3.1M Fracking Earthquake in Virginia

These fracking earthquakes are happening with more and more frequency so I decided to put pertinent information in the FAQ section.

There have also been several more quakes in Oklahoma recently.

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  1. Randy Verret says

    So what is the orientation of the fault? He mentioned the epicenter was measured at 3.9 miles deep. OK, so what is the depth of the target geologic formation there in western Virginia? Further, you might note that the recent earthquake in Ohio which has been misrepresented by numerous media outlets as due to “fracking” was (actually) near a Class II disposal well, as I appreciate the facts. I am not a scientist by training, but I work in the oil & gas business. Using some basic common sense, I have a very simple proposition. There is something like 149,000 permitted Class II disposal wells in the United States. I am sure that can be verified. All oil & gas locations are permitted & all that fracking data is on record with the various state agencies (i.e. TRCC, NDIC, COGCC, etc.) across the U.S. Seems to me like the USGS would have a complete log of all the seismic activity (earthquakes) in North America for many years. Further, seems to me that one could take all that available data, compile it and see if they could make a correlation between oil & gas operations and sesimic activity on any broad scale. Plenty of data to work with. Instead of conjecture & speculation, let’s apply some real science and see where it all lands…

    • says

      Thanks for coming back, Randy.

      You should read the study by Schlumberger, “Seismicity in the Oil Field.” Not only does Schlumberger admit that fracking causes earthquakes, they sell services to make predictions about those quakes. See the FAQ section for more information.

      • Randy Verret says

        Actually, I am aware of the study and have spoken to several geoscientists & engineers about this phenomenum. I’ll look at the FAQ sometime. I’m just suggesting a comprehensive project may (now) be in order. Perhaps a reputable geology dept. at a good university could link up with the USGS and get a hard look at it…Certainly worth consideration.