Oklahoma fracking earthquakes continue, 4.0M is latest

The earthquakes in Oklahoma and Arkansas have continued. Last night there was a 4.oM quake in Oklahoma.

Here’s is a video. This guy makes some interesting videos.


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  1. elizabeth burns says

    I don’t understand why the guy keeps saying fracking – it’s just a drill pad – with a “collection apparatus”. Salt water disposal wells are much more of a suspect in earth quakes. They are actually known to have caused earthquakes. Its like people are just throwing the word fracking into every situation related to drilling. There are plenty of other known and proven issues related to drilling. It’s silly that people are now using drilling and fracking interchangeably.

    • says

      Over 90% of the wells in the US are fracked. There are a lot of wells around that site. It is a known fact, proven by industry, that fracking causes earthquakes. Schlumberger will even sell their services to predict the extent and severity of the earthquakes caused by fracking.

      I know that industry wants us to believe it is only the disposal wells that cause quakes. But they have studies that prove otherwise.

  2. Tim Ruggiero says

    Elizabeth brings up a good point, as we’ve discussed here and other places before. There are many people out there who refer to ‘fracking’ as the entirety of the drilling process, starting with the bulldozing of your unsuspecting neighbor’s backyard. i.e., a bulldozer shows up, knocks down your fence and starts tearing up your horse/cow pasture. Your neighbor calls you and says, ‘They’re getting ready to start fracking at your place!” No, they are preparing the pad site for the drill rig…fracking is still a month or so away.

    Industry takes advantage of this by saying things like “There’s not one documented case of ground water contamination due to hydraulic fracturing.” Maybe the ‘fracking’ doesn’t cause contamination, occurring somewhere else in the drilling process, such as when they think they are setting the casing. Or, as Elizabeth Ames Jones tells us it’s not from fracking, silly, it’s those idiots who spill thousands of gallons of toxic waste or those third-rate operators who use faulty equipment-not from fracking.

  3. Anonymous says

    The term ‘fracking’ should refer to the whole process. Because it is a process. In order to frack, you have to have the trucks, the water, the chemicals, etc……..there would be no earthquakes from injection wells, no spills, no methane migration, no extensive water use, etc….etc…if it weren’t for ‘fracking’. If ‘fracking’ goes away, so does the problems. To separate the two as if one exists without the other in order to assert company ‘spin’ is just plain fraud. That’s like saying, ‘the arsenic didn’t cause your death, it was the person drinking it.’ ‘The Ford Pinto didn’t blow up, it was the rear end collision with faulty design’

    • says

      I partially agree. I call it the deadbeat dad syndrome–she wasn’t pregnant when I got out of the backseat of the car. It’s the entire process that is destructive and filthy.

      Minor quibble: wells that aren’t fracked, about 10% aren’t, still produce waste still have trucks and spills and leak VOCs. Without horizontal drilling and fracking, there well be verticals EVERYWHERE.

      The sad fact is: we have to have some fracking. If fracking goes away completely, then you should get ready to live in a very different world. This is a huge part of the problem with the anti-fracking movement–the cake and eat it too snydrome. This country does not have an energy policy to get us off dirty fossil fuels and we never will as long as industry has more power over our government than we do. Look at how Obama has now become the “drill, baby, drill” president. He thinks that’s the only way he can get elected–doing the wrong thing so he can eventually do the right thing.

      Americans are energy H-O-G-S. I’m okay with living in a different world. I have been saying goodbye to natural gas. http://www.texassharon.com/2011/12/21/goodbye-natural-gas-you-dirty-boy-it%E2%80%99s-over-between-us-3/ I look forward to people growing more of their own food and having chickens in every backyard, cars that get 100 mpg and mass transit, fewer shopping malls, fewer choices in stores–3 kinds of chewing gum rather then 30–making stuff at home and fixing stuff that breaks, etc. These are things we have to do if we are going to survive and we need to do them now not in 10 years.