The public will get the short end of the natural gas stick


From Energy Policy Forum we learn that IPAA’s advertising campaign Energy in Depth uses the “Johnny is rich, therefore whatever candy Johnny buys is bound to be the best so I am going to follow Johnny and buy his candy” argument to encourage investment in natural gas. This is just the sort of argument one would expect from Joe Camel.

Seeking Alpha revisits “The Natural Gas ‘Ponzie Scheme’” and explains how the public will once again be left with the short end of the stick.

It is looking highly likely that once again the public will get the short end of the stick in a few years as the supply of gas from these shale formations runs out much faster than estimates, leaving the public with a large glut of natural gas fueled cars and trucks and natural gas fueling stations, all of which were built on the promise of 100+ years of supply at cheap prices and the dream of energy independence. As this surplus demand infrastructure is built out and as supplies run out quicker than expected, prices will naturally rise dramatically.


Seeking Alpha asks what will happen to all the natural gas powered vehicles and fueling stations. I’m wondering what will happen to fracking’s Joe Camel.

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