh? Does frack sand in Texas really freeze so hard you have to heat it?

If anyone knows about frack sand heating cones, please inform us. We would love a photo.

I wonder if EOG will ever clean up THIS mess.

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