Snyder, Texas has another fracking earthquake


At 8:46 this morning that was another earthquake in the Snyder, Texas area.  This one was 3.2M and was 1.9 miles deep.

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This map shows the extent of drilling and fracking in that area.

For more information about drilling induced earthquakes see the FAQ section.

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  1. Anonomous says

    An earthquake is just another mechanism to cause cracks and fissures that allow injected chemicals (whether from injection wells or facking chemicals) to migrate upwards and eventually to drinking water aquifers. This is just one of many mechanisms that is damaging drinking water.

  2. Don Young says

    The map reminds me of the lie that drillers spread that, horizontal drilling requires fewer pad sites and is less intrusive.

  3. HighPlainsDrifter says

    “Map shows the extent of drilling & fracking in that area”. When did RRC maps YOU COPY start showing fracking? You got your krap wrong again, just had to add the fracking part didn’t you? You just can’t tell the truth. You lying “Bee”.

    • says

      You crack me up. Are you trying to say that none of those wells was fracked? Well lookie here: According to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, “90% of all U.S. oil and gas wells undergo hydraulic fracturing to stimulate the production of oil and gas.” There are an awful lot of wells there in Snyder, so here’s what we’re looking at: 1) all the 10% of not fracked wells are right there in Snyder, or IOGCC is a liar. You get to pick genius.

      • Brent McFadden says

        The wells in Snyder on that map were drilled long before fracking or horizontal drilling were conventional. You are correct: 90% of NEW wells developed undergo some sort of hydrolic fracking. But these are old wells installed in the 1940s and 1950s. Fracking isn’t very common here. Gas fields, yes. Scurry County, no. This website appears to be Obama Scare tactic propoganda environMENTAL special interest garbage. Come to Snyder, check your facts. If you don’t want to, quit posting bullshit. Any fool can post a map, throw up some statistics that work for you and make believe. My drinking water aquifer is at 70 feet down. Oil production is much deeper than that. Even if they were fracking extensively here, I’d be okay with it.

  4. HighPlainsDrifter says

    Shoot, I thought you would have said “You Frack Me Up!” I have never seen you miss an opportunity to Frack it, Whack it, & Quack about It!