Eagle Ford Shale fracking flowback spill in Lavaca River causes fire

Moulton Spill jpg

This is a rumor from a landowner who lives in the area. If anyone has more information, please let me know.

The Lavaca River runs by Moulton, Texas. As the story goes, a spill during flowback flowed into the river. Apparently, the operator forgot to report the spill because it never got cleaned up. When the operator lit the flare it caused the flowback in the river to ignite and there was a sizable fire.

If you look on the map below, I think the well might be the horizontal well SE of Moulton sitting on the edge of the river.

I could not add more information about that particular well because peasants are not allowed to use the Texas Railroad Commission system in the morning, only operators have that privilege.

I’ve been told by several sources that operators landowners in the EFS are afraid to report accidents for fear they will lose income.

Conversation on royalty owner board.

Reply by Guillermo Guerra 9 hours ago Anybody know the details on the gas fire in the river bottom during flow back near Moulton?

Reply by Praha Native 7 hours ago Havent heard…blowout???

Reply by hill country 2 hours ago Not a blowout. Just flowing back the frac on the NFR Sustr well.

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