Rumor has it: Valley View fracking disposal well burns

disposal well in Valley View

A friend drove by today and the disposal well in Valley View was on fire. Anybody know anything?

UPDATE: From an email:

“This shale oil disposal well facility at 4987 N. Interstate 35 near Valley View caught fire shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday following a poke by storm lightning. Cooke County Fire Marshal Ray Fletcher said the burn caused no injuries, and added that a Hazmat crew worked Wednesday morning to sanitize the scene”

Whew, glad hazmat was able to “sanitize the scene”  (insert sarcasm)

According to the Gainesville Daily Register lightning struck the facility.

Lightning seems to be a problem for gas and oil facilities
. I wonder why they don’t use lightning rods as standard practice.

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  1. Kim Feil says

    If it is in Sanger, then KRLD reported around 3:15 today that a lightening strike caused some kind of plant (oil) fire. They said something about injection waste storage and that a big fire ball could be seen form the road and that the petroleum was burning but is under control.

  2. yes says

    This fire WAS caused by lightning and there WERE lightning rods in place. Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned.

    • says

      Wow! Thank you for that update. I wonder why lightning strikes gas wells so often. I know of 3 that were struck and burned on FM 433.