PHOTO: Emissions from workover rig in Booger County

Typical workover of a hot, sour, deep gas well in Booger County, Tx--Reagan #1.

Here’s a workover rig fouling air in Booger/Robertson County.

Typical workover of a hot, sour, deep gas well in Booger County, Tx--Reagan #1

Any of you Gasholes want this next to your house? If so, I happen to know of a few beautiful homes you can get real cheap.

About Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. BD says

    That is not a work over rig, it is a coiled tubing rig. The emissions you see is nitrogen, the air we breathe is 78.1%.

    • says

      I am VERY familiar with Nitro Lifts or Nitro Workovers or whatever name you guys want to call them. The worst emissions measured so far–way over TCEQ short term limits–in the Barnett Shale have been during a Nitro Workover/Lift.

      I understand that you are probably just repeating what you’ve been told but until you take a summa canister with you and find out for yourself, you really don’t know what you are being exposed to.

      Be careful and try to stay safe out there.

  2. Anonomous says

    BD–what you see is not all you smell! Much other emissions are present.
    This N2, in addition to other problems, will lower the oxygen (O2) in the air that we breathe! Do you know the importance of O2?

  3. Tim Ruggiero says

    I wouldn’t doubt there’s a fair amount of nitrogen used in nitro fracking; but there’s also a ton of other chemicals, particulates, silica, etc., that are at least inhalation hazards. By stating what the average nitrogen content in the air we breathe is, is not to suggest that what we see here in this photo is ‘safe’ by any stretch.

  4. Anonomous says

    To BD above–got any idea as to what is going on at this deep, high pressure, sour gas well which is a Tubingless competion that has P110 casing & connections. Bet all kinds of corrosion has set in by now?

  5. says

    Not to fear…corrision inhibitor is wacked with a pint of methanol down the pipe every 3,000 hours. Methanol is safe …right…? N O T !

  6. FrackingCrazy says

    Especially since it’s been publicly documented the co’s are using casings from China.


  7. Anonomonous says

    Interesting about corrosion inhbitors–what ever they are, if they are being used, then that inhibitor goes into the gas plant and eventually crap (of unknown stuff) is vented to the air. Tell us what nice stuff that is???

  8. Anonomous says

    OSHA–only concerned with the sites. OSHA is no help to the peasants that live near these emission site! All we can do is RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, from Tx. Get the hell out of dodge! There is NO help from any part of guvment.

  9. says

    First of all, none of you tree hugging dim wits have a clue. This is a coil tubing cleanout. They are using N2 to make the hydrostatic psi liter using N2, H20, and a foamer. There is no corrosion inhibitor pumped during this operation, because there are no corrosive being pumped. The foamer is made by the same company that makes Dawn, Joy, and Palmolive dish washing soaps.
    How all of this operation is carried out for all of you yhat really don’t have an Idea is. The H2O is combined with the foamer along with a little FR or friction reducer in a pump trucks mixin=g tubs usually 10 to 20bbls at a time. It is pumped at a rate of At least a 1/2 bbl/min depending on wellhead psi and return rate. The N2 is pumped as a semigaseous fluid through the coil tubing unit were it is combined with the fluids from the pump truck. Athis point the N2 and fluid makes a foam. As the coil tubing reachs bottom of the well the foam is lighter than the wellbore fluids and solids (usually sand out of formation). This forces the fluid out of the well as the N2 expands. The well depending on bottom hole psi and production rate will be flowed back until natural gas is at a certain grade and minimal n2 is present. The gas is then put down the pipe line where it is burned in electric plants power by natural gas. Or it may go to your house to cook your next meal, or it may heat your house, or smelt the Iron and steele in your next vehicle, or be used to make the fertilizers that grows your next salad or steak. So the next time you see a pump jack, drilling rig, coil tubing unit, work over rig, or just a plain old filling station, while driving your vehicle; you may thank someone who busted their ass to make this all possible. PETROLEUM!!!!!!!!!! not solar, not wind, not any other fuel source that is known to man at this time.

    • says

      If you are trying to start a conversation here, calling us dimwits is not a good start. We have measured some extraordinarily high toxic emissions during these coil tubing events.

      I do not use gas in my home. 100% of my electricity comes from wind and solar. I have busted my ass all my life and I have tried very hard to make sure no one was harmed by my actions. You can’t say the same.

  10. Krystal says

    GET OVER IT!!!

    Some of you people do not understand what would happen to American if we stopped drilling. Do you really want to depend on other countries to get oil/gas?? That is crazy. Also, think about all the jobs that would be lost. There are people who depend on this work for their livelihood.

    TXsharon…You may not use gas in your home, but you probably drive a car, ride a bus, or fly. There are also SO many more things that require the end-product of drilling activities. Millions of people use these every day, but they are complaining about the way it is obtained.

    • says

      So, let me get this straight. You believe we need to create sacrifice zones in America where people suffer horribly and cannot get away because no one will buy their homes because we don’t want to depend on other countries for energy. Is that your argument? Because I have news for you: Right now there are permits pending approval before the FERC that will ship our fracked gas to Asia–that’s, you know, China– and these permits will last for 30 years. They have already approved one permit. If they approve the others it will mean 20% of our gas will go to China. We get the impacts, China gets the gas and the Big Gas Mafia makes a huge profit.

      Tune in, will ya!

      • jeff hall says

        TXsharon,if you hate oil that much,don’t drive cars,ride public transportation,use plastic or some cosmetics.I’m sure you have done every one of these things.You might still be doing some now.As for your use of solar and windmills…..I doubt that seriously.Sometimes environmentalists say one thing then do another.I’m sure you will try to justify yourself to no avail.By the way,if you really want to help the environment,ride a bike.

  11. HighPlainsDrifter says

    I think you Lost that one Sharon. Remember to chose your words wisely, Don’t be argumentative, And Never, Never let the Sun go down on You in BOOGER COUNTY! It can be a booger.