2.6M Earthquake in North Texas


Check your foundations!

Event Page for today’s quake.

Seems quakes in North Texas are on the rise again. This is the third quake since June 5th.

EVENT PAGE for June 5th 2.3M quake

Event Page for June 15th 3.1M quake with a map showing drilling activity in the area.

Below is a close view of the drilling activity in the area of the quake. The quake was in the area between US 67 and FM 3136.


Here is a far view. If you follow up I-35 almost to the top of the map, you will see the symbol (a circle with an arrow through it) for an injection well. I know there are some injection wells right off I-35 in that area but I can’t see them on this map.


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  1. David says

    Has their been any study of gas well cementing in the annulus and the effects of earthquakes occurring in the same area? Seems like it would be a high priority?

  2. David says

    “Long known to be seismically active, the Alberta Foothills are characterized by tough drilling problems and post-completion damage to wells’ cement sheaths caused by changing stress fields. The stresses can cause loss of cement integrity that can result from cement debonding from the casing or formation interfaces, allowing gas to migrate to the surface. In the best case, the gas is trapped in the wellhead and shows up as sustained casing pressure. In cases where the surface casing vent is left open, such as in Alberta, gas can vent to the atmosphere. Possibly a worst case occurs when gas migrates into the earth surrounding the wellhead, affecting vegetation growth and contaminating groundwater.”

  3. pak says

    “Seems quakes in North Texas are on the rise again. This is the third quake since June 5th”

    and how many occurred from January to the end of May? how many in each month during 2011?

    context need to put in context

    • anon says

      u can click earthquakes under title & u will get many links to quake blogs. count them u r self.

      context: tx is not a quake area. 4 in > 3 weeks. got it?