Gas Pipeline Explodes in Kentucky.


On the Evening of January 2, a major gas pipeline exploded and burned in Estill Co., Kentucky. Flames reached over 1,000 feet high, & residents were evacuated for a mile around the failure.

Fire in the sky: Crews respond to pipeline explosion
Officials confirm a gas pipeline exploded in northern Estill county on Monday evening.
Posted: 9:39 PM Jan 2, 2012

There were no reports of injuries this time, but luck will not always be with pipeline companies. YouTube has videos of this pipeline explosion & fire:

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  1. GhostBlogger says

    Gas Explosion Was Kentucky’s Fourth In Last Decade

    Note that the Columbia Gulf Transmission’s 2006 Kentucky explosion was caused by a pipe seam failure, something Columbia is supposed to control. Columbia has now had 20 reportable incidents on their gas pipelines since 2006. Some of their failures have “MISCELLANEOUS CAUSE” in the PHMSA Database, which tells us nothing about why the pipelines failed.

    • debbie says

      I have family who lives near the area where this explosion happened. It is correct that know one was injured in the explosion but there was damage to three residences from the heat from the fire. I am thankful that the explosion did not occur where my family lives. The crater the explosion left in the ground is huge. If the break in the pipeline had occured where it passes within 100 feet of my sister’s home there would have been no chance for them to get out of the house. It seems these pipeline ruptures are happening more often. I am afraid for her to stay in her home now.