Fracking waste in Johnson County creek headed for Joe Pool Lake

As if this week hasn’t been crazy enough, last night WFAA reported that some more of that sophisticated technology of building dirt berms to contain toxic waste failed in the heavy rains.

Runoff from injection well site worries land owners

Please ignore the irony of the industry advertising before the video begins.

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  1. Westchester Neighbor says

    Mrs. Dunlap has some “concerns.” Holy Cow! They need to get out of there!! And take their cows, too.

  2. David says

    When it rains it pours, spills , contaminates. Who would have ever thunk it, raining! – We didn’t plan for that! My question is why has BIG OIL & GAS started polluting America the way they have always treated third world countries?
    Is it the rise of international companies that no longer feel obligated to protect their host countries or what?

  3. GhostBlogger says