Oh Canada! We have to produce more natural gas because exporting LNG takes a lot of natural gas


BC Hydro looks to hydro, gas units to service LNG, mining projects
Washington (Platts)–29May2012/340 pm EDT/1940 GMT

Faced with “considerable” increases in electricity demand caused in large measure by pending LNG and mining projects, British Columbia’s BC Hydro suggested Monday it may have to use more natural gas to produce power.

“BC Hydro’s load profile is changing,” the utility said in its Integrated Resource Plan. “New mining and oil and gas development in northern BC is creating new load centers in the province, potentially driving the need for additional energy and capacity in areas of the province where they
didn’t exist before.”
Much of the long term electricity load is contingent on the development of the proposed LNG export projects on BC’s Northwest coast. If the LNG export facilities are built, the demand for electricity in the Province could exceed 25% of the existing BC Hydro load (based estimated 4 LNG plants at approximate use of 4,000 GWh/year each. For context, the current BC Hydro load is approximately 60,000 GWh/year). Decisions on the LNG export projects are still under consideration by the proponents, with some decisions expected before the end of the year.

I can’t watch.

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  1. GhostBlogger says

    There was one ethanol producer in the US a few years ago that could not get a natural gas hook up to make heat for their operations, so they started using coal.