Another gas processing facility for Booger County

Enbridge gas plant permit in Booger
Another gas plant is being built in Booger County.  Here comes another 4lbs/hour of H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide)  going to the air along with flares and all kinds of air contaminating stuff.
There are some 14 such gas plants in Booger County.


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  1. Kim Feil says

    TCEQ doesn’t test for H2S on their suma canisters…course if you can smell are dead anyway.

  2. Anonomous says

    Some time ago, I was wondering how much is 4 lbs. of H2S? The TCEQ sets a maximum limit of H2S in residential areas as 0.08 ppmv. Now, If one takes 4 lbs. of H2S and mixes it uniformly in atmospheric air, the volume will be 1200 foot ball fields, filled 10 feet high! If you live anywhere near one of these Texas PBR’d facilities, emitting 4 lbs./hr., get ready to get sick. You don’t even need any computer program to show that you will get exposures more than the 0.08 ppm limit!

  3. Anonomous says

    I noticed on the TCEQ website that 2 new compressor station permits are awaiting RUBBER STAMPING for Booger County. They appear to be located near to Camp Creek in eastern Booger. Get ready folks, (you already have a big ‘ole gas processing plant near you) for the noise, including the damaging low frequency noise (LFN)–not to mention the air emissions of all kinds of crap. Don’t you love Booger County? Big gas rules!