I have been defeated


My fig tree has defeated me. Anna Ruckman did not raise a granddaughter to waste figs so I have also failed Anna.

I was unable to pick them all today and I still have this many from yesterday. My neighbors are no longer answering the door.

Wine is all I can think of.

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  1. says

    Sharon why not dehydrate some ? Then you can reconstitute them and saute ‘ up for a warm goat cheese and fig topped salad in the winter ? I will look up about the wine in some of my canning books ….I have also successfully cut them in half and frozen them ….

    • says

      I found the recipe but I need the equipment and the terminology and ingredients are unfamiliar to me. Making wine is not a simple process.

      Also dehydrating figs does not always work. I’ve read a lot about it. Sometimes to make sure all the nematodes or killed you have to also freeze them. That further degrades the nutrients and my freezer is already full of figs.

  2. daniel says

    Hello, my name is Daniel. I just got through reading your post and really wanted to contact you. Great job with your figs they look fantastic would you like to trade fig cuttings? if so please contact me at ediblelandscaping.sc@gmail.com I have a few different fig trees and would love to try your tasty looking figs one day. Figs root easily from cuttings and cuttings are easy to ship. I have red, black, yellow, brown, green, and white and would love to share some with you. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.