Epic bungling of facts in Range Resources Parker County water contamination case


I have no words.

You can find some better, but not nearly as entertaining, information HERE.

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Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. David says

    and it was a garden hose not the sink. This foxwatcher is relating a scene in Gasland.

    • says

      I would beleive all of this wash woman crap if most of the people that bitched here, did not accept money in royalties from THE GAS COMPANIES. Why don’t you donate it to the Red Cross Or to some Mental illness place, that some of you need to go to? Oh ya Some more cows eye balls blew up in their heads , in front of KIM TRIOLO FIEL. Since she stands by this BS story and wont say the author. (bullshit)

  2. says

    OH ye$, how come Only the $ame people, of the $ame familie$, get $ick ? If I had monkeys fly out my anus, and it could not be proved , did it really happen, in your eyes ? .

    • Tim Ruggiero says

      You obviously haven’t been paying close attention there…dogman. And, given your schizophrenic rant, you probably DO have monkeys flying out of your anus.