Louisiana sinkhole update

My last update is HERE and that was the day the sinkhole swallowed up 50 additional feet on the southwest side, a boat, several trees and 2 workers had to be rescued.

On Friday it swallowed up 20 feet on the east side.

The drilling of the exploratory/relief well is proceeding.

LEAN sent out an alert today with the results from the air monitoring results. It’s not good news. If you are in the area, there is an odor log you can fill out linked at the site.

I might have more information later today and , if so, I will include it here.

UPDATE: More air monitoring results posted on the LEAN site.



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  1. Dory says

    for some reason I’m tempted to rewrite the lyrics from the Eggplant that at Chicago to the Sinkhole that Swallowed Louisianna

    for those not familiar with the toe tapping song from waaaaay back when:

  2. Dory says

    Tennessee has sink hole too…

    Tenn – http://www.wsmv.com/story/19318174/school-canceled-due-to-sinkhole
    ERWIN, Tenn. (AP) — There will be no school all week for students at an East Tennessee elementary school after a deep sinkhole opened near the building

    News 5 learned colored dye was poured into the sinkhole’s water simply to test where it was flowing. Some of that dye has showed up in an old river bed near the industrial park.

    Barbara O’Neal took pictures of what she believes to be traces of that dye. “My concern is that it may be coming from the school underneath Nuclear Fuel Services. There’s a lot of hazardous waste stored at NFS and has been for years,” she said.